Vatika and the Vatican

Vatika is the Etruscan godess of the Underworld who looks after the dead, much like Pluto or Hades who are the Christian or Roman versions. The Vatican is named after this Etruscan godess. A little history is in order before we get to the main menu.

The Etruscans of Etruria were the predecessors of the more modern or recent Italian culture dating back before 750 BC. They colonized the mid northwestern portion of the Italian peninsula , including the city of Rome, which the Etruscans ruled until 509 BC.

Etruscan control of Rome and Etruria dwindled over the next 500 years leading to the official establishment of the Roman Empire in 27 BC. Note: much of our history, and especially the dates, may be fabricated to suit the ruling victors of the day. This will be explained later.

The Etruscans gave the new Roman Republic of Italy much of their culture which was partly Greek influenced. This included the twelve Olympian gods, the growing of olives and grapes, the Latin alphabet, and their engineering skills. They founded and named the city of Rome in 753 BC by employing the legendary twins of Romulus and Remus. Rome was named after Romulus who survived his brother Remus. Romulus, along with Numa Pompilius, developed the city.

As to their own history, the Etruscans honor Odysseus, the legendary Greek king of Ithaca and hero of Homer's poems, the Illead and the Odyssey, as their national founder. Here we get into the mythological background for Vatika:

The Etruscans of Etruria built a large cemetary on a hill outside their city over which the godess Vatika presided. This hill was named Mons Vaticanus which is Latin for Vatican Hill. This hill/cemetary/necropolis later became the city of Rome. A bitter grape and weed grew on the hill whose wine made the drinkers hallucinate and prophesy.

In India, the word Vatika or Vatica is associated with the Hindu tika (dot at the center of the forehead), the third eye or pineal gland, and certain Hindu monasteries.

Vatika, the horned godess and Dark Mother of the Underworld

For most of its history, the Vatican region was an everchanging religious or spiritual center which was taken over by the papacy in the 300's AD, but certain conspiracy authors say it was much more recent, perhaps as early as the 1400's AD (1000 years of false history was added). In any case, it started with the erection/appropriation of St. Peter's Basilica by the first popes. The basilica may not have been rebuilt at all, but simply modified or refitted by the Roman Catholic Church. The true builders (Tartary and company) were destroyed and erased from history by this new-found satanic church.

To the right of St Peter's Basilica is the Vatican Library which contains hundreds of thousands of precious documents and ornaments, most stolen by the papacy in their ruthless religious conquest of the Old World over the last 500 plus years. Their power over Europe and beyond was so strong and devilish it drove away many to escape/colonize new continents (Americas, etc) for relief, but even they could not fully escape Lord Yahweh's grip. Yahweh's goal was to establish his New World Order through the British, American, French, and Spanish empires of the New World, genociding the natives of those lands in the process. Many nations and peoples were destroyed. This included Tartary and the entire Old World culture which relied on free energy and built all those marvelous temples and buildings which the New Order has claimed as their own.

The papacy's conquest of the Old World climaxed in the early 1800's with the Mud Flood (which some allude is the biblical flood) and the establishment of the Anglo-Saxon empires which ruled the world for the last 200 plus years. World Wars I and II sped up the clean-up process of the Old World, but it's still going on; giants and dragons can still be found in certain places, and the Luciferian AI agenda has yet to be fully implemented. The Vatican under Vatika or the Dark Mother/Black Sun is a key player in all of this.

Caligula's Obelisk in St. Peter's Square(Vatican), Cleopatra's Needle in London, and the Washington Monument in Washington DC, are the three focal points of the Black Matrix Grid over this planet or realm. They control similar lesser structures throughout the world. Beneath the structures are portals or stargates linked to the demonic worlds or realms under the control of Orion. This AI construct grid is designed to take down or fully control humanity, but the Solar Rishis and other offworlders are preventing this. Our Moon plays a key role in maintaining this AI Matrix which overlays the true organic Sophia Matrix. The Moon matrix grid collects our emotional loosh which the evil ones feed upon and which is generated through war, chaos, and fear.

The nations most closely associated with the Vatika/Dark Mother/Black Sun/Black Madonna grid are Austria, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, and Romania. The Khazarian-influenced Vatican and Jesuits are at the human apex of this dark control system which is Molochian and patriarchal in nature. They manage the stargates through which the demonic forces enter and corrupt humanity. They are also the creators the UN, the IMF, IBS, the WTO, WEF, NATO, NASA, and other such organizations or agencies all in league with the system.

