Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions 1600-2200 AD

Jupiter-Saturn conjunctins occur roughly every 20 years and set the socio-politico atmosphere for the 20 years following the conjunction.

There appears to be a pattern of these conjunctions occuring in a certain element roughly every 200 years.

1600 to 1800 AD was dominated by the conjunctions occurring in FIRE signs.

1800-2000 AD was dominated by the conjunctions occurring in EARTH signs. .

2000 to 2200 AD will be dominated by the conjunctions occurring in AIR signs.
(Note: periods are rounded off).

This is important because these two slowest visible heavyweight planets set the mood for two centuries at a time, at least in this epoch.

The 1600's and 1700's was a time of exploration and adventure(Sagittarius), as well as war and new beginnings(Aries), and kingdom or rulership(Leo).

The 1800's and 1900's was a time of land and wealth aquisition(Taurus), as well as toil and hard work(Virgo), and defining national borders and laws and creating industry(Capricorn).

The 2000's and 2100's will be a time of great knowledge and communication(Gemini), as well as cooperation and justice(Libra), and freedom and truth(Aquarius).

Below are more specific times for these Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions and what signs they fall in. They were taken(most of them) from a book called Tables of Planetary Phenomena by Neil F. Michelson, 2nd edition. It details the date and time(UT) of the exact Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

1603 Dec.18, 06:55, 08Sag19
1623 Jul.16, 22:42, 06Leo36
1643 Feb.24, 23:14, 25Pis07
1663 Oct.16, 23:49, 12Sag58
1682 Oct.24, 07:38, 19Leo09
1683 Feb.09, 01:18, 16Leo43
1683 May 18, 05:46, 14Leo30
1702 May 21, 20:57, 06Ari36
1723 Jan.05, 15:15, 23Sag19
1742 Aug.30, 20:52, 27Leo09
1762 Mar.18, 16:41, 12Ari21
1782 Nov.05, 09:26, 28Sag07
1802 Jul.17, 22:48, 05Vir08
1821 Jun.19, 17:13, 24Ari39
1842 Jan.26, 06:12, 08Cap54
1861 Oct.21, 12:26, 18Vir22
1881 Apr.18, 13:37, 01Tau36
1901 Nov.28, 16:29, 14Cap00
1921 Sep.10, 04:14, 26Vir36
1940 Aug.08, 01:24, 14Tau27
1940 Oct.20, 04:38, 12Tau28
1941 Feb.15, 06:37, 09Tau07
1961 Feb.19, 00:03, 25Cap12
1980 Dec.31, 21:26, 09Lib30
1981 Mar.04, 19:06, 08Lib06
1981 Jul.24, 04:17, 04Lib56
2000 May 28, 16:05, 22Tau43
2020 Dec.21, 18:22, 00Aqu29
2040 Oct.31, 11:50, 17Lib56
2060 Apr.07, 22:32, 00Gem47
2080 Mar.15, 01:34, 11Aqu52
2100 Sep.18, 22:36, 25Lib32
2119 Jul.15, 23:21, 14Gem52
2140 Jan.14, 16:01, 17Aqu05
2159 Dec.21, 03:04, 07Sco59
2179 May 28, 03:13, 23Gem03
2199 Apr.07, 22:31, 28Aqu19

As you can see, there is some overlap, but the dominant elements are obvious. The late overlaps are lingering periods from the last main epoch while the early overlaps are precursors to the main epoch. The 1980-81 Jupiter conjunction in Libra, for example, is a precursor to the general air epoch beginning in December(21) 2020, and the 2000 conjunction in Taurus(lasting up to late 2020) is the last gasp for the earth sign epoch.

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