Yahweh's Secret Weapon

Note: Some of the information in this article is speculative and may or may not be correct.

What destroyed many of the cities, lands, and peoples of the last Great Reset period hundreds of years ago? Cities were burnt or razed to the ground, strange peoples and animals were turned into stone, land was shaken or leveled, oceans were moved, giant trees were cut or destroyed, the climate went crazy, and wars, plagues and famines abounded.

This lasted for hundreds of years in tandem with the Renaissance, Colonialism, the Industrial, American and French Revolutions, and the great World Wars of the 20th century. It seems the last 500 years or more were overtaken by some great force that shook us out of our complacency and thrust us into the modern era we now live in.

What it was in actuality was the fulfillment of a promise the Lord Yahweh made to Abraham some 4000 years ago; that out of his loins would come a great nation and company of nations that would rule the world in the End Times. Because of Israel's increasing corruption and disobedience after Solomon's reign, the twelve tribes were invaded and dispersed by various empires, and the promise was withheld for 2520 years, until around 1800 AD when the curse was lifted and the now northwestern European tribes began to flourish.

The tribe of Joseph in particular, disciplined and cultured by its Germanic(then Assyrian) captors, migrated to England where they rediscovered their own identity and power. Joseph was the double tribe of Ephraim/Mannaseh which later became Great Britain and the United States respectively. This anglosaxon duo, under Yahweh's guidance, went on to become the world's leading empire amassing some one fourth of the world's wealth by 1950. The Abrahamic promise was fulfilled and now it was up to the English peoples to keep it.

European colonialism which began in the 1400's was not without violence and bloodshed. In fact there was plenty of it. In the name of Lord Yahweh, the British, American, and other European forces pillaged and savaged their way into Africa, Asia, and the Americas, subjugating and even destroying whole "heathen" cities and nations that did not conform to their dogmatic Christian values. They were helped of course by Yahweh's own flying ships and beam and laser weapons which paved the way for their success.

Yahweh is that old inner earth Agarthean dragon god, also known as the King of the World, one of the wayward 70 sons of El Elyon or Anu the Anunakki Father, who went on to usurp unbridled power over most of the Earth after the Tower of Babel incident. Yahweh was appointed the nation of Israel as his vehicle of dominance, with the English tribe of Joseph as his spearhead, Judah as his administrators and lawkeepers, and the other ten tribes as go-betweens. Just as Yahweh ruthlessly led the Hebrews out of Egypt to the Promised land of Palestine, so he later led the tribes out of Assyrian and Babylonian captivity to the true promised lands of the Americas and the Commonwealth, with much bloodshed and destruction along the way.

Yahweh is a god of war with incredible secret weapons and technology which he used to establish British and American dominance throughout the world. He brought about the last Great Reset of the last 500 years which climaxed in the Mud Flood of 1812, and which destroyed the "pagan" Tartarian and other civilizations of the past. Yes, some of the activity of the Old World was truly evil with its genetic experimentation producing grotesque half-human half-animal monstrosities, the sexual deviance and mixing of angelic seed with human seed producing giants, and the bizarre superstitious or occult practices, and Yahweh put an end to this, but some good and innocence was also lost along the way.

Some theorize that the Mud Flood and Noah's Flood are one and the same but I cannot verify this. It's more likely there was a series of great floods or resets going back thousands of years, and with each reset humanity got smaller and dumber and more violent or animalistic in nature. Our environment and lifespans also degraded. Humanity it seems is constantly being attacked by jealous Luciferian forces who see us a threat to their existence. Humanity was originally created to REPLACE the the fallen Luciferic angels who kept not their estate and who are largely responsible for the mayhem on Earth ever since. These angels or demons will be judged as will all those humans and non-humans in league with them.

Yahweh's secret weapon appears to be some doomsday mechanical device found just outside the dome or firmament above us. Our Earth is flat or level and the Milky Way Galaxy is actually a tear or rift in the dome which opens up during every great reset exposing the Death Star which Yahweh uses to punish or destroy the nations. This secret weapon or device(Nibiru?) uses lasers and sonic beams to cause havoc and destruction. It can burn, freeze, pulverize, etc. and has many beneficial uses as well, such as restoring flora and fauna. It was no doubt used during the last Great Reset and will probably be used again during the coming Day of the Lord, when Yahweh executes judgement.

Besides the great weapon, Yahweh controls many of the saucers and secret advanced technology used by inner earthers and offworlders, as well as some human groups like the Nazis and the Deep State. Most of these exist beneath the frozen waste lands beyond our Antarctic ice wall. They are basically UNDERGROUND civilizations driven there by Yahweh after many wars with him, and they seek to reoccupy this little garden Earth whose dome keeps them out. Frozen lands and deserts are the result of these wars.

Why don't we see Yahweh or his kingdom? Because he too lives underground as revealed by Olaf Jansen in his book The Smoky God. Olaf and his father, Norwegian sailors, found an opening in the North which led to the inner Earth where a second sun abides, which is supposedly the throne of Yahweh. Beneath this reddish sun was the land of Eden where Olaf and his dad stayed as guests for two years, learning their language and culture before before returning home. Most of the people of Eden were huge and long-lived compared to us, as were the animals and vegetation. The King of the world, whom they briefly met, was fourteen feet tall. This was back in the 1800's.

Is Yahweh good or evil? This is something I have struggled with for a while now. While he was definitely cruel and vengeful during Hebraic times, he may have changed somewhat over time, although I can't verify this. Not all reptilian or semi-reptilian entitities are evil or cruel, although they do seem to have extreme natures. We can only hope Yahweh has changed for the better throughout his many human interactions, otherwise the wars and sufferings will continue.

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