Yahweh and the Nazi World Order

Note: some of the information in this article is speculative and may or may not be accurate.

The Nazis of World War II were never really entirely defeated. A large part of them went underground or off-world where they continued to grow and develop and now exercise much power over our world.

Where did these Nazis go to exactly, or more importantly, where did they come from? There is a conspiracy theory that Hitler and his followers escaped to Argentina in 1945 and that a body double died in his stead. From Argentina they went to New Schwabenland, an uncharted island country south of Argentina also known as the New Germany. Here Hitler was supposedly rehabilitated from his warring ways and continued to live until old age. Hitler's son took over the NAZI party which is now trying to overtake our world. German chancellor Angela Merkel is supposedly Hitler's daughter.

The Nazis are militant, anti-god, and very scientific with incredible technology. They believe in eugenics or purity of race and that they are gentically superior to most other races. They are especially anti-semetic and anti-communist and even anti democratic practicing a type of fascism. They are also into occultism and DNA testing or manipulation and are currently behind the covid vaccine depopulation program. Dr Anthony Fauci along with Bill Gates and others are leading this campaign.

Why have these people resurfaced now, especially as of 2020? Because, America, leader of the Free World has fallen leaving a void which the Nazis are filling. The Germanic Nazis are Yahwew's battle-axe or punishment against corrupt and fallen nations. The West has lost its morals and direction and so the Beast has risen to torment us. Yahweh, the reptilian god of the Old Testament, is behind the Nazis and their anti-human agenda that is now sweeping our world. If we do not repent as a whole, the Lord Yahweh will use the Nazis and their New World Order to enslave and ultimately destroy fallen America and humanity.

If Yahweh is the false god of this world, who is the true God? When Jesus talked to his Father he talked to El Elyon, not Yahweh. El Elyon is also known in the scriptures as The Most High, whereas Yahweh is known as The Lord. Yahweh is one of the 70 sons of El Elyon who was given rule over the Hebrews. The other sons ruled over the other 69 nations of the then known world. The twelve Hebraic Tribes were ensalved by the Assyrians(now Germans) and scattered in a northwesterly direction to become the northwestern European nations. The tribe of Joseph, which consisted of the dual tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh went on to become the British and American empires respectively. This is the fulfillment of Yahweh's promise of wealth to true Israel(the Hebraic twelve tribes) which began with the European Colonialism of the late 1400's and which flowered into the revolutions of the 1700's, 1800's, and 1900's. This colonial period was the major reset of humanity which killed off the giants and the Moors(Mu or Lemuria) of the Old World. It took over 500 years, and is still in progress. Tartaria was only part of this worldwide Moorish or Lemurian empire. Atlantis was a breakaway offshoot of Lemuria which later spawned the Nazis.

How the Last Great Reset Actually Occurred

With the help of Yahweh's technology, the colonists, in their religious fervor, set about to destroy all traces of the Old World through flying ships(blimps and later saucers) equipped with lasers and bombs and other weapons. Countless beautiful buildings were decimated, the giant trees were cut down, the inhabitants turned to stone, and great rifts and canyons were created. The dragons and other monstrosities of those days were Atlantean experiments on the island continent of Atlantis which existed at the same time as Lemuria. This genetic experimentation contaminated Lemuria along with the sexual deviancy, sorcery, and wars, and moved God to destroy it all with a Flood. This all occurred not thousands or millions of years ago as the theosophists and freemasons would have you believe, but only hundreds of years ago in our recent past.

All of the ancient buildings and monuments thought to be Greco-Roman in origin are actually Moorish or Lemurian and are found worldwide. Today's palacial churches and governmental and historical buildings are the surviving or refashioned remnants of that pre-Flood or pre-Reset world. Even the barbaric religious reformers and inquisitors of the reset period could not make themselves destroy all of these constructions because they were simply too beautiful and meaningful, so they decided to keep some for themselves. Some of the modifications included adding stained-glass windows and other religious ornaments to "Catholicize" their new dwellings. Religion as we know it had nothing to do with the Mu culture. LeMUria abided by universal cosmic principals and the buildings were designed to extract free energy from the ethers. The spires and crosses atop the buildings were energy antennaes and not the religious symbols which the invaders gave them. All of the Old World books and parchments containing valuable truths were either burnt or confiscated, as happened in Alexandria, Egypt, and most or many of these writings are still in the vaults and secret libraries of the Vatican today.

