Why the Deep State May Never Be Fully Cleaned Up
What is the Deep State exactly? Wikipedia defines it as a governance of potentially secretive and unauthorized networks of power operating independently of a state's political leadership and in pursuit of their own agenda and goals. In short, a rogue and often subversive power answerable only to itself. The term "Deep State" has Turkish origins but was made popular during the Trump administration in its attempt to expose the political corruption in the US. It is also known or termed as the "shadow government".

What the definition doesn't tell you is that the deep state has its roots in the Underworld, a vast underground realm parallel to our surface world and under the dominion of Lucifer or Satan himself. Mythologically, Pluto or Hades is also associated with the cavernous underworld whereas Neptune or Poseidon rules the seas or oceans. Ouranus(Uranus) or Anu rules the skies or heavens. The surface world was given to humanity but it it is being vied for by the various gods.

ancient conception of the Earth and its layers

When Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States committed himself to cleaning up the "swamp" which is another term for the deep state, he may have taken on more than he could chew. Even if he meant only cleaning up the United States, this too may be too big a task. All other attempts, from Lincoln to J.F.K., have failed, but perhaps he will be the one this time? We must wait and see.

It is clear from the beginning of his first four years as President that Trump has enlisted the help of many other nations in his desire to clean up the worldwide swamp and liberate the US and most of the world from its tentacles, and much good work has been done and is continuing to be done behind the scenes, but the task may be too daunting. Yes, Trump is most certainly being divinely guided and led (without which the task would be impossible) but he also needs we the people to join in the effort. We must clearly make known our intention to the good forces that we are deserving of our freedom and rights, otherwise the attempt will fail. If enough of us are worthy or deserving then God and the angels and Trump and other leaders and the military will win the battle. The collective external situation of the world right now is a direct reflection of our individual internal state. We are facing our own shadows and darksides and must overcome our fear and ignorance and lethargy to make this world a better place. We have done this before and we can do this again. Nations and empires come and go based on the people's courage, convictions, or lack thereof. We, especially the industrialized West, are obviously at a very low moral point at this time, hence the chaos, infiltration, and oppression.

Trump has not given up on us and is still working quietly behind the scenes but we must support him as much as possible. The US military along with other allied militaries are doing their best to take out the bad guys and liberate the peoples but this is not accurately being reported especially here in America. Leaders of nations are stepping down and being replaced, pedophiles are being arrested, millions of children, women, and men are being rescued from the underground tunnels, a new and better financial system is in the works, new and better technologies and health systems are ready to roll out, the mainstream media is collapsing and about to be replaced, and more. There is so much good waiting around the corner, but we must push to make it happen. If we do we will enter a new golden age of freedom, love, and abundance for all. We will even meet our space brethren who are waiting for us to join them!

I do not believe the deep state, swamp, or underworld will be completely cleaned up or much less abolished. Even God allows it to be. It has been there since the beginning and it will continue to be. It is like trying to remove night from day or darkness from light. At best we will have an agreement that they stay away from us and do not interfere negatively with our world as is now the case, nor must we appease them with our children and peoples in exchange for power, fame, wealth, or technology. We can live peaceably(or unpeaceably) each in our own space, and if not, then we(or they) must be relocated to another world and stay there. There is enough room in this universe to accomodate all beliefs and realites.

Inner Earth City

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