One Virgo's Particular Perspectlve of the Signs

The following is an interesting and informative look at the twelve Sun signs through the eyes a particular Virgo male, followed by my own counter analysis. Who else better than a Virgo to observe and analyze? The individual will not be named but his planetary positions given so as to better understand his point of view. His chart positions are as follows: Ascendant in Sagittarius, Midheaven in Libra, Sun in Virgo, Moon in Sag, Mercury in Leo, Venus in Cancer, Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Aquarius, Uranus in Capricorn, Neptune in Capricorn, and Pluto in Scorpio. Below are the individual's experiences and observations with the various Sun signs.

Virgo-Aries; I have a few Aries friends, all born within within a week of each other. They all have Mercury in Pisces, Venus in Aries and Mars in Cancer. I also have a cousin Aries who has a Venus in Pisces There seems to be a Masculine-Feminine dynamic at play. We hit it off when we hang out but after too many hours we need some separation. Virgo seems to hone in on the root essence of the topic at hand (and expands it with different suggestions) and gives direction to Aries' changing interests. Perhaps an Ego/Non-Ego dynamic here at play.

Virgo-Taurus; Trine. Generally very smooth relationship with Virgo doing the leg work of putting Taurus's intentions and thoughts into words. Taurus tends to add joy/pleasure to the dry intellect that Virgo has. I do feel that Taurus eventually will feel threatened with Virgo's hyper mental activity (meaning the longer they hang out, the more Taurus will subconsciously feel less intelligent) and get frustrated at a point since they delay their anger for so long. Virgo feels somewhat mistrustful of Taurus's keen street smarts putting up walls to defend themselves from potential manipulation. Virgo can also think of Taurus as a bit greedy.

Virgo-Gemini; This is a known square with the addition of being an air-earth relationship which is a difficult point as is I believe is fire-water. I say difficult and not negative, as those relationships, if worked on, can bear a lot of fruits. I believe each has the quality the other is lacking. In general they (Gemini-Virgo) are difficult relationships, with Virgo being too serious and Gemini being too light-hearted. I must mention that my best friend is a Gemini but we weren't always friends, only about 7 years ago did our relationship move to the next level. He has worked on his character a lot and he is what I would call a "refined" Gemini. He has Jupiter in Virgo so that must make our relationship better because I do not have any other Gemini's I would refer to as a "close" friend

Virgo-Cancer; Lots of compatibility at first, both feminine energies but eventually Cancer will get offended at Virgo being too harsh. It's inevitable lol. I've never been so sure of something in astrology! Cancer teaches Virgo to ease up, in a way Pisces might have, had Virgo-Pisces not been so bad at communicating with each other. Cancer is more in touch emotionally and will be disappointed with Virgo's inability to give the proper respect to one's emotions. Depending on the Cancers I've known, Virgo will either grow tiresome of Cancer's moodiness/fearfulness, or at other times their loose approach to life as well as "playing dumb" tactics (sulking). They both tend to resort to manipulation if felt taken advantage of or not listened to.

Virgo-Leo; Virgo thinks Leo is a lot of fun and trusts their intellect. They view them as a more warm hearted, less hot headed version of Aries. Usually it's Virgo that dominates Leo in this one, which Leo is not at all used to, and eventually they just don't want part of it after a bit. Virgo calms down Leo and Leo energizes Virgo. The usual complaint against Leo is the attention seeking, which since Virgo prefers the backseat, doesn't bother them as much as other signs. They just find it amusing. Leo thinks Virgo can get too boring and complacent/satisfied with too little.

Virgo-Virgo; The female-male Virgo-Virgo relationship has been almost magnetically repulsive. Every time I meet a Virgo female it is as if we "play the same game", have this mutual understanding that we have nothing to introduce to each other and then avoid one another. This could also very probably be just my bad luck lol. It's not hate or unattractiveness rather strictly unemotional repulsion. With same-sex (I'm talking platonic here) relationships, it's much better but there is also the pitfall of falling into a routine without taking new risks or trying something different, new and exciting.

(After-thought): Opposite sex Virgo-Virgo relationships can be positive actually, come to think of it. It's hit or miss but never neutral really. I don't find Virgo females physically unattractive but rather psychically repellent. Again this was before I rekindled my friendship with a girl born one day earler than myself and on the same year. We have practically the same chart so that very well could be an exception.

