The New Colonialism
Great changes are coming ahead for society and the world at large which will literally change our landscape and way of life. 2020 and 2021 are only the early labor pains of the new world and humanity of the next few decades and centuries. Just as the colonists of the last 500 years set about to discover and settle new lands and continents(the Americas, Australia, etc.) so we too are about to make another similar leap.

There is increasing information being leaked about new continents beyond Antarctica and elsewhere which only the elite of this known world are privy to but which will soon become known to the common masses. Even Admiral Byrd back in in the 1940's and 50's made reference to such lands. Not only are there endless lands suspected beyond the Antarctic ice but here as well within the boundaries of the known world. Such lands as Hyperborea in the North, Atlantis in the Atlantic, and Lemuria in the Pacific, or remnants of these, may still exist but are hidden or kept off bounds by the governments and elite of this world. Then there is Terra Vista, the prize of all prizes, which may very well be the home base for many of our controllers.

Knowledge is vastly increasing , however, in this era of the internet, it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep anything hidden anymore, just as prophesied in Daniel 12. Even the controllers of this world are now openly revealing themselves and their intentions to and for humanity. While I do not agree with most of their plans, there are certain qualities of current humanity that MUST change, such as our fear, ignorance, apathy, and selfishness. If we are ever to rise above our current level of servitude or enslavement and claim our sovereignity here we must make the effort to conquer our lower natures through prayer, fasting, true education, and the release of right brain creativity and intuition.

The current covid tyranny is only happening because we have let it. Most of today's world has descended into apathy and corruption which has opened the door for the evil or dark forces to come in. This happens in cycles of decades or more such as happened during the Spanish Flu(1918-21). Moral corruption leads to financial corruption and war which then leads to a new rebirth of society. It appears we need pressure and hardship to bring the best out of us and we are getting plenty of it now, whether it's from the good guys or the bad guys.

As the restraints worsen, more of humanity will wake up and rebel and make great strides to improve itself and its environment. We will become braver, more adventurous, and more godlike. Forget AI and transhumanism which will only lead to disaster, not only for us but for the cabal as well. If the rulers of this world think that technology will save them, they are in for a very rude awakening. There is no greater technology than organic technology, and the human body is the pinnacle of it. We just haven't been allowed to develop its full potential. Just as Neo in The Matrix discovered, our potential is limitless, and the dark ones know and fear this, which is why they keep suppressing us at every turn.

Whether we are aware of it or not, the current emigration of peoples around the world to escape repressive lockdown conditions is a prelude to the even greater migrations to occur when the masses discover that there are undisclosed lands and continents out there ready to freely receive them and offer them a new and better life. The controllers, however, are doing everything they can to restrict access to these lands through artificial rules and regulations, shortages, fear, and weather and media control. They want the lands all to themselves and will do anything to confine us here, but they will not be able to do this for much longer.

Eventually, the truth of these new lands will come out and become common knowledge, and then get ready for the new age of colonialism that will sweep the world and change it forever. The human desire to explore and create and forge it's own path is irrepressible, and no amount of control or coercion will change this.

Besides the draconian, luciferic, corporate, governmemtal, elitist mandates and restrictions, there are also the natural borders, impassable oceans and mountain ranges, and the extreme weather conditions to contend with. This incredible vast plane of ours was once a lush and livable garden throughout, but the Luciferic forces changed all that, ruining the climate and flora and fauna, so that what we see now is only a fraction of what once was. When these evil forces are finally removed and/or restrained, all of the controls will come down, and the ice and snow will melt, and the deserts will bloom, and the mountains will flatten, and the oceans will vaporize to form a greenhouse canopy over us. Human, animal, and plant life will become much larger and long-lived, and we will be able to freely roam the entire plane once more.

The geographical world we know today is quite limited, even within our own crater. The enormous Terra Vista continents are not disclosed to us as are others(see map below), and beyond our crater are countless other worlds both similar and different from ours, and they're all waiting for us to explore and inhabit them. There are also countless worlds or civilizations beneath us in the Inner Earth and in other realms or dimensions. We will soon be astounded at how limited or localized we have become, both physically and mentally. Thats when true and humane colonialism will begin.

A theoretical depiction of our flat plane crater world based on biblical, vedic, and other sources.

Colonialism: phase one: 1500-2000 AD the Americas. Phase two: 2000-2500 AD Terra Vista and beyond

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