Space Arks Activating
Numerous fantastic discoveries have allegedly been made in the last several years and perhaps longer of saucer-like craft hidden beneath ice, water, and desert, some of them activated or operational.

Secret Russian, Chinese, and American space and military agencies, working together, have made astonishing discoveries all over the world. According to researchers such as Alex Collier, Mike Salla, and Elena Danaan, giant space arks or ships left over from the past are now activating all over the world because of other fleets now arriving from other worlds. Soon we may see them flying!

Most of these ships are under oceans, ice, and desert and are only accessible through certain native tribes or starseeds whose frequencies resonate with those of the ships. The ships are both organic and crystalline in nature which allows them to communicate directly with the pilot and travel interdimensionally. They also contain special or rare metals that last forever.

The ships have been used in the past for travel, exploration, transportation, defense, warfare, and evacuation, and will in all probability be used for such again. Many of the smaller ones that have been recovered, by Hitler's Germany for example, have been studied and replicated to some degree and were used to evacuate millions of Germans during World War II to the safety of new lands like New Schwabenland. Some German octagonal craft have actually been found in the Antarctic ice with the Nazi emblem on its exterior.

One of the largest finds has been in the Atlantic Ocean in the Bermuda Triangle area. This area is famous for disappearing ships and planes and other strange anomalies caused by strange emanations from beneath. Most New Agers have postulated wayward crystal machinery working intermittently from a sunken Atlantis as the cause of these emanations and disappearances, but special satellites from the international space agency groups have allegedly discovered a humongous ark or space craft as the real source. One of Michael Salla's videos interviews one of these military personnel named JP who was led down into the ship and witnessed incredible things. The technology of the ship was both ancient and beyond anything we have now. Egyptian hieroglyphics cover the entrance walls and in one room, the military personnel are astonished to discover a large blue acqueous ball suspended in mid air and acting as a portal of some sort.

Other ark locations revealed by Elana's source are South America, Central Europe, and Northwest Russia. The one in Nortwest Russia has already been seized and is under the control of Russia's government and military. The one in Ukraine is being fought for by both Western and Eastern goverments and is one reason for the war there. When Putin moved into Ukraine, Kherson, near where the ark is located, was one of the first cities to fall. The ark is supposedly under the soil of the Oleshky Sands National Park located 15 miles(25 km) east of Kherson. The Selensky regime has known about it for years but was unable to activate it. The Russians, on the other hand, have been given the knowledge on how to activate such craft.

There must be thousands more of these arks or ships all over the world, hidden from view and ready to be activated when necessary. One fertile area may be the southwestern region of the United States. Some are Black League Ships owned by the bad guys, while others are believed to be friendly or beneficial to humanity. Were such space arks or ships used in major invasions, catastrophes, or resets in our history, and will they be used again?

Are Space Arks Affecting Our Weather?

Why are there so many large desert and ice regions around the world and why do they stay that way? Were they the result of some past meteor strikes, catastrophic resets, or even ancient nuclear wars? Or are there giant space arks or ships underneath that continually heat or freeze the surface in order to maintain operation? In one article I wrote that there are giant machines underneath the polar areas that act like central heating units that let out cold air in order to heat the inner earthers there. What if these machines were actually space arks with the power to affect our climate and weather? Found also under our oceans, they may also affect water and wind currents and even our media flow. Just a thought.

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