Virgo-Libra; Here it is Libra dominating. In a way they get along great, it's just a friction of personality that limits the relationship. Virgo, like Leo, does not like getting dominated; unless it's on their own terms (whatever that means lol), but ultimately Libra ventures out of the relative close-minded box of Virgo and forces them to view other's perspectives. A more "just" perspective if you will, similar to Aquarius and Gemini, only with Libra it's more acute. They don't hesitate to call out Virgo's errors, in an almost irresistible/compulsive manner. It must be noted that it comes from an intent of helpfulness/annoyance, not malice. Aquarius tends to teach this objectivity that Virgo so desperately needs in a "lead by example" method. Gemini prefers the method of debate. Virgo offers a focus on what really matters in life and not getting carried away by "beauty" or other people's opinions. Virgo wants something more exclusive whereas the hyper social Libra cannot be confined in such a manner

Virgo-Scorpio; In general, an excellent relationship. Both signs are attracted to depth. Scorpio gives Virgo a backbone and Virgo therapeutically discusses Scorpio's irrational (or rational) fears and jealousies. Eventually Virgo can get frightened at just how dark Scorpio can be but will always appreciate their realness. Scorpio will also see Virgo as too meek and prude. Scorpio wishes Virgo would just give in to their wild side more often as well as relax and maybe be a bit more selfish. Virgo will also tend to judge Scorpio after a while, with Scorpio resenting it as well as disregarding it.

Virgo-Sagittarius; Another square. What people see in Aries & Leo as egotistical, Virgo sees in Sagittarius instead. Compulsively preachy, reckless and arrogant without admitting it, Virgo can only see Sagittarius as but a fool and a hypocrite. On the other hand, if the Sagittarius has some moral/ethical/spiritual code that he adheres to, other than his own personal self-righteousness, then the true spirit of Sagittarius is able to shine though to Virgo and truly be a spiritual guide. This is once more a relationship that would have been great had the personalities not clash so often. Virgo is disgusted with the constant positivity of Sagittarius (and Sagittarius' contempt for negativity) which seems fake, not accepting the dark side of life, and at the very least delusional and Sagittarius sees Virgo as a pessimist and materialist. They would each describe themselves however, as an optimist/faithful (Sagittarius) and realist/practical (Virgo).

(After-thought): On second thought I was a bit too harsh with Sagittarius. It comes from having difficult experiences with many of them. I could have been just as harsh with Gemini or Pisces if I wanted to (my squares and opposition). Again, everything here is subjective.

Virgo-Capricorn; Another trine. More compatibility with opposite sex relationships. General trust and good communication. Both attracted to each other but Virgo slightly more towards Capricorn. Capricorn generally more masculine and Virgo feminine. Capricorn loves Virgo's witty words and Virgo loves Capricorn's brutal, cold and honest perception of reality as well as work ethic. They both like each others "dry" humor. Capricorn will point out when Virgo gets too pretentious and/or indulges in self deceit, at which point Virgo could develop an intimidation from Capricorn. Virgo will try to bring an element of tenderness to Capricorn's depressed and mistrustful conceptions of other people.

Virgo-Aquarius; I've only known 3 Aquarius Suns in my life. Also, my mother has a Mars in Aquarius. From what I can tell between Virgo-Aquarius (Also, to note, I have Saturn in Aquarius) relationships is that there seems to be a mutual admiration for each others qualities such as the mind, and virtue. Whereas Aquarius appreciates Virgos thoughtfulness/personal touch, Virgo admires Aquarius's broad prespective of mind and humanitarian cause which lends the sign to better judgement. It's just that they have very different ways of expressing themselves as well as perceiving reality, with Virgo leaning to the extreme subjective end of the zodiac and Aquarius the extreme objective. I do think they view spirituality in a similar fashion, paradoxical as it may sound. In short, as attractive qualities that stand out, Virgo thinks Aquarius is cool/smart/bohemian, whereas Aquarius thinks Virgo is sweet/warm/analytical.

Virgo-Pisces; Opposing. Completely different world. A 180 degree, quite literally. Each one has precisely what the other lacks. Virgo is too compulsively pretentious (while at the same time loathing pretense, go figure!) while Pisces is too prone to deceit, mostly originating with self-deceit, and delusion. Pisces is able to embrace and fully indulge in the emotions, painful and joyous whereas Virgo simply cannot, at least with anywhere near the ease. Pisces is better at perceiving the mystical, ethereal, divine, subconscious and unspoken aspects of reality and is way better at tapping into one's authentic self. Virgo is better at putting in the work, spiritual and material due to their responsible natures and great powers of organization. The overthinking of Virgo does have some benefits lol. Virgo also has a far keener grasp on material reality. In a way they both expose whenever the other is being falsely humble. They both admire each other and at the same time are jealous of one another. If they can work together, they can talk about some very deep spiritual/psychological concepts and get to the root of many mysteries. The same can be said to a lesser extent with all the mutable signs working in tandem. Also, the same can be said with all the cardinal and fixed signs working with each of their 4 elements(Aries with Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, and as well as having Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus work together) to achieve a proper balance and better perception of truth. Each one contains only a piece, although valuable, part of the truth.

Hope you enjoyed and/or gained from my words,



Your Virgo-Aries description appears to be spot on. There is an initial comraderie, but the basic solar differences eventually get in the way. Your Aries friends show the Mercury exception rapport between Leo(yourself) and Pisces(friends). Your Venus/Mars relationship with them(conjunction-opposition by sign) is also at play here. I have always written in my synastry articles about the three basic or foundational chart comparisons for any successful relationship(Moon/Moon-emotional, Mercury/Mercury-mental, and Venus/Mars-physical/sexual). Aries respects Virgo's practical and technical know how but does not appreciate the criticism or nagging, whereas Virgo likes the Aries confidence, energy, and positivity, but does not like the rash, impulsive, or brutal side.

