The Numerology of Food

One morning as I was pondering on the subject of food and its deletrious effects on the human organism I curiously did a numerological analysis of the word food and was shocked with the result. Here is the numerical structure of the word food...

6 6 6 4

I always knew food was bad for us, but when I saw the ominous three sixes I was floored! The last number 4 is also evil according to chinese numerology, portending death and misfortune. Sure, physical food weakens and eventually destroys us, but to have the Devil or Man of Sin(666) behind it is a real kicker. So basically, what the numbers are telling us is that food or sin(666) leads to death(4). It also adds up to the master number 22 which is why it is such a powerful force in our lives which if we do not master will kill us.

All even or negative numbers in numerology are predominantly evil and materialistic whereas the odd or positive numbers are predominantly good and spiritual. The same princiopal applies to the six masculine(odd or positive) signs and the six feminine (even or negative) signs in astrology. Together, like day and night, they create our dualistic reality on this plane.

Which numbers are associated to which signs(or planets) has not been clearly resolved yet, except for the basic principle that masculine or positive signs are related to the odd numbers and feminine or negative numbers go with the even numbers. So 2,4,6,8,and 0 must match with Tau, Can, Vir, Sco, Cap, Pis and 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 go with Ari, Gem, Leo, Lib, Sag, Aqu. We are short two numbers, and although there is some consensus, exactly which numbers go with which signs is still up for debate.

According to our analysis of the word food, however, there is a strong possibility that 6 belongs to Cancer since this is the sign of food or eating and 4 to Scorpio since this is the sign of death. Also, the glyph of the sign Cancer is two sixes(or nines) one on top of the other but in inverted fashion, as is imaged below...

Even if it is a 6 and 9, when you add them you get 15 which reduces to 6, so we'll assume they're two sixes. Nine is Mars or Aries which may indicate the cardinal nature of Cancer. Traditionally 6 is associated with Venus and is also why "sex"(which sounds a lot like six) is a Venusian thing, but this isn't written in stone. Food or eating and sex are very similar. In fact, sex is based on food or eating. They are two facets of the same thing.

In summary, food or eating is basically a negative thing or activity. It's selfish, lustful, and destructive, and leads to aging, disease, and eventually to death, and the numbers confirm this. Prana, ether, or the universal life force(god) is our true and primary food. Even now as we eat it is the main force that sustains us, but it is hindered or compromised by the eating process which blocks or impedes its full flow. The word prana is made up of all odd or positive numbers(7,9,1,5,1) and is therefore all life-giving whereas the word food(6,6,6,4) is made up of all even or negative numbers which is all life-taking.

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