Numbers of Negativity

In numerology, the even numbers represent negativity or evil in general, whereas the odd numbers represent positivity or good in general. Here we will examine the even numbers, 2, 4, 6, 8, and some include the cypher 0. Of these, the number 4 appears to dominate, perhaps because it has been popularized in the Orient as being the number of death and misfortune.

The year 2020 in particular, seems to have opened the floodgates of evil with the introduction of Covid-19, the deadly vaccines, and the insidious depopulation program of the New World Order cabal. 2020 adds up to 4. It's creator or overseer, Fauci, adds up to 4, as does Wuhan, and the word jab...

2020 = 2+0+2+0 = 4
Fauci = 6+1+3+3+9 = 22 = 4
Wuhan = 5+3+8+1+5 = 22 = 4
jab = 1+1+2 = 4

Other related or semi-related words adding up to 4 are CERN(Council European Research Nuclear, and DUMB(deep underground military bunker)...

CERN = 3+5+9+5 = 22 = 4
DUMB = 4+3+4+2 = 13 = 4

Politically, names such as Cuomo, Pelosi, De Blasio and Hochul add up to 4...

Cuomo = 3+3+6+4+6 = 22 = 4
Pelosi = 7+5+3+6+1+9 = 31 = 4
De Blasio = 4+5 + 2+3+1+1+9+6 = 9+22 = 31 = 4
Hochul = 8+6+3+8+3+3 = 31 = 4

I have chosen family names only(with some exceptions) because they include background and lineage and appear to be more accurate. To continue, Clinton, Bill Gates, Schumer and Whitmer all add up to 6, and Newsom adds up to 8.

Clinton = 3+3+9+5+2+6+5 = 33 = 6
Bill Gates = 2+9+3+3 + 7+1+2+5+1 = 17+16 = 33 = 6
Schumer = 1+3+8+3+4+5+9 = 33 = 6
Whitmer = 5+8+9+2+4+5+9 = 42 = 6
Newsom = 5+5+5+1+6+4 = 26 = 8

Trump is 25/7, Kennedy is 33/6, Giuliani is 10/1, and Powell is 11/2. The bigger number is your full potential. Most people dont live up to their full or higher potential(or only sporadically so) and so fall back on their root number.

The 4th letter of the alphabet is D and most D words are negative or evil such as devil, demon, disease, destruction, devolution, degeneration, death, drugs, delusion, darkness, etc. Likewise, all of the other even letters have predominantly negative connotations. Most of us have a fairly balanced mix of both odd and even or positive and negative letters and therefore good and bad influences.

Why is ours a 9-based number system with five positive and four negative numbers? perhaps so that good can win over evil? Patriarchy over matriarchy? With the introduction of the mysterious zero cypher, however, things balance out -as they should. Zero is Pluto which has yet to be fully accepted by astronomers and which represents the elite which like to operate behind the scenes. Zero can fractionalize when placed to the left of a number or empower tenfold or more when placed to the right of a number.

Ideally, numerology should be a duodecimal(twelvefold) system with 6 even or negative numbers and 6 odd or positive numbers. Zero can stand for ten?, E for Eleven, and T for twelve. Or, one can simply use the twelve astrological sign glyphs to designate the numbers. In astrology, the Sun is 1 or Aries(exaltation), and the Moon is 2 or Taurus(exaltation). The other planet/number values vary according to source but generally Mercury is 5, Venus is 6, Mars is 9, Jupiter is 3, and Saturn is 8. I feel Uranus is 7. Not sure about Neptune but it must be even or feminine as it rules a feminine or even sign. Rahu or the Black Sun may be 4 and Pluto is of course 0.

The even numbers are also related to the denser and darker elements of earth and water, whereas the odd numbers are related to the lighter and brighter air or fire elements.

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