I don't have much input on the Virgo-Taurus relationship so I trust that yours is correct. Yes, I feel the main difference between these two signs is Taurus' greedy, manipulative, pleasure-loving side versus Virgo's dutiful, conscientious, analytical side. Otherwise the get along fairly well -both are practical and hardworking and like to deal with facts or tangibles. Taurus finds Virgo's clean and purist nature sexually appealing.

The Virgo-Gemini relationship is definitely tense because of the square aspect but as you said, can be very productive if handled properly. Virgo looks up to Gemini for direction because of this sign's broad and varied outlook while Gemini can count on Virgo to handle the particulars. Gemini is also much quicker and definitely more lighthearted whereas Virgo is more steady, predictable, and reliable. It definitely helps for one to have a planet in the other's Sun, such as your best friend who is a Sun in Gemini and Jupiter in Virgo. His Jupiter is one of the reasons you can link with him, the other being your Sag Asc(and Moon) oppose his Sun. The opposition is always a strong relationship link in astrology.

Virgo and Cancer do very well as friends and I even see a lot of marriages with these two signs. Naturally, it's because of the sextile relationship between these two signs. The sextile implies both friendship and communication which are important to the success of any relationship. Unlike the trine which is impulsive, the sextile is a more conscious union, and unlike the opposition, there is not so much difference between the natives. The only possible friction, as you have noted, is emotions or feelings(Cancer) versus fact or logic(Virgo). Sometimes the two complement and sometimes they don't, and when they don't, a compromise is required. Having planets in each other's Sun can greatly strengthen the relationship.

Virgo and Leo could not be more different from one another(usually the case with neighboring signs), but this does not invalidate the importance of either. Both have important qualities the other lacks. Leo is the "play" sign of the zodiac and Virgo is the "work" sign. We need to do both as humans, even though admittedly, playing is easier, especially as a child. As we growand mature, work or service becomes more important, and this basically describes the relationship between these two signs. Virgo usually dominates because he is older and more capable and one sign ahead in the zodiac. Virgo understands Leo and wants to help but often winds up over-nagging or criticizing, something Leo(and all fire signs) hate, hence the division or conflict. As you said, Virgo often can't put up with Leo's constant need for praise or attention and prefers being in the background, but Virgos do need love and recognition like everyone else. Leo can teach Virgo to be more open, warm, and generous, while Virgo can teach Leo to be more humble, focused, and productive. Virgo often helps Leo financially. With your Mercury in Leo, you should have good understanding of how Leo works.

Virgo with Virgo can be very good or very bad depending on the maturity or education of the partners involved. Also, the Moon or Ascendant links can be critical to swaying swaying the relationship one way or the other. Your psychical repulsion to the female of this signs is no doubt due to your Sag Asc and Moon, but especially the Ascendant. Remember, the Ascendant basically rules who we relate well to, at least initially, and especially in the physical or sexual sense -more so than even the Venus/Mars comparison. Additionally, your Sag Moon is not "comfortable" to the rays of a Virgo Sun, hence the avoidance. The repulsion is less so in a platonic male to male relationship because it is less physical and emotional and more mental and spiritual. In the long term however, you will come to acknowledge or even appreciate the qualities of a Virgo Sun(male or female) because this is you at the deepest level. The Sun is what you are striving to become, however painful that may be.

Virgo with Libra are another pair of neighboring signs meaning they are very different from one another, but I find there are many similarities as well; both like cleanliness and civility and are highly individualistic. Also, both like to please, Virgo through works and Libra through manner and appearance. Where they differ is that Libra tends to take a more balanced or harmonious approach to everything whereas Virgo tends to go to extremes and is often anti-social. With your Mars and Jupiter in Libra, you are in fact more Libran than Virgoan. Two thirds of your spirit is Libran and one third is Virgoan, so consider yourself both. Mars makes you active socially and Jupiter makes you like the things of Libra(beauty, harmony, fairness, justice), so there should be a good rapport between you and Libra, especially if the Libra has Virgo planets. Because Libra is one sign(or element) ahead of Virgo, and it is cardinal rather than mutable, it tends to dominate Virgo, understanding all of its faults and often trying to correct them, something Virgo does not appreciate, but with your Libra planets I'm sure you can cope with this. Virgo does admire the Libran beauty and charm, while Libra likes Virgo's civility, skill, and helpfulness. Asthe two "middle" signs of the zodiac, Virgo and Libra are the most "individualistic" of the signs, but one is objective and the other subjective.

Virgo and Scorpio get along well because of the sextile relationship between them. As you have stated, both have depth and commitment, but Scorpio's versