Matrix Resurrections: Woman Saves Man

One of the most important messages in the fourth Matrix movie is that man alone(Neo) cannot save himself without the help of woman(Trinity) and the power of love(Holy Spirit) that unites the two.

Our patriarchal left-brain increasingly digital AI-dominated society, which is represented by the Luciferic, satanic, archontic Analyyst and his bots, in the Matrix movie will only lead us to destruction and death if not balanced by the matriarchal, right-brain human/divine Sophic side of us, represented by Neo/Trinity.

Our left-brain reasoning or conscious mind is at most only about 10 percent of our reality, but for the past 5100+ years it has been made to dominate us here on Earth with disastrous consequences. Masculine mind without female intuition is like a child without its mother -always getting into trouble.

Yes we are here to develop mind or intellect but we are only in the early stages with the Anglo-Saxon race leading the way. Like all young races or societies we need the guidance of our elders or what we call God who are much older and wiser, but like all rebellious children or teens we have decided to go it alone.

Our subconcious, feminine, intuitive self currently makes up about 90 percent of our total being. It is our personal as well as our collective past and to try and repress it, as our modern society is doing in many ways, is insane -and will lead to insanity. We must bring back the feminine which has been repressed in so many societies by satanic religious dogma. Only when woman is free will man and the entire human race unfold in its glorious potential.

In the surprise ending of The Matrix Resurrections, Tiffany remembers her power as Trinity and her love for Neo and casts her obnoxious and draining family aside to save the day. She reunites with Neo and against incredible odds leads him out of the Matrix into freedom and sovereignity. Just as Eve beguiled Adam into the Fall in the Garden of Eden, so now Trinity(the new Eve) takes responsibility to bring Neo(the new Adam) back out of the fall, and together they start the new humanity that should always have been.

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