One such stargate or portal is directly beneath the Vatican run by the Black Suns or Masters who practice Satanic worship and promulgate massive crimes against humanity -namely pedophilia, human trafficking, and blood sacrifice. They harvest monatomic gold and adrenochrome from their victims in an effort to prolong their lives and continue their demonic control over this realm. There are attempts being made by the good forces to destroy, close off, or repurpose such stargates or portals.

Another name for Vatika is Cybele(also Isis, Ishtar, Inana, etc) who is the godess of cemeteries, caves, darkness, fertility and agriculture. She is also associated with orgies, initiations, and sacrifices, at least in the early part of her life, and later, becoming disgusted, went on to become a beloved healer, teacher, and protector. A temple to Cybele was dedicated in 204 BC atop the Vatican necropolis or hill. At the center of the temple was placed the simulacrum, a 16 foot conical meteorite weighing hundreds of tons. It is the world's largest meteorite said to have fallen from the sky, although it was more likely transported by sea to Rome, Italy from the Phrygians in Anatolia, Asia Minor(Turkey). It's purpose was to communicate with the godess Cybele/Vatika as an oracle of prophecy, much like the Arabs with their Black Cube in Mecca.

The dual nature of Cybele, from extreme bad to extreme good, appears to be closely related to the zodiac sign of Virgo. In India, Parvati, godess of the harvest, has a sheath of wheat in her hand and is flanked by lions, same as Cybele. She may also be associated with Persephone who is the underworld consort of Pluto(Shiva). She is also most certainly Isis, Ishstar, Inana, and Rhea. Godess Vatika represents Cybele's dark side, but she is now the Virgin Mary. So many names and varied abilities for such an honored godess!

Vatican city itself was founded on February 11, 1929 through the Lateran Treaty which resolved the long standing dispute between the kingdom of Italy and the Holy See. Under the treaty, the popes lost their secular or political power but were allowed to keep their independent status choosing the Vatican state as their permanent residence. The city itself is very tiny (108 acres or 44 hectors) comprising of less than 1000 citizens (currently under 500), yet it exercises enormous religious power or influence over its 1.3 billion plus Catholic believers or adherents. St Peter's Square with its obelisk and St Peter's basilica form the central components of the city in what appears to be the shape of a key (the "key" to the bottomless pit?). It is here where the popes and cardinals work or reside.

Aerial view of St. Peter's Square

Map layout of Vatican City

St. Peter's Basilica

Vatican flag with crown and key symbols

To the right of the Square is the Vatican Library containing hundreds of thousands of documents, books, manuscrips and artifacts collected from all over the world since 1451 AD. Some have been transcribed into digital and made available to the public on the internet since 2014, and many more will be available in the future. Some of these archives hold the keys to our forgotten and fantastic past before it was destroyed or erased, and promises to be quite revealing and enlightening.

Vatican independence day is celebrated on February 11, 1929 but the treaty did not become effective until June 7, 1929. Here are the horoscope charts for both occasions..

Declaration of independence of the Holy See from Italy

Date the treaty became effective

Both charts have most the same outer planets from Jupiter to Pluto. Jupiter in Taurus seeks material wealth and influence. Saturn in Sagittarius is the classic signature of organized or traditional religion. Uranus in Aries will fight for freedom and independence. Neptune in Virgo seeks to serve and is meticulous while Neptune in Leo is infatuated with pomp and ceremony. Pluto in Cancer maintains security and home and family values. Sun in Aquarius is unique and independant while Sun in Gemini seeks to communicate and diversify. Moon in Pisces seeks solitude and introspection while Moon in Gemini seeks mental or intellectual expression. Mercury in Aquarius thinks original and altruistic thoughts, while Mercury in Gemini is scattered and changeable. Venus in Aries likes speed, aggression, and activity while Venus in Taurus likes food, music, money, and the sensual things in life. Mars in Gemini inspires with words and ideas while Mars in Leo is dramatic, proud, and entertaining. North Node is in Taurus for both charts once again emphasizing the desire for material or tangible things.

For more info concerning this article read the works of Robert Sepehr, Ellen Lloyd, and Lisa Renee, as well as others.

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