What the reset invaders and destroyers did to the great achievements of the Old World Lemurian civilization was a great travesty for humanity. Everything was turned upside down so that universal law became religious law and free and clean magnetic energy became expensive and polluting oil and gas, and stone and nature became metal and industry, and spiritual values became financial ones, and matriarchy became patriarchy. Atlantis was a key player here, from which America and the West was later born. It was destroyed by the invading European colonists who used it as a land bridge to further their conquest of the Americas. There is a theory that the so-called "Middle Ages" or feudal way of life in Europe roughly between 500 and 1500 AD was a concocted story to hide what really happened after the fall of ancient Rome -and even the latter was exaggerated. An "I" was added to the year count so that 500 AD became 1500 AD adding 1000 years of false history. I is actually J or Jesus so that 1950 is actually 950 years after the birth of Jesus, or so it goes. There is also the idea that the Old Lemurian World was actually the fulfillment of the 1000 years of peace or Millenium prophesied in Revelations, and that we are currently in that brief period of time when Satan has been released to deceive the nations once again.

Our Current Situation

Whatever the timeline is, it is clear that since 2020 we have entered into a very dark period worldwide, with our freedoms diminishing, as though our true rulers or controllers are finally revealing themselves. Humanity has been pampered and allowed to grow and roam about for the last 75 years(1945-2020) and now it's time once again to pay the bill. We have grown too populous for our hidden masters to control and so a culling or depopulation is in order. This happened before such as with the Black Plague, the Inquisitions, the Revolutionary Wars, The Mud Flood, The Spanish Flu, the last two World Wars, and now the Covid program, just to name the major ones. We are also constantly being poisoned or killed by all the chemicals in our food, water, and air, as well as the medical drugs and procedures and the various radiations coming from our technology. We are also not being told the truth about our history, world, and nature in general, and it's a wonder we are still alive and kicking. We are obviously a kept creature at the mercy of higher intelligences, but we also have the potential within us to rise above our current limitatons and become equal to or higher than the "gods" who control us.

We(the West in particular) are still living under Yahweh's rule, but even Yahweh has his competitors, particularly the nations of the East. Yahweh is a Judeo-Christian entity who seeks to enforce his will upon this world. He is the fallen Lucifer who was cast down from heaven and now lives among us. His name was changed to Satan or the Devil which means adversary, and having failed at his job to take care of all life here on Earth, he has now become a destroyer instead.

The Earth was a Paradise before Lucifer and his followers turned it into a wasteland, and this destruction may extend to other crater worlds similar to our own. Man/Woman was created to replace Lucifer or Satan which is why he wants to destroy us. The Devil has turned to science and technology for his power and has adopted a reptilian body and eats organ meats and drinks blood sacrifices in order to extend his life continually. He dominates through fear and war and money and sex. He is the real power behind all the secret societies, politicians, and corporations who rule the world, and bows down only to his Father El Elyon and his still uncorrupted sons such as Jesus. We are being tested now by Yahweh and his Covid and his New World Nazi Order. He is using the strong Nazi empire of New Schwabenland to test us. They have advanced saucers and incredible technology which can easily defeat any of our known forces as they did in Operation Highjump or later with the Russian fleet.

It is critical that we succeed in becoming a sovereign humanity no longer buffeted about by other gods or beings. This will require a minimum of 144,000 human elect or fully activated Christs to serve as the governing representatives of our species in the cosmos. Mere humans have blatantly shown their incapacity to rule over the Earth. It will require Spirit-infused or led humans to do this correctly. Only then will we finally claim Earth as our own and be respected as a true member of the Greater cosmic family.

