Hidden Continents

According to our Moon, which is a giant plasmic parabolic mirror high above us, there are extra continents not disclosed to us on this flat crater Earth of ours, and beyond it are even more continents totally unknown to us, except by the elite of this world.

That is the conclusion of certain pioneering researchers such as Divergent, Ewaranon, John Levi, Godgevlamste, Vibes of Cosmos, and others. This concept that the moon is a great heavenly reflector of our world is relatively new and developing and may change as more information comes in.

Below is a moon map of the Earth showing those extra continents with a zodiacal overlay grid emanating from the magnetic center of Hyperborea in the North.

Godgevlamste presents a more vast concept of crater(greater) Earth, and while I find his work interesting, I believe the other researchers present a more sensible and localized explanation of the Moon map of Earth. Then there is the Vedic version and how it all fits into this which I will go into later. I believe all of these different concepts add to the one great puzzle which we are all trying to put together.

Vibes of Cosmos estimates the diameter of our crater Earth to be some 50,000 kilometers or about 32,000 miles. Our own known world circle up to 60 South latitude, which includes Atlantis and Lemuria, is 15,000 kilometers or 9320 miles. The height of our Sun and Moon, which are refracted focal points of light stemming from the Black Sun, are between 5000 and 6000 kilometers high or some 3100 to 3720 miles(I believe them to be much lower). Both of their diameters are some 51 kilometers or 32 miles.

I don't know if the Atlantis and Lemuria continents are still around although they should be if the Moon is reflecting them(unless they are submerged under water), but Terra Vista feels very real. This area is larger than our known world! If these other lands truly exist, why are they being hidden from us? I suspect they are the lands of our true rulers or controllers who like to stay hidden, and is probably why we are not allowed to venture there, especially beyond 60 degrees south lattitude.

Unless there is another Sun system over Terra Vista, it must be pretty cold there. Our own Sun which is centered in the magnetic North of our region could not possibly adequately heat this region of the crater. Precession would eventually bring our Sun there leaving us cold here in an Ice Age, but this doesn't happen for thousands of years. If there is no secondary Sun system there, then the civilizations there must be almost all underground.

Sub-plane Black Sun movement energizing above-plane Sun and Moon focal points

The mysterious inner earth or sub-earth Black Sun is, according to the mentioned researchers, the source of our Sun and Moon which are actually plasmic energy concentrations created after hitting and being reflected/refracted by our dome, which acts as a giant lens. The movement or orbit of the Black Sun directs the movements of the Sun and Moon via the North (polar opening?) and may be why the alleged Hyperborean continent there is warm and fertile instead of frozen.

Hyperborean continent in the North

Why doesn't our Moon show anything beyond a certain radius? Certainly there is MORE land beyond our crater. Perhaps it is the dome which limits our vision? This is where the Vedic schematic of our plane comes in. The Bhumandala flat plane suggests that our domed crater is part of an even larger Earth called Jambu-dvipa(see Earth in Bhumandala in my Flat Earth section), and around that are a series of ringed oceans and lands even larger.

So if we were to do away with the dome, which may be a temporary containment field or structure, we would be exposed to all of the other lands and oceans. Maybe we are not ready for those other lands yet. Our dome may have several purposes, one of which is to contain the evil of this world from spreading out. Another may be to keep invaders from coming in. We may be in a controlled experiment of some kind.

What would our super flat plane look like without the dome? Possibly exactly like what the Vedics described it as; our Earth would be a part of Bharata within Jambu-dvipa(the Greater Earth) within a series of water and land ringlets extending for billions of miles (Bhumandala or the Super Earth). Lucifer's rebellion may have damaged part or all of this wondrous ringed Creation which is why he had to be contained here with us until his final judgement. Then we can relax again and join our brothers and sisters throughout the Grand or Super Plane of Bhumandala.

Our journey from this...domed Earth in a wasteland of ice and snow

To this...surface Bhumandala in all its pristine glory

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