Our Anunnaki Overlords

Note: This article may be somewhat innacurate. The images(enhanced) are from Ileana's Awakening Cosmic Reality Show website.

The Anunnaki were offworlders from the Pleaides region who became involved with our Earth region thousands of years ago. Just as Zechariah Sitchin describes in his blockbuster THE TWELFTH PLANET, the Anunnaki modified primate DNA to create humans to serve their interests, mostly as labor and sex slaves, and this continues to this day. They mined our Earth, as they did other plane regions, leaving vast craters along their way.

They mined mostly for gold, but other minerals as well, destroying the land and fauna in the process, resulting in vast canyons and radioactive deposits(volcanoes). They quickly tired with the labor and so began employing the creatures of the region, but the animals weren't smart enough, so they upgraded the best of them(primates) by giving them some of their DNA. After many failed attempts they created the IGIGI(black humans) whom they were happy with, and who did their work for them.

The IGIGI's themselves also tired of their labor and rebelled, so the Anunnakis punished them and created/introduced government/religion to keep them in line, which appeared to work. Some of the Anunnakis who liked the humans(under Enki) gave them more freedoms but they were always kept in check by the other Anunnaki groups(under Enlil) who hated them.

Other human versions were created through direct mating with the Igigi and through genetic experimentation in their labs. These became the lighter skinned races of Earth. They also went to China for example, and impregnated Orangutans rather than black apes to create the Chinese race and their variations. The white or Adamic and especially Anglosaxon race comes closest to the nature of the Anunnaki both in looks and mentality.

At some point humans became too numerous and unmanageable and recurring resets were implemented to keep the population down. The Flood of Noah and the Tower of Babel were major resets, as were most of the major plagues, famines, diseases, wars, and catastrophes throughout history.World Wars I and II and the viral pandemics are the most recent attempts at reducing or slowing down population growth.

Yahweh(also Jehovah or Jupiter), Marduk or Mars, and Satan or Saturn are some of the more well-known Anunnakis, all of them living thousands of years and directing the course of human affairs. The twelve principal Anunnakis under their Father Anu(Uranus?) are all immortalized through the planets and astrology. I'm not sure how the Pleaideans and other star groups fit into this but there is obviously a connecting lineage.

Most of the Anunnakis who came here did their thing and then departed for other fresh pastures leaving behind representatives(those currently in power) and returning occasionally to see how the crops are doing. They are responsible for all of our cultures, sciences, and civilizations in general. The whole Nibiru Phenomenon is about the impending return of the Anunakkis or the Day of the Lord in the Bible, but if and when they do return, they will find that humanity has grown and matured and may not welcome them anymore as they have in the past.

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