We Need A Revolution

We need to wake up and break out of this ridiculous pandemic situation we're in that is sapping all of us of our money and spirit. It's been a scam from the start and will never end until we make it end. We need a revolution!

While the elite globalists get richer and more powerful, the common people get poorer and weaker, and this will not change until we take action. The bigger government gets, the more the people under it suffer. Government is a parasitical entity that takes more than it gives. It is a mafia, and the kingpin of all mafias is Yahweh, that old serpent who palms himself off as God. After thousands of years, Yashweh's time is coming to an end, and when he and his minions are removed and chained to the bottomless pit(inner Earth) humanity will flourish again. We can help make that happen by refusing to comply with his destructive restrictions. Remember that humanity was created to replace the Devil who has failed to live up to his appointed role as steward of this Earth. The devil/Yahweh/Yabaldoath/Satan knows this and hates us for it and will do anything to destroy us. Luckily the true God, El Elyon, is in charge and will not allow humanity's total destruction. He will however allow it to be tested, and this it what is currently happening(again).

You see humans have a problem. When left unchallenged, we become lazy and greedy and sensual and stupid, and this is when we fall and become enslavbed or controlled by others. America and the West have fallen and the rising nations, particularly China, are taking advantage of this. They are being used by Yahweh to punish America, and if we don't repent and change from our evil and corrupt ways, we will become enslaved by them. If we still had our morals we could have easily staved off the infiltration. Instead we have allowed weak and corrupt individuals in the current world administrations to sell everything we have to the kings of the East who are now overtaking us. It may already be too late for most of us, but for the few who are still good and pure, they will stand out as lights in the darkness, and can still lead us out of bondage.

Remember the pre-covid days when we were generally free and thriving? The post-war 1950's, 60's, and 70's were exciting times. People were hopeful and creative and the leadership of the West set an example for the rest of the world. Then we started degenerating or slowing down in the 1980's 90's and early 2000's, particularly with the financial crash of 2008, the Twin Towers demolition of 2011, and finally covid-19 beginning in late 2019. The United States, leader of the Free World, under its Pluto return, is under threat of destruction, but also possible rebirth. Pluto in Capricorn is cleaning out all the rot and trash and Neptune in Pisces is dissolving the old and making ready for the new. The Great Reset is upon us and the world and it wlll continue into the rest of the decade.

This Reset, however, is not the one Schwab and his cohorts are preaching. Their Nazi one world government will fail and be replaced by a true government of the people to last one thousand years. Yes, many millions and perhaps billions will die in the transition, but out of the ashes will come a new and better world and humanity -without the presence of the evil ones who have been holding us back for thousands of years. During the coming millennium of peace and the new Heaven and Earth, the vast majority of humanity will flourish and mature into its divine potential or from 3D to 5D and go on to explore the cosmos. The laggards will either be detroyed or relocated to other worlds or realms where they can continue their evolution.

In the meantime, what can we do to better our situation? We can start by not complying to the ridiculous edicts and mandates of the current globalist governance which is intent on either destroying or enslaving us. They want humans to merge with AI(Artificial Intelligence) and become their cyborg slaves. This is being done through all the chemicals in our food, water, and air, the chemtrails, the nanobots in the vaccines, and the 5G and other electro-magnetic radiations that are constantly bombarding us. This merging will utterly fail since biological humans and artificial intelligence or machine are not compatible and do not mix. Only living matter and intuitive intelligence will merge successfully and create the perfect being which is what humans are all about. There is no greater computer than the brain and no better technology than the human body but most of it has been shut down or stunted by our controllers. We can remedy this situation by putting on the full army of God through fasting and prayer.

True education is key. Everything you've been taught is mostly lies, from your history to your geography, to your science and religion, to health and finance, etc. It's all rigged against us and the sooner we wake up the faster the nigntmare ends. The Earth is a flat cratered plane with a dome overhead just as the ancients described it, and it's only part of a vaster plane with other worlds or "ponds". The GLOBEalists on the other hand want us to believe it's a ball with oceans that curve. Water does not curve, and weight, not gravity, is what keeps everything down. The Sun. Moon and stars are within or part of the dome which only goes as high as 62 miles. Our crater has been mined and our civilization has been fully reset many times. Our current modern civilization and humanity is only some 200 years old and everything we've been told before 1800 AD is complete fabrication. Our weather is completely controlled and all earthquakes and cataclysms are artificially produced. Humans are a slave or servant race used and abused forever, yet we have the spark of divinity within and the ability to overcome our oppressors. The key is true knowledge which can quickly transform you.

If people knew that we did not have to eat or work to live, the game of life would change drastically. So long as you are well hydrated, your body can virtually live forever and be disease-free. What keeps people from achieving this state is ignorance and fear. We are fed an unnatural and addictive diet that is slowly destroying us from within and is the cause of most of our diseases and ailments. We should only eat what nature produces on trees and vines. Processed or man-made food is bad for us and drugs and medications and surgery only hide things and usually make them worse. Get away from the cities and cold zones which are traps, and live naturally and grow your own food. You do not have to eat meat or dairy or grain or even vegetables -all of which create disease. Farming or agriculture is itself an abomination which kills animals and destroys the land. Trees are your best food source and they require little or no work or maintenance. Before the last great reset, giant trees, humans, and animals existed which lived in harmony before Yahweh and his religious fanatics took over and ruined everything. We had free energy and beautiful buildings many of which are still here today(the Greco-Roman-Indian=Asian type buildings found all over the world). Most of our history is a lie. The feudal Middle Ages was made up. Only the great world empire of Tartaria/Atlantis existed before the early 1800's with its free energy and flying ships. It was destroyed mercilessly by the high tech weapons of Yahweh, the reptilian false god of the ancient Israelites, of which Britain and the US are part of.

Most people will not switch to a fruitarian or vegan or even vegetarian diet, nor will they adopt an agrarian self-sustaining lifestyle, or even stop listening to the lying mainstream media, so the problems of society will continue. In the end, however, the truth always comes out and wins and people will finally realize the painful truth that we've been manipulated and controlled by our parasitic governments and institutions for hundreds if not thousands of years. Even then, some will refuse to believe the truth and carry on their deluded way until their last breath.

The scamdemic has gone on for too long and whoever does not see it for what it truly is at this point =is truly lost. It is not enough to just realize what is happening(the attempted genocide or morphing of the human race), we must also do something about it. Let's not wait for Trump and the Alliance to get their act together(if they ever will). We need to become leaders and fighters ourselves, and it all starts with a healthy body and a healthy mind. We cannot sit this one out. Future generations are depending on us.

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