Dante's Hell and Inner Earth

Dante Alighieri, the modern Enoch, has an intriguing view of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. His "Divine Comedy" completed in 1320 AD(a year before his death), takes us on a fascinating journey to Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise, and is considered one of the greatest works of literature ever.

It begins in the North(beneath the city of Jerusalem) with the nine major rings of Hell and its sinners, leading down to the tenth, at the center of the Earth, where Satan is bound in ice from the waist down. It then continues from Satan's loins going southward from the Earth's center to its southern surface(somewhere in the South Pacific) where Purgatory is located. Purgatory looks like a Tower of Bable divided into nine ascending rings leading to the tenth, where Paradise is found.

Paradise leads to Heaven which is itself divided into nine planes(the planets) leading to the highest or Tenth, which is the realm of the highest Being or God, somewhat like in the Hindu version. Below is a depiction of Dante's Hell with a preview of Purgatory.

Dante's Hell

Purgatory, in the watery southern hemisphere, is depicted in the image below with Dante at the forefront.

Paradise as depicted by Dante

While I respect Martin Kenny's work, Paradise may not at all be where he or other Flat Earthers says it is. The lands at the North may be Paradisical in nature, but the entranceleading into the Earth may be something else entirely. Notice how his entrance looks eerily familliar to that of Dante's. Both have a colosseum or stairway type descent, and everyone knows what happens in a colosseum. The difference is Dante puts his entrance under Jerusalem while Martin puts it at the North Pole.

In Willis George Emerson's "Smoky God", our hero, Olaf Jansen, and his father voyage northward from Sweden to Franz Josef Land past icebergs and a storm to reach the warm seas of the North, led by what appeared to be a dull-red sun. They then camme up to some lands with vegetation and a great river which led them forward to a beach inhabited by inner-Earth friendly giants. For two years they learned the language and ways of the Hebrew-like peoples and their God Jehovah who resides on that dull-red electrical and cloudy inner sun(the same entity and smoky sun who delivered the Hebrews out of Egypt).

While Jansen's experiences seemed positive as a whole, there are many who believe that this inner Earth "Eden" is actually the abode of Satan himself. Many commentaries describe Jehovah as a cruel and warring God who guards jealously over his people. Many even equate Jehovah with the Devil himself. Was Olaf telling the truth about his voyage, or was the narrative a masonic deception intended to cover up the true nature of inner-Earth. The same could be asked of the book Etidorpha by John Uri Lloyd.

I'm not discounting the possibility that a Paradise or Eden exists within the Earth, or the polar areas, but the more I look at it, the more I tend to believe the opposite.

Martin Kenny's Paradise
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