Why Killing and Bombing Don't Solve Anything
We are living in terrible ignorance today. We treat each other like only the body exists when you are in fact a multidimensional being. Warmongers and the medical industry are especially guilty of this.

When you kill a living being you are only killing the body. Then the spirit/soul half goes on looking for another vehicle to inhabit or express.

The spirit is the life force which connects everyone and everything. The soul is the memory or carrier of all of your individual life experiences, past and present. The two are permanent and make up your true living essence. The body is the vehicle your spirit/soul uses to grow and develop. When the spirit/soul incarnates or combines with a body it creates a fourth essencer called mind. Mind is the highest expression of the body and it too dies at death.

So there is your spirit/soul or feeling half which survives death and your body/mind half or reasoning half that dies at death. In astrology, this is fire/water versus earth/air. Both halves are important and work together, but the spirit/soul or fire/water must lead. Modern humanity is leading with or prioritizing the body/mind half which is why we are in such a mess.

Do NOT let just your mind rule or lead you! It is a child compared to your parent intuition. Yes, mind or logic are useful, but only under the supervision of your higher intuitive or spiritual functions. Western civilization, especially the United States, emphasizes body/mind while the East emphasizes spirit/soul. Science and technology are body/mind related.

This war/kill mindset by the elitist West as well as some Eastern nations grows out of ignorance and fear. It is instilled into humanity by the fallen Luciferian(now satanic) dark forces who have succumbed to false pride and uncontrolled lust. These forces are still dominating our world today, but they will eventually be conquererd, and are already now being conquered as humanity is slowly but surely being re-educated and reawakend to the truth. True knowledge is the key, which has been hidden from humanity for ages, but is now coming to light.

The evil ones use war, violence, or the threat of torture, punishment or death to subjugate its populace, who generally give in because of their lack of true knowledge; mainly that physical death is not the end-all, and that the true self will continue in some other way or form. The evil ones themselves may be ignorant or dismissive of this fact, but deep down they know that someone's death will come back to haunt them tenfold, whether in this life or in the next. You cannot escape karma, and the sooner the killer realizes this, the better. All of the unjustly slain souls of the past and present will be paid for with interest one way or another.

The same can be said for the killing of animals. No animal should be, hunted, tortured, slaughtered, or eaten. They are our friends and become violent or kill only because we do. When an animal is killed, humanely or not, it desperately seeks another body to incarnate, and will carry the memories of its death in its new incarnation. Humans began as frugivores and when they return to this state animals will follow. Even the bible states that in the Millennial Reign no animal shall kill or hurt(or be killed or hurt). The wolf shall lay down with the lamb and the lion will eat straw(Isaiah 11:6 and 65:25)

Life is sacred and in the blood. When we purify our diet our blood becomes lighter and ultimately turns to light. This is the ascension or transformation from human to divine. Spilled blood is spilled life. Satanists delight in spilling or drinking blood which they consider the elixir of eternal life, hence the wars and sacrifices. Hence the srynge and vampirism.

Bombing is mindless and despicable. It is murder or killing on a mass scale. The people who are responsible for killing or maiming thousands or millions through bombing will face great karma and judgement, probably lasting many centuries or lifetimes. The same can be said for those who kill through vaccines, mass poisonings, lying, or injustice. Taking a life is serious business and no one has this right unless personally threatened with same. Even then, subjugation or immobilization is preferred rather than killing.

People who kill or hurt mindlessly are very low souls with little or no light in them. They do not realize or are hardened to the fact that their own lives are now required. Once hardened the casualties mount and so does the pain and suffering. Such people lead empty and tortured lives, their subconcious continually haunting them, and often they must drug themselves to to quell their pain.

Suicide doesn't solve anything either. You don't "end it all" by taking your life. It will carry over into your next life and must be righted one way or another. Most people accept death as a fact of life when it is really not. We are here to conquer death rather than to give in to it. Instead it conquers us through our ignorance and bad habits. Death should be a choice. When the spirit/soul is tired and no longer wants to be here the person lies down and willingly and joyfully exits his or her body or transforms it into a higher one. Instead, it has become a mournful and expensive business.

In summary, if the warmongering elite of the world accepted the fact that killing or depopulating us only gets rid of the physical aspect, and that the spirit/soul lives on and comes back with a vengeance in another body, there would be no wars, poisoning, or mass killings. This goes for the common people as well, and for animals and all living things in general.

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