Lucifer's Legacy

The wastelands in the Heavens and on the Earth caused by Lucifer's rebellion.
According to Dr.Claudia Albers PhD, Our Earth realm and system has been under constant attack from the debris fields of destroyed worlds left over from the Luciferian Rebellion thousands of years ago, which also caused the Great Flood of Noah. These debris fields are everywhere and include the so-called "asteroid belt" between Mars and Jupiter, and the Kuiper belt beyond Neptune. The rings around planets are the collected debris of these destroyed worlds. There are also the "vulcanoids" between Mercury and the Sun, and those right inside our atmosphere hidden by clouds or only seen in infrared.

These debris remnants which are closest to us are responsible for our chaotic weather which has been getting worse in recent years, attracted by the increasing "evil" on Earth. Albers says these broken-up worlds onced teemed with life similar to that of Earth, but were swayed into destruction by the cunning and malicious Luciferian/Satanic forces, and now they seek to destroy us. Many of the bothersome insects and animals we have today come from these orbiting rocks which skim or enter our atmosphere and unload their life forms, including disembodied souls or spirits.

Our Moon is said to be the largest of Earth's acquisitions when the Rebellion occured and Lucifer's Planet X system broke up and littered the cosmos. This occurred during the so-called Flood of Noah, thousands of years ago, when our dome or canopy was shattered, releasing the waters which flooded the Earth. A new makeshift dome or field was set up(Genesis 1:1) to try and repair the damage as best as possible. This dome is currently cracked and fissured allowing a certain amount of debris and water and aliens inside causing our storms and negative social unrest, and the damage seems to be getting worse. The evil rulers here would like nothing better than to completely shatter this dome to allow the full spectrum of evil to enter and overcome our realm, and are partially succeeding.

According to Albers, the cold and vicious winters and the hellish heat and fires are all products of the Satanic debris that is enveloping us and which the powers that be are doing their best to hide or explain away. She says our original Sun "died" or turned dark as far back as 1998, and that simulator suns have taken its place. That is why the sun is no longer yellow-white and burns much stronger. The copious amounts of snow we now get and have been getting since the Flood are coming from the dead and cold atmospheres of the planet x debris pieces in our atmospheres. The largest of these rocks cause severe earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal waves, and magnetic storms by pulling on the Earth's core or magnetic grid. They are also the cause of craters and sink holes.

Much of the disease, pestilence, and destruction on our planet throughout its known history since the Flood is due to these wayward moons or rocks which are the destroyed remnants of the Wars in Heaven fought by Lucifer and the Angels thousands of years ago. Lucifer, of course, lost the War, but his shattered Planet X system still remains, threatening our own system as we pass through its densest fields(which is now occurring).

According to Albers, it doesn't look good for the Earth in the next decade. She predicts its breakup, and advises us to get close to God, who alone can save us from the perilous times ahead.

While I believe Dr. Albers is on to some important truths, she is still of the camp that believes the Earth is a globe and that the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars are huge and millions of miles away, something I no longer adhere to, and which I believe is skewing Dr. Albers perspective somewhat.

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