Crater Earth

Crater Earth is only one of many on a flat and possibly infinite plane(the plane extends as needs be). In these other craters live other humanoid life forms, some very similar and some very strange to us. Many of these are aware of our plight and some have even acceped to assist us. The elites are in contact with some of these other worlds and some have even traveled to them. They are accessible by submarine, saucer, or even portals, but entry is highly restricted, at least for now. According to Divergent, one such entry point is at 68S and 1E. The great Antarctic ice and snow around the perimeter of our crater as well as the dome above us forms a barrier to these other worlds. There will come a time when these barriers will melt and/or open up the way for all. It is possible that our own crater world has extra continents, such as Asgard and Liberia in the south and others in the north, which the controllers are not telling us about, or they may be located beyond the Antarctic wall. The same for New Schwabenland or the New Germany. I used to think they were underground in the Hollow Earth, but now believe they are on the same plane -just farther out. According to the Flat Earth or even Vedic cosmology, there are countless lands of wonder to explore out there beyond our own little crater world.

All this snow and ice and desert and extreme cold or hot here on Earth is not natural. When the Creator created our plane it was paradise everyhere but war and radiation changed all that, both inside and outside our crater. In fact, there weren't even craters, which are the unnatural results of bombings or impacts of some kind. When our vast plane was created, it was a lush paradise filled with beautiful angelic creations. It was our task as angels, to take care of or improve upon this. But it became too much(temptation/hardship) for many, and this is when Lucifer and one third of the host of Heaven rebelled, and the entirety of the plane was ruined. Destruction and imbalance everywhere, and after the Most High put a stop to the destruction He/She and the other two thirds of Heaven bound the destroyers in one of the craters(our Earth) and began the work of restoring it and the rest of the plane, hence Genesis 1:1. The Earth crater or beneath it(Hollow Earth/bottomless) pit is where Satan was bound, and all human souls who partook of the destruction reincarnate here on the surface to learn their lessons, which means us.

Only those who overcome their low natures get to leave the confines of Earth. Because of the inpenetrable dome above us, not even Satan or his demons can get out, nor others get in, unless they have special permission. We are all quarantined here until we straighten ourselves out, or until God decides to do something about it.

Our Bright Future

The time has now come where a resolution to this age old problem is required, and alas, the time of The Great Judgement has arrived, and God and his peoples will clean house once and for all, and we are witnessing it right now. Allied forces under the True God are cleaning out the DUMBS or lairs of the wicked ones who are behind all of the abductions and wars and the general corruption here on the surfave. This includes the Greys, Reptilians, Insectoids, Satanists, clones, evil politicians, governors, and pedophiles who have been plaguing humanity forever. They will be cast or bound in the Lake Fire inside the Earth so that humanity can finally flourish again and realize its intended potential as divine sons and daughters of the Most High.

The rehabilitation of humanity and the Earth, will take many years to complete, a millennium according to Revelation, but it will be done. It will be like Lemuria again; no politics or pollution or war, and free energy and perfect health for all. The mountains will be leveled and the canyons filled and oceans dried up to make more land available. The dried ocean water will form a protective and health-restoring canopy above us which will turn the Earth into a greenhousw paradise, so that there will be no more winters or ice and snow and deserts, or day and night, and the temperature will be about 75 degrees farenheight throughout, and giant trees and fruits will grow again.

The dead of all ages will be ressurrected and given another chance to live properly again. Aging will dissapear and long lives(in the hundreds of years) will be common again. Death will be natural(lying down into a deep sleep/combustion/ transmutation, etc.) and of our own choice. Animals will not be killed or hunted for food and vegetarianism or veganism will become the norm. Some will not have to eat at all. Telepathy and psychic powers will return and one universal language will be adopted. Borders will be freely traversable and the Earth will have 144 nations with 1000 cities or centers each, over which one of God's elect will rule or oversee. Humans will walk and talk with the angels and gods and nature spirits. Most of our time will be spent growing spiritually and learning and doing community service. No more forced labor or petty wages. A ten percent tithe will be sufficient. Bartering will be common and so will growing our own food. Your house or posessions will be your own permanently and automatically given to your succeeding generations. Every 50 years wll be a Great Jubilee Year forgiving all debts.

We will also be able to visit the other worlds in Gods Creation now that we are safe or qualified to do so. Every world or ringlet of worlds in God's Creation has a specific astrological theme to it. Earth is the world of choice and relations. For others it will be love or creativity or discipline, etc. There are countless worlds or playgrounds in God's Creation for our growth and development, and at some point we will be able to create our own individual worlds and realities and guide the life thereon. In the end we will discover that we are limitless spirits with limtless potentials.

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