The Ships Are All Above Us

They've been here for thousands of years and fill up our skies and determine our weather and the course of human events. They cloak themselves or hide behind clouds and we pray to them as our gods. Some are good and some are evil, and they war or compete amongst themselves. Many take on human bodies intervening in our affairs directly, while others prefer to stay on their ships so as not to contaminate themselves.

Who are these denizens of the sky and where do they come from? Many are from Earth in a time when they walked freely among us. But as the Earth became corrupted, they built their ships and fled to the heavens. Others are from Inner Earth or from the lands beyond Earth's dome and ice walls. They number in the millions and billions and have all contributed to the unique variety of life we find on our Earth today,

They are the Pleiadians, Andromedans, Lyrians, etc, our original ancestors or progenitors, who guide and protect humanity from the evil ones who wish to destroy us. Many are two to three times our size with superior mental, physical, and spiritual capacity just as the first humans were long ago before they became corrupted to what we are today. The evil Dracos, Greys, Insectoids, and others, who are spawns of the Fallen One, can only defeat them via technology which is their one great weapon. The goal of the Evil One is to marshall the armies of the world to fight Yeshua and his fleets when they decide to intervene for humanity.

The good sky people, whom we refer to as God's angels, pilot huge motherships strategically stationed in the skies over our Earth which is divided into many sectors. Most are over large cities or mountains and have numerous scout ships to patrol the skies and the earth. Most New Agers refer to them as being part of the Galactic or Earth Federation, which they are, but it is all here on level Earth and not somewhere in "outer space". Their ships are made of etheric, plasmic, or finer materials conductive to thought and emotion. The ships of the bad guys, on the other hand, are made of denser materials such as metal and are far more polluting.

Some of these ships are "planets" in themselves with completely sustainable ecosystems and housing thousands and even millions of occupants. Many of us visit these ships in our sleep or dreams and are educated there. While it is possible to pray to God directly, it is more likely that we are praying to one of his representavies onboard the mothership over your particular area or sector. This is how the one true God delegates his administration from the top down.

Why can't we see the ships and why don't they come down and visibly take part in our society? They are invisible because they are cloaked or vibrating on the highest frequencies which are invisible to us. Earth has become higly dense and negative and they are not able to tolerate such a state so they remain distant from us. They also use the clouds or create them when they materialize so they can deal with us more directly. Didn't Jesus say he would return in the clouds? This is because he is currently onboard a ship. He is part of the Great Brotherhood overseeing all life here.

The aerial armies of God are currently on a mission to awaken humanity and when this majority is reached they will once again show themselves to us. They are using the White Hats and others to clean up the Earth from all the demonic activity here, and when this is done, we will all join them in restoring the Earth into the beautiful paradise it should be. By overcoming our negative natures we are also driving out the demons and evil ones. We are too weak to do this on our own which is why we must ask for guidance and strength from above.

There are so many ships in the skies right now that they would block out the light of the Sun if they were all to materialize. We must take advantage of their help if we are to succeed in creating a new and better world. Those who are not aligned to the new energies and frequencies now flooding the Earth will either die of disease or be moved elsewhere where they can continue their 3D lives. The rest of us will over time graduate to 5D where the evil ones can no longer tamper with us.

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