We Are Surrounded By Aliens

We have been totally surrounded by aliens in human flesh suits for the past 30 years. This according to Christan 21 in his latest video of December 10/11, 2023. They're are all around us -Pleaideans, Arcturians, Andromedans, Syrians, etc. and they're all working/competing with each other to liberate humans.

Also around us are the negative ET's, such as Reptilians and Greys, but their numbers are dwindling quickly as the cleanup operation continues. There are no more humans in power, according to Christian, only the good and some bad ET's disguised as humans, and it's been this way for the last ten years.

3D is gone and most of us who are awakened are now in 4 or 5d, except for the sleepers which make up some 98 per cent of the population. The aliens will try and scare them awake by staging a nuke and flying saucer event around Dec 22nd/23rd which people will misconstrue as the end of the world.

At the same time, the good guys will destroy some 34 reptilian/draco centers of control around the Earth. This cleanup has been going on for quite a while now with Trump and Melania under the Pleaidean team and Biden and his minions under the Reptilians.

Christian is ready to leave his UK residence to join his mom in the US and encourages all who are called to move away to safety to do so. He foresees negative events to ensnare the UK, among other places, which will suffer greatly in the new year(2024). All sounds far fetched, but his ET friends assure him that all these things will come to pass. We shall see.

We wish Christian all the best on his trip to the US where he will elaborate in another video on the groundbreaking info downloaded to him from his ET friends.

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