Why Trump is Not Our True Saviour
Many are hoping Trump's return to power will reverse our current slide into a despotic and tyrannical one world government, and maybe it will, but all it will really do is turn back the clock to the same old, which wasn't going too far to begin with. We will go back to capitalism and its destructive ways which is not much better than communism. National government, on the other hand, is far better than world government, but it too has grown fat and corrupt and subdued by global corporatism -which is under the rule of evil satanic forces.

Trump and most Western leaders before him are Judeo-Christians working for Yahweh the god of the Old Testament. This god has also ensnared the Islamic and Buddhist governments and is playing them one against the other. In other words, Yahweh not only controls America and the West, but the Middle East and Far East as well(under the CCP) and is pitting them against one another in perpetual war and conflict. The Devil and his minions thrive on war and conflict and human misery, and this has been the situation for thousands of years. The New Testament is an Illuminati document written only hundreds of years ago soon after the last great reset of humanity(late 1700's). While it embraces many of the principles of Krishna or Christ through the figure of Jesus, it also reveals the Illuminati script or modus operandi for every age or reset. The prophecies of Revelation are happening because they are being MADE to happen. MANY end-time situations or crisis have occurred before and will occur again so long as the Illuminati is in power.

The current Illuminati structure was born on May 1, 1776 or shortly before the creation of The United States of America(July 4th 1776), in Ingoldtadst, Bavaria, by Adam Weishaupt(1748-1830). Its primary goal is the establishment of a New World Order by abolishing all monarchies and national governments, private property and inheritances, family and marriage, and all religion. A scientific technocracy would be installed led by the brightest and strongest. Sounds a lot like what is happening today. This is satanic and Yahweh's worst side.

Humanity's last great reset which occurred only hundreds of years ago culminating in the Mud Flood of the early 1800's wiped out the giant peoples and trees and animals which were killed, destroyed, or driven underground, and replaced with our current inferior humanity and creation. Our history is not much more than 200 years old. Yahweh took over this world in the late 1700's using the British/American and European colonies to wipe out the Old World. He used the Ark of the Covenant and other technical marvels to destroy the giants and the trees and the original natives or peoples to make way for the Imperialist rule of the ancient tribes of Israel which now became powerful nations(Great Britain, America, France, etc.) Where did Yahweh's people come from all of a sudden? Divergent says they were lab-produced or the orphans of the great reset genocide that is once again occurring today through the covid vaccine program. Is this why Trump is pushing the vaccines? Is he secretly or unknowingly working for Yahweh's agenda?

Most of the world has been vaccinated with nanobots that will permanently change our DNA for the worse and that it may take days, months or years for the terrible results to manifest. It's also in our chemtrails, food, and water. By then, most of the world's "useless eaters" and "masses of asses" will have been killed, zombified, or enslaved. The wise few who have not been overtaken by the mark of the beast will be used to start the new humanity. This is happening NOW. Do not take the tests or vaccines and avoid all processed foods, especially meat and dairy. Only vegans or vegetarians will qualify for the new world and new humanity.

Neither Biden nor Trump nor any government are the answers. We the people are the answer. We must wake up from our ages-old sleep and become divine and sovereign again. Salvation is an individual matter and not a global one. Yahweh's Old Testament New World Order salvation plan always failed and always will, whereas Krishna/Christ's New Testament New Individual Order salvation plan always worked and always will work.

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