The Gematria Calculator

Here is an interesting site/program that allows you to calculate the full letter value of any name, word, or phrase as well as compare it with other similar results. The site is at There are others, but this one offers a lot of information, including results in three numerical systems: simple, English, and Jewish.

I use the simple system which is the most popular in numerology. Simply enter the box with your word or phrase and press"calculate". The individual letter full values as well as the total will show up, as well the three numerical system results. Click on one of the three and a list will show up with similar words or phrases adding up to the same value.

The SIMPLE system evaluates the English alphabet as follows...

12345678910111213 14151617181920212223242526

These are the FULL or UNREDUCED letter values. Full letter values make every letter unique and often yield more information. Also the master numbers 11 and 22 and their corresponding master letters K and V are revealed. When adding the full letter values keep the full total value as well. This more accurately reflects the unique nature of the word or phrase which the reduced value often doesn't.

Here is an example: Donald John Trump = 4+15+14+1+12+4 + 10+15+8+14 + 20+18+21+13+16 = 50+47+88 = 185. Trump's full name number is 185. Similar words or phrases with 185 as the full value are...

Sumerian Anunakki, World Trade Center, Stock Market Crash, US Dolar Collapse, Cosmic Serpent God, On the Seventh Day, The Truman Show, Targeted Individual, Book of Revelation, The Triumph of God, Enemy of the People, Rejected by his Own, Secrets Kept Hidden, The Power of Love, Set My People Free, Are You With Us, The King of the Jews, Yeshu the Messiah, The God of Israel Key, Impending Judgement, etc.

Even if some of the results are contradictory, it's fun to to try and piece them together. Both English and Hebrew are sacred coded languages, and gematria is one important way to unravel them.

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