Creation Codes in the English Language
(Note: Much of this article is speculative and intended to stimulate research and truth)

The English language is filled with truth and mystery and holds many of the keys to our history and origins.

Each or most of the 26 letters of the English alphabet are root symbols which when combined can reveal extraordinary truths about ourselves and our world.

The 5 vowels, a,e,i,o,u are the five creators of the universe, and the 21 consonants are their consorts, cohorts, or mates, which when added or combined create all that is. It's also interesting to note that a, e, and i, numerologically, are the 1st, 5th, and 9th signs or Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius -the fire or spiritual signs.

The five creators are also the five physical senses we experience this physical creation with -sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. Five is Leo the 5th sign and is ruler the Sun, both of which represent, God, love, and the creative force.

Here is a diagram showing the "vowel tree" and its branching combinations and what some of them mean or suggest.

The first creator A produces 21 sub-creators which themselves create countless other progenies. So there are the AB's, the the AC's, the AD's, an so on. Most who study Sumerian history know about the An's from which came Anu and the Anunnakis. All words beginning with An have their roots in that group of creators or ancestors called the An's -Antarctica, Andes, Andover, ants, anaconda, anarchy, etc. Of course if you take the first three letters it gets more specific, such as Anunnaki, Anubis, and anus. All you need is to get a dictionary and see what words are linked or grouped together and intuit the connections.

The second creator E produces 21 or so sub-creators as well, known as the Eb's, the Ed's, the Ef's, etc. Most who study theology are aware of the El's who are mentioned in Christian scripture, such as the Elohim, the Elders, the elect, the elite, and elections -all of which are intimately related. There is also electricity, electronics, and eleven. For example, in astrology, the planet Uranus, ruler of the ELEventh sign(Aquarius) is asossciated with ELEctricity and ELEctronics in general.

And so on with the other base pairs, most of which may symbolize unknown gods or sub-root forces which have yet to be identified or unraveled. It's almost like trying to decode chromosones or genes. Vowels can double up such as AA or OO and consonants can precede vowels such as BA or CO and there are other combinations which present different meanings or results.

Here are other interesting groupings...

ATLantic, ATLantis, ATLan, ATLas: Atlantis was located and sank in the Atlantic ocean. Atlan and Atlas were both Atlantean kings.

OMNiverse, OMNipotent, OMNiscience, OMNivorous: God is the omniverse. He/She is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnivorous.

You can use the first two or three letters of your name and see what words associate with it. For example Tom, tomato, tomb, tomboy, tomcat, tomfoolery, tome, tommorrow.

or Sandra: There's lots of sa words so use more letters to get the most important ones, such as sand, sandal, sandbox, sandwich.

or a planet such as Neptune: Nepal, nephew, Nephilim, nephrologist, nepotism, neptunium, etc.

Letters and words are collective entities, especially root letters and root words, and their influences are shared. So have fun exploring and discovering all the connections.

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