Pascal Najadi Truth Bombs

Pascal Najadi, a Swiss born activist is making the rounds on the internet in 2024 dropping huge truthbombs as to what's happening in our world today. Ever since appearing on the Alex Jones Show in April and unsettling Alex with his bold truths he has exploded in popularity. Major truthers are now on the bandwagon asking for his time and disclosures.

Some of these disclosures include the belief that Trump, whom Najadi follows, is being led by God to free us of the Deep State, that the Earth is definitely flat, that free energy has always existed, that humans are a minority on Earth, that you should stay away from electric cars which can fry you, that God is inside each of us, that an EBS lockdown is coming soon, that Ukraine is the home of the reptilian/Nazi/Khazarian Deep State, that Geneva Switzerland is the financial center of the Deep State, That JFK junior is Q and that he is still alive, that Hillary, Biden, Gates, Pope Francis, and others have already been executed and are operating as doubles or actors, and much more.

Najadi supports a republic United States with a gold-backed currency and says all democracies and current governments will be abolished along with their leaders as well as all those responsible for the deadly covid injections who will be judged and many executed including doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. I have not, however, heard Najadi's reason for why Trump still promotes the jab other than he may have been ill advised about it . The evil and destructive jab appears to be Trump's one great Achilles heel. He had a stellar four-year stint as US President between 2016 and 2020 and is strongly predicted to win in late 2024. But again, why does Trump still hold on to the jab? Is it part of some deal we know little about?

One possibility is that there is a double or series of doubles playing Trump and that what this double says is to mislead the Deep State. The real Trump is operating from a deep undergound dumb in/under Cheyenne mountain. He surfaces occasionally, always with Melania, and wearing a red instead of blue tie. Trump's double may eplain the rhetoric about his loyalty to the the jab as well as his support for the state of Israel, when in reality, the real Trump is well aware of the dangers of the jab and that Israel is an illegal Zionist Rothchild creation.

The real Trump did however avert a Hillary win in 2016 which would probably have meant the end of humanity. According to Najadi, Joe Biden is being played by Arthur Roberts and is working with the real Trump and the White Hats. Obama, Trudeau, and other doubles are also actors following a script. Putin, Xi, Modi, and the leaders of some 30 countries are supposedly working with Trump to liberate humanity, a process that began with J.F.K and kicked into high gear on Dec. 20th, 2019 when both Space Force and Operation Storm were launched which declared war on the Deep State.

Pascal Najadi was born August 20, 1967 in Lucerne, Switzerland. He is/was an investment banker, philanthropist, producer, and writer. He is now a peace and bitcoin activist and claims to have ascended to 5D status or vibration. He strongly supports Trump whom he claims is part of the Galactic Federation or Brotherhood and Commander in Chief of most of the world's military with the intent of liberating humanity. Najadi is struggling with the side effects of the covid jabs which he was coerced into getting but which he later regretted. Having served in his country's government and military and living in the heart of the Beast system, Najadi is uniquely qualified to give disclosure, which is what he has done/is doing in his many interviews. As a strong Leo/Virgo type Najadi comes off as warm, simple, generous, truthful, factual, and wanting to serve or help others. Moon in Aquarius is controversial and wants truth, two planets in Scorpio gives him depth and focus, and Saturn in Aries gives identity issues. According to Najadi, Operation Storm(the removal of the bad guys) is 95% concluded as of early 2024. The EBS and rebuilding phases are next to follow. Despite the show and the rumors, no nuclear or world war or economic crash will be permitted. Governments and politicians are not to be trusted as they are on the way out. Only the military is in charge and can be depended on. The Trump court case is just a show and will collapse. Yes, there will be a bumpy transition into the new order or system but nothing disastrous, so hang on to your money and possessions.

Personally, I predict things to go fully in Trump's favor as of May 26, 2024 when Jupiter moves into Gemini(Trump's Sun and Uranus signs). This coincides roughly with June 1st, 2024 when the no-fly zone over Maralago, the real White House, ends. The EBS(Emergency Broadcasting System) when activated will take down all media and for 10 days will play an 8-hour loop of what is really going on in our world, executions and future forecasts included. Most will be shocked into awakening but it will be a necessary step towards a free and prosperous humanity. The good guys will finally have succeeded in bringing down a thousands-years old cabal nightmare over humanity and a huge celebration will ensue.

Najadi says he smokes because the nicotine keeps the spike proteins from traversing to his brain. He was injected three times and admitted he was dying. This and the unfortunate and unwarranted loss of his father may be the impetus for him coming forward with much truth about humanity's perilous situation. It's too bad he found out too late that the jabs were untested and basically bad for you. This seems to be Najadi's Achilles heel as well -that he has too much faith in science and the medical profession. As I have always stated NO shots are good shots. Natural immunity is always the best course of action via proper lifestyle and nutrition. While Trump and Najadi mean well they are still in the dark on many basic issues, especially when it comes to health. Technology and science will not save us here, only good common sense and natural living.

And just who is the God Trump, Najadi, and most Christians worship? Is it the vengeful God of the Old Testament who is also the God of the Jews and Islamics? Or is it the true Father of the New Testament Christ talked to, or both? Christians and all religions in general will have to grapple with these and other questions in the coming years as new truths come out and their faiths are questioned. Not only religion, but science, history, medicine, education, politics, money, sex, energy, and all other facets of our lives will come under major revision.

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