Is Coitus Natural?

Note: The following article is for the spiritually advanced or those on the path and not necessarily for the general public.

Humans are so impressionable and we take so much for granted that the notion or idea that coitus is gross and animalistic is laughed upon by most. Yet it is true that children generally see the sex act as such - vulgar and repulsive. It is only with the onslaught and exposure of media and an unnatural diet that this attitude changes drastically.

Kids are largely asexual, except for the attitudes imposed upon them since birth. Yes, there is definitely a biological and psychological difference between male and female, but it goes largely unnoticed until about age twelve or thirteen when when our corrupt diet and degenerative social lifestyle have had a chance to catch up with us.

That's when we lose our innocence and purity. Ideally, both sexes should remain balanced in each of us, but our corrupt world changes all that. After twelve years of blood poisoning and social conditioning as well as the pollution and chemicals, and all the vaccines and medications, we begin our fall in earnest as our glands and hormones become imbalanced, and we "mature" into full males and females. This maturity is actually the beginning of the death process. Our body senses that we are in death mode so it makes us fertile in order to carry on the species.

The act of coitus or sexual intercourse and the release of the living fluid is the final stage or fixation of the death process. Here we give of our life to produce new life. Unfortunately, most of us see this only as a way to enjoy ourself rather than bring new life into the world. This is what the mainstream media encourages. Pure lust and self-gratification are highly alluring and profitable.

Very few think of preserving their seed or life essence which is a pre-condition to immortality, and this cannot be done successfully unless one purifies the diet. Meat and dairy and sugar and cooked food encourage lust and lasciviousness, whereas a vegetarian or vegan diet temper the passions. Eating in general is the basis for sex, both of which lead to eventual death.

We have been so poorly educated and conditioned that it is almost hopeless to dwell on this subject except for the very few who are still open to a chaste or pure lifestyle. Yes, as spirits we must all "fall" into matter and degeneracy, from angel to human to demon, and experience all that is, but the lower one goes the harder it is to come back to source. Only God and the angels can help you then. Yet we are given free will and the journey becomes a very personal one. We can exploit matter for all it is worth only to realize in the end that it's all a dream, an illusion, and not really a good one at that. We shall be like king Solomon in the bible who had everything one could desire: wealth, power, fame, sex, etc. but realized in the end that it was all vanity and that only your relationship with God and your fellow man mattered.

Coitus or sexual intercourse is a gross biut extremely pleasurable act. Yet we must be drugged or intoxicated to partake in it. This is where food and social conditioning come in. If you actually think about it, the female vagina is an ugly thing. It is open flesh and should repel anyone in a clean or sound state of mind, but eating and drinking and habitual desire masks this and males go for it anyway. The male penis is an enlarged and protruding clitoris, yet the females are baboozled by it. It's all mindless conditioning. It's the same with food or eating and all intoxicants in general -once you experience the taste or pleasure you're hooked, despite the fact that it is a destructive act! Food and sex (as well as drinking, smoking, and drugs) are the great pleasures and addictions of all humans here, yet it is these very pleasures or addictions that slowly destroy us.

How many of us can live an addiction-free lifestyle which is the only true way to immortality. Very few, yet we must all get there at some point. Forget merging with technology, it will never happen and is a total delusion. Immortality is organic and energetic. To free ourselves of this Earth we must let go of all the things that bind us to it and that includes food, sex, money, relationships, and power. These are the greatest illusions of all.

When you stop wasting your seed through orgasm your body reabsorbs it and uses it to strengthen the nerves and body. Every lunar month from your natal sun-moon combination is a stage towards rebirthing the light body or new you. After ten lunar months the new spiritual child is born. Interruption of this process at any point equates to an "abortion" and the whole process must be started over again from scratch. Fasting and prayer/meditation are very helpful to the process. This new you will eventually take over the old you but it must be properly nurtured into adulthood. It will grow as fast as you let it, and before long, you will join the ranks of the great masters.

What you're actually doing is reversing the death or aging process and returning to the original state you started as before all of your disjointed incarnations. The difference is that you now have a history of all your sojourns in matter as a sounding board for your future. You are no longer foolish or naive and can make sound judgements based on your experiences. This is what mastery is all about. It is about balance and sound judgement. You cannot do this on a poor diet or lustful lifestyle.

Overpopulation is a sign of degeneration. We were not meant to remain Earthbound forever. The longer you stay in the physical the worse it gets. That's because this material plane is highly addictive and destructive. We're here for the experience and to build character, but it is filled with much sadness and grief, and the shorter your stay the better. Even the Masters can get trapped here again. That's how insidious it is.

So why did our "gods" in Genesis encourage us to be fruitful (have coital sex) and multiply? Because this is what needs to happen after every great reset of humanity. The population is decimated or almost completely destroyed and new crops are necessary (for the gods). Yes, the gods need their human food and sex is the key to an abundant supply. Only a few (humans) will escape and join the ranks while most will be used and consumed.

So is coitus natural? For animals and the vast majority of lower-concious humanity, it is, but for those who want to get off the treadmill, it is not. Eventually, sex will be a simple energetic or electrmagnetic exchange between compatible, individuals, not requiring the insertion or rubbing of genitalia. But for now, most will have to do it the old animalistic way and slobber over each other's bodies. Yes, it is possible to get pregnant without actually touching one another, and yes, the sexes can NATURALLY transform into one another, but those are separate subjects for other articles.

The main thesis here is that our carnal appetites (eating and coital sex) keep us bound to the animal level and that if we wish to become as the angels or higher we must overcome and rechannel those base desires into higher expressions, something that is admittedly difficult to do in our current animalistic satanically manipulated 3D bodies. Yet the challenge is there and the goal is within reach. If we do not overcome, we will continue to die and be reborn in an endless and ever-deteriorating state which serves only the predators who are always there ready to pounce on our slightest weakness.

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