Digital is Deadly
The inexorable move towards everything digital, which has been planned for hundreds of years, is driving us towards total control and enslavement. The technology itself is neutral, but in the hands of our current leaders or controllers, it has become a deadly force.

Computers are not new. They've been around for thousands of years. It's just that they've been leaked to the masses in the last 60 years or so. Nor do they originate from the military who used them during world war 2 and later.

Computers and technology in general come from the Inner Earth and offworld societies (beyond our dome) who have been forced to create artificial systems to maintain their broken or artificial environments and biology.

The brain is the ultimate computer, and fully functioning humanoids don't need the crutches of tech devices unless their biology or environment is compromised in some way. Unfortunately most humans today are heavily degraded or dumb-downed from their original state, as are their environments, so tech becomes a reluctant necessity.

Post World War II analog technologies, such as television cathode screens, were much closer and more compatible to our organisms than digital, but they too were the first radical step or departure from our totally organic way of functioning. Science in general, which seeks to improve upon nature, is actually distancing us from our original divine state.

This emphasis on mind or intellect as our saviour, which has dominated the last 500 years, is highly imbalanced and leading to our destruction. Look to the Greys who were once human but gave up their emotions to become cold sterile computers. We too will become like the Greys if we continue this AI inhuman agenda.

I don't care what quantum digital system they have prepared for us -its evil and inhuman. The drive towards globalism by the few is the exact opposite of what should be happening. No one entity, corporation, or system can speak for everyone, including religion. We are all individuals and universes unto ourselves and must take back our centers if we are to be truly free. Of course, some amount of domestic or social unity is necessary but it must never override individual will. We have trustfully ceded too many of our rights to governments and institutions which have grown rich and fat and burdensome as a result, and this must be reversed.

Digital is deadly. It is of the mind and matter which is cold and unfeeling and which distances us from our true feeling spirit/soul half which needs to be in charge if we are to enter into life. Spirit/soul must use mind/matter and not the other way around, which is largely the case today.

Notice how all or most of the bad things in life begin with the letter D; death, destruction, degeneration, devil, demon, etc. This is no accident. Digital also begins with the letter D. We've been lured into the digital movement for control purposes and ultimately death. AI or Artificial Intelligence will never posssess the all-important human empathetic or intuitional component, even if they claim it will.

Digital money is NOT a good thing! Cash will always be superior, and superior to cash are metals like gold and silver, which always have value, and superior to gold and silver is bartering, which is the original way of doing business. Digital money, which is just numbers in a computer, can easily be erased or manipulated, but not cash or metal or goods and services(skills). When the Great Crash comes, and the computers don't work, many of us will be pennyless.

The controllers, over the last few centuries, have herded most of us from the farms into the cities, away from nature, and where we are totally dependent on them. This is a trap, and the sooner we realize this the better. We need to go back to the land and grow our own food and become self-sufficient again, where government, computers, and digital life play minimal or secondary roles, and where actual healthy one-to-one human contact is re-established.

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