C/2014 Comet Ephemeris

The Bernardinelli–Bernstein comet (C/2014 UN271), with an orbital period of some 3.5 million years, will come closest to us around 23 Jan. of 2031 just outside the orbit of Saturn. It is very large at about 137 kilometers in diameter and is inclined at a whopping 95.46 degrees to the ecliptic plane. Its AU or distance from the Sun varies from about 11 (closest) to 47,000 (average farthest) . It crossed Neptune's orbit in 2014 and Uranus in 2022.

What does this long-term comet portend for us? That is why I have created an ephemeris for it. It spends nearly all its time in tropical Aries except when it comes closest to us reaching perihelion in tropical Libra. What I find really interesting about this comet is that its retrograde transition from Aries to Pisces (2019 to 2024) exactly coincides with our covid pandemic period and that its perihelion coincides with the completion of the New World Orders' 2030 agenda goal.

Below is a simplified astrological ephemeris for the comet between the years 1600 and 2500 AD

C/2014 Ephemeris 1600 to 2500 AD
1600AD Jan.01 = 5.4 Ari
1650AD Jan.01 = 5.9 Ari
1700AD Jan.01 = 6.5 Ari
1750AD Jan.01 = 7.1 Ari
1800AD Jan.01 = 7.5 Ari
1850AD Jan.01 = 7.9 Ari
1900AD Jan.01 = 8.2 Ari
1950AD Jan.01 = 8.1 Ari
2000AD Jan.01 = 6,2 Ari
2010AD Jan.01 = 4.5 Ari
2018AD Nov.21 = 30 Pis
2019AD Jan.28 = 00Ari
2019AD Oct.29 = 30Pis
2020AD Feb.21 = 00Ari
2020AD Oct.10 = 30Pis
2021AD Mar,12 = 00Ari
2021AD Sep.24 = 30Pis
2022AD Mar.20 = 00Ari
2022AD Sep.07 = 30Pis
2023AD Apr.18 = 00Ari
2023AD Aug.20 = 30Pis
2024AD May 10 = 30Ari
2024AD Jul.28 = 30Pis
2025AD Jan.01 = 28Aqu
2030AD Jan.01 = 23Lib
2035AD Jan.1 = 13Lib
2040AD Jan.01 = 08Lib
2050AD Jan.01 = 27Vir
2060AD Jan.01 = 17Leo
2070AD Jan.01 = 1.6Can
2080AD Jan.01 = 10Tau
2100AD Jan.01 = 29Ari
2150AD Jan.01 = 24.1Ari
2200AD Jan.01 = 22.9Ari
2300AD Jan.01 = 22.7Ari
2400AD Jan.01 = 23.3Ari
2500AD Jan.01 = 24.3Ari
C/2014 reaches perihelion around Jan 23rd of 2031AD at tropical 20Lib

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