The Earth-Sun Switch in Astronomy
Something devious occurred in 1500's AD when the Jesuit astronomers launched their heliocentric view of the universe. Although Copernicus presented his model of a sun-centered system in 1543, and Kepler followed on it in 1616-1617, it was stiffly rejected by the Catholic and especially Protestant Church. Even Galileo, who entertained the idea, was forced to recant his support in 1633. Same with Descartes, who out of fear of persecution, kept quiet.

It wasn't until around 1686 that the concept of heliocentrism gained a significant footing with the public due to the books published on it, especially by Bernard le Bovier and Sir Isaac Newton, but the Church continued to oppose it. Popularity grew and as a result in 1758 the ban on heliocentric literature was partially dropped. It wasn't until 1822, however, when a member of the Church itself supported it, that the ban was lifted completely.

The 1800's saw the rise and development of science and astronomy, especially with beter telescopes and microscopes, so that the Copernican/Newtomian model of the cosmos gradually became accepted as the standard model of today's heliocentric system, placing the Sun at the center rather than the Earth. The Catholic Church finally and publicly agreed to this in 1992, but is this the end of the matter?

In the 1900's, Einstein, Braun, and NASA continued to push the myths of heliocentrism and gravity, godless Jesuit ideas designed to to keep the public ignorant and enslaved. The Scriptures plainly advocate a flat or level Earth at the center of our universe, which was generally believed throughout history, but then came the serpents to distort everything as usual. The last two hundred+ years has been totally hijacked by a deceitful kind of scientism(satanism) or godlessness.

First of all, there is NO such thing as gravity. It's all about weight or density. An apple falls to the grownd because it is heavier than the air around it. It has NOTHING to do with gravity which is a fictitious lie. In the same vein, a helium-filled baloon rises because the helium is much lighter than the air around it. This is important to understand before I go on to the flat or level Earth concept.

Yes, our Earth or what we know of it(it's much larger than we think) is a flat or level plain. Curved camera lenses and airplane windows make it appear to be curved. Go up on the highest mountain you can find and look out at the horizon with your naked eyes and you will see that it is a flat plane. Water is always level. It cannot keep on a curved surface.

Not only is the Earth flat, it does not move or rotate, just as the bible says. It is the sky dome or heavens above us that spin or rotate. Science tricks us into believing the opposite when what we see is really what is. This is how devious our controllers have become. Also, the part of the Earth we are familliar with on maps is only a fraction of the real Earth known in Vedic cosmology as Jambudvipa.

Jambudvipa(see my other articles) is said to be 100,000 yojanas(800,000 miles) in diameter, or about what astronomers give to be the diameter of our Sun! Also, our true Sun is not at the center of the solar system as commonly depicted by modern astronomy, but between Venus and Mars as is depicted in the Vedic Bhumandala scheme. This is NO coincidence! Our Jesuit astronomers have literally switched the locations of the Earth and Sun!

The modern heliocentric system puts the Sun at the center instead the Earth.

The ancient Ptolemaic and Indian(Vedic) systems put the Earth at the center instead the Sun...

... and the Sun where modern astronomy puts the Earth. The Earth is NOT a globe.

The ancient Egyptian system also puts the Earth at the center instead the Sun...

...with Mercury and Venus circling the Sun, explaining why they are never more than 48 degrees from it.

So if our geo-centered Jambudvipa(what I call Greater Earth) is 800,000 miles in diameter, then the Sun midway through Bhumandala, must also be 800,000 miles wide! Actually, the correct figure is 864,000 miles(using 8.64 miles per yojana instead of 8) for both the Sun and Jambudvipa. Astronomers and the Vatican already know this but are lying about the locations. Not only have they relegated us to a small 8000-mile wide sector of the true Earth, but have reversed the Sun/Earth positions.

In Vedic Cosmology, Bhumandala, or the Super Earth Plane, is some 4 billion miles wide, with the true Sun at the midway point or 2 billion miles. I say true Sun because the Sun we see in our skies is not the true Sun but a representation. It is a focal point of light or ray captured by the the glass-like dome above us. This dome covers the landmass we know as Earth plus a few other lands hidden from us. Our domed Earth is only 1/10th the area of Bharata-varsa and 1/100th that of Jambudvipa. Beyond Jambudvipa or the True or Greater Earth are other rings of land or continents separated by rings of ocean stretching out to 4 billion miles or more. The entirety of the plane in Vedic scripture is known as Bhumandala or what I call the Super Earth.

In effect, what the astronomers call our solar system, is actually Bhumandala, with the Sun and Earth reversed. Also, the Earth we know is not the whole Earth, but only a very small part of it. The dome that encloses us reflects this system on(or within) its curved screen. Will the dome always be there? Not likely. In Revelation 6:13-14, after the Great Tribulation, there is a great earthquake, and the stars fall to the Earth and the heaven departs as a scroll, signifying a shattering or removal of the dome, to be replaced by a completely new heaven and/or earth surface. Until that great day, when all the blinds come off, we shall continue to live in the illusion that we are in.

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