The Christ Zodiac

The Christian Bible is filled with astrological symbolism as are all other scriptures. Deities are often linked or represented by the heavenly bodies. The Sun, for example, is the archangel Michael and the Moon is Gabriel. The Sun is also Jesus or the Christ principle and the Moon is Isis or the Virgin Mary.

The bible is also fillled with numerologogical symbolism. The numbers seven and twelve crop up frequently, such as the seven Churches, seven Stars(planets), and seven Heavens, as well as the twelve Tribes, twelve Signs or Months, the twelve Apostles, and the twelve Gates of the New Jerusalem.

Every 400 to 600 years, since the Kali Yuga began (3100 BC), a new Christ Avatar shows up to keep humanity on the good path, from Horus to Mithra, to Krishna, to Dionysus, to Jesus/Apollonius, to Muhammad. Nearly all are solar figures, the major ones occurring at intervals of 2000 years or one great zodiac age. If we subtract 1000 years of fake history from our modern timeline (2023AD=1023AD) then the next avatar after Muhammed (600AD )is not far off.

Below is a Catholic painting of the last major Christ figure and the numerological/astrological symbolism behind it...

Here the number twelve dominates, in that there are 12 apostles or planets/satellites surrounding the solar Christ figure. Christ is a perfect summary or balance of the twelve facets or universal energies of both humanity and the cosmos. Our Sun/Son in the sky is the literal representation of Jesus the Christ and those before and after him. Likewise, our Moon is the literal representation of the Virgin Mary or the feminine aspect. Both masculine and feminine are equal but our patriarchal society of the last 5000+ years always puts the emphasis on masculinity.

Whether Jesus lives on the Sun or not, or if the Sun is his actual resplendant presence is speculation, but in some passages Jesus literally says he is the light of the world such as in John 8:12, and in Matthew 24:27 he is likened to the lightning (should be translated lighting or sun) which comes out of the east and is seen even unto the west...

The zodiac is derived from the Sun's path and is divided into twelve signs(twelve apostles) or sections which represent the twelvefold nature of God or the Universe. The year is then divided into four seasons of three signs each which is displayed in the painting. Jesus is the solar (halo) figure in the middle, guiding and directing everything. There is substantial evidence that Jesus was born in mid/late September rather than December 25th.

So this makes Christ a Sun figure although there are others who suggest that Uranus or even Chiron fit this more accurately. Or maybe they are all different stages of the same being. It would make sense to correlate Uranus to the man Jesus and the Sun to his resurrected or divine state. This would apply to the other Christs or Avatars as well.

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