Trump and the Deep State

Our lives simply haven't been the same since early 2020 when the covid 19 "pandemic" was unleashed upon us, and our freedoms and livelihoods were drastically curtailed. While most of the restrictions have been lifted worldwide, the lingering effects are still there, and we may never fully get over what happened to us. There are still people going for the shots, despite the truth coming out that it's basically a bioweapon, which is sad, but that's what happens when the mainstream media is still heavily controlled. Soros and his cronies pay handsomely to promote the deep state agenda and many in the media or in positions of power take the bribes.

Why are people like Soros and Biden and Obama still in power? Should they have not been arrested or decommisioned long ago? Either the US is incredibly corrupt and the people incredibly weak and stupid, or this is all a big show (albeit a serious and consequential one), and they're all playing their parts to awaken the masses. Everyone knows the 2020 election was stolen, but was it allowed to be? Why is Trump still pushing the shot? Is it really him, or is it his clone? One way to tell is the color of tie he is wearing. A red tie (red state) is the real Trump while a blue tie (blue state) is the clone. Many conspiracy people say Trump is safe in some underground US military bunker showing up only occasionally. The rest of the time his doubles are there doing the talking.

Putin may also have his clones, as do most world leaders and celebrities. If this is so, then we really are living in the matrix. How many people out there are real humans and how many are clones or npc's (non-player-characters)? Cloning has been around forever even though you may have heard about it since the 1990's. It's an underground thing involving the Greys and all of that, and is the holy grail for many of the elite who wish to live forever. Human trafficking, organ harvesting, and adrenochrome are closely tied to this as other means to physical immortality. Physical immortality is possible, but not the way the elite are going about it. For natural immortality to occur they need to relinquish most of their gross desires and evil ways, which most are unwilling to do.

If cloning is that far advanced then this would explain all the silly Nazi World War II characters we see playing out the New World Order agenda, like Schwab and von der Leyan. Are these clones as well? They certainly look like World War II characters. Or are they just playing the part. What about New Schwabenland or the New Germany which is an offworld continent? Is this where these New World Order people come from?

Will the real Trump be arrested and imprisoned on what appear to be flimsy misdemeanor charges? Highly unlikely. If he is arrested and charged it will probably be his clone that will take all the heat. Some conspiracy people say that this is the final straw that will break the camel's back in terms of stirring up another American Revolution, and that Trump and his group are staging it all. Or he's actually being a martyr with the hope of producing the same result. We shall see.

Trump facing Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin

Fascinating times we live in. We appear to be both at the brink of destruction and the brink of renewal. A Plutonic period indeed, especially for the United States which is currenrtly experiencing its Pluto return. Pluto is the planet of extremes and at no other time is the US more divided than it is today, with the Christian right and the athiest left. The world as a whole is in a similar predicament as the forces of good and evil battle it out and humanity is forced to pick a side.

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