Humanity Must Wake Up to the Truth
Humanity must wake up to the fact that it is under threat of extinction by the dark ones who live only for self gratification and power. We are being used as cattle and every so often there is a reset or culling as is currently occurring. We are being taken advantage of because human nature is basically complacent and naive. Humans just want to live their lives and be left alone but the the dark or fallen ones are restless and disturbed and want to drag us down with them. Having lost their bodies and rights as humans they roam the astral plane and victimize us through our greed and base desires. Most people in power today are influenced or possessed by these demon entities who wish to destroy humanity. We can see this in the lies and wars and cruelties of life which are the direct result of these evil spirits working through our weak leaders and politicians and institutions. They force their ways on us through fear and propaganda and most of us buy it. We buy it because we are misinformed as well as given to our lusts and appetites which weaken and destroy us.

The only way out for humans is to be reeducated to the truth and then act on it. This means tuning out the brainwashing mainstream media and honing your intuition and common sense. Yes, there are some good books or alternative media or internet sites which offer some level of truth but this is only a start. Your best teachers are life and nature itself and that inner voice of consciousness that speaks to you in your quiet moments. Prayer helps, as does fasting or a raw plant-based diet. Removing yourself from the cities and cold zones is another good step as these only create stress and disease and are major centers of manipulation and programming. We were basically meant to live outdoors in the fresh air and sunlight and in tune with the nature around us. Crowded and unnatural settings cut us off from our higher or divine selves as do all the chemicals, vaccines, processed foods, and electromagnetic pollution.

This Earth world was created as a paradise, as many before it, but like all places of beauty and harmony, it becomes a beacon or magnet for the dark forces to exploit, and exploit it they did. Our goodness and innocence become our downfall until we develop wisdom and resistance, and the dark forces are the catalysts for this. The trick is keeping our sovereign goodness without becoming part of the darkness. Most of us have given in or fallen as the flesh is weak, so it remains to the others to hold us up. Mastery or control over matter is the goal here, which is only acheived through proper education and training. Matter is a teacher to spirit which is why we are embodied and living on the Earth plane. We are here to learn and grow and it's not always pleasant.

Humans are organically based and the move towards digitization is contrary to our nature. While computers and the internet can be be helpful in making our lives easier, its real purpose is to train us to become archontic AI's or robotic. Analog TV or radio was the first step and digital is the second. With each step we are continually distancing ourseves from our humanity and becoming AI cyborgs. The chemtails, nanobots, chemicals, social distancing, masks, and vaccines are accelerating the process. We must resist this and return back to our fully organic humanistic selves. We need direct contact and communication both with ourselves and nature. Living in cities and frozen wastelands is counterproductive to this. The NWO dream of meshing flesh with metal or robotics is ludicrous, satanic, and doomed to failure. We can achieve superhuman or angelic status simply by reawakening or reactivating our full organic potential. This can be done through the overcoming of our antagonistic base desires(food, sex, money, power) and rechannelig them from the lower to the higher chakras. By purifying our bodies, minds, and spirits(through prayer, fasting, etc) we become angels and gods again and far more powerful than the evil forces of this world.

Our planet/plane and genome has been reduced through many resets to the point where we are today. Our deserts and snow regions are the result of the wars and radiation from other invading craters, who also came here to strip us of all our resources leaving giant canyons and decimated forests. The last reset ended with the Mud Flood of the early 1800's after which a new and inferior humanity(us) was reseeded. The first or original humans had full cognizance or power on par with the "gods" who created them, but our troublesome or challenging nature caused the gods to whittle us down to a controllable level by modifying our genetics. The gods themselves(who are offworlders or priveleged humans) are subject to degeneration, and as they go down the ladder so do we. Our genetics has been modified by a number of different gods or offworlders making us unique and highly prized, especially as sex slaves or workers. Our genes or chromozone pairs reveal the 23 stages or history of humankind. It is our genetic library showing all the changes or manipulations that took place. The pairs become sequentially shorter showing our decrease in both stature and ability, with the 23rd pair representing our current humanity which is little more than 200 years old. The male or patriarchy(xy pair) only shows up in the 23rd pair indicating that the male sex is a relatively recent phenomena(Lucifer is said to be the first male). Females are the first or natural sex existing far longer than the male. The male is an oddity or defect of nature indicated by the missing leg on the y chromosone and is the cause for all of our wars and problems on Earth. Simply put, Woman is God and Man is Satan.

We live on a flat plane much larger than what our current maps show us. It appears we are only one of many crater worlds on an infinite or ever-expanding plane, and even within our own crater there are additional continents hidden from us which only the elite have access to. One of these is the New Germany below South America that is currently imposing its rule upon the known world. Antarctica is the edge of our crater and the snow and ice continues to the adjacent craters. These "offworlder" craters contain different civilations or humanities or what we would call "aliens" and are accessible through advanced flight or underground tunnel systems. It is very possible we have a dome above us with it's heaven of luminaries and stars all of which are less than 100 kilometers from us. There is also an underground or hell world below us with countless cities and civilizations. The elites do commerce with all of these entities and this includes human or child trafficking. Most of our leaders are bought and sold for by these publicly unrecognized offworld or underground entities because humanity has not yet stood up for or declared its sovereignty on this plane, but which they may possibly succeed in doing through the current crisis. Perhaps it will take some 144,000 or more fully potentiated humans to make this independence happen. Then we will finally be respected and accepted in the cosmic community and no longer be manipulated or abused by outsiders. This is why it is important for us to resist all the fake or contrived pandemic restrictions which seem so alien to us simply because they are NOT human agendas.

The constitution of the United States is a solid starting place for the true declaration of human sovereignity but it is currently being destroyed by selfish and competing non-human factions because of our ignorance and complacency. As current leader of the Free World, the United States has the responsibility of maintaining this sovereignity, otherwise other countries and constitutions(like China) will pick up the slack. The real problem, however, is the worldwide shadow government or cabal based in central Europe which is no respecter of nations or laws. Money, profit, power, and control are their gods, and they've been running the show here for thousands of years. Humanity has been hijacked for that long and it's time we got out. Fortunately, many individuals have been working worldwide and beyond for ages to free humanity from its shackles permanently, and it may be we have now arrived at such a point. You can help make this happen by exercising your individual rights and freedoms

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