Who Or What Controls Our Weather?
Extremes of heat and cold are NOT natural nor are strong winds or rain. Nature or God always seeks a balance. Yet our world is cursed with unlivable polar regions and deserts and unstable weather. Why is this so?

When a house is built, it is designed for maximum comfort, and this includes the temperature. We do not live in cold or hot houses. There are heating/cooling systems and thermostats to regulate or maintain a comfortable temperature, and the walls and roof keep the winds and rain out .

It's the same with our plane or planet. It was originally designed and created for maximum comfort(and pleasure), but somehow this state has been lost. Whether through wars or catastrophes or direct manipulation, our worldwide weather, climate, or ecosystem is no longer in balance. It should be the same everywhere, like the inside of one's home, instead it's very cold in the polar regions and very hot near the equator and there are storms of all kinds.

It is my contention that the polar regions are being artificially kept cold pushing all the heat towards the equator. Who are what is maintaining these polar regions is the big question. My suspicion is that giant machinery under the snow and ice is responsible. Not only is this machinery keeping the ice and snow in place, but it is also keeping warm the underground denizens or civilizations who built it. It's a two-way system like central heating.

Who are these underground denizens? Greys, Reptilians, Dracos? Perhaps. Their wars which have ruined our surface world, have driven them underground where conditions are more stable. They have repaired our surface world enough for us to be able to live and breed, but it is far from optimal. Every so often they come out to cull the human crop for their own sefish purposes or let their minions in power do it for them.

What about those cold blasts or polar vortexes that we get from the north and south in the winter, or those scorching heat waves, giant hurricanes, and destructive tornadoes? HAARP may have something to do with it, but my guess is that haaarp simply directs the flow of the cold or heat or wind or rain that is already there. Remember that every time the inner earthers turn up the machines to stay warm we get the cold, and vice versa. The deserts may work in the same fashion, only in reverse, and their underground location naturally shelters them from other disturbances.

Another possibility is that the radiation and destruction of the currents and atmospheric stratas from their wars is also responsible for the weather abnormalities. The manipulation of the energy grid or ley lines around the world could be another factor, as can be the cracks or fissures in our dome. There is also the idea that our very thoughts and emotions, especially on a group or collective scale, can influence the weather. The gods or angelic forces and Gaia herself may also have a say here. What's sad is that the weather people base their forecasts soley on technical observation or "cycles" when they actually have little or no clue as to what's really behind it all, and more so for the sheeple masses.

Our plane or planet can quickly return to its Edenic state if we return to God, root out the bad guys, close down(or destroy) their satanic machinery, repair the dome, and watch the Earth heal and blossom into its natural or intended state. No more cutting down trees or raping the Earth of its oil(blood), minerals, or wildlife. The temperature would stabilize throughout, allowing tremendous growth and longetivity, and both humans and animals would be living in peace, love, and abundance, not having to worry anymore about the inhospitable climate.

Climate is always the first consideration for survival and the bad guys know this. When the climate is right, you can grow your own food year round, build your own dwelling, generate your own power, and be virtually self-sufficient and not have to always rely on the government or anyone else. A good climate also promotes health, sociability, love, and hygiene, and frees up your time to do what's really important in life.

Underground climate control machinery on Mars in the sci-fi action movie Total Recall(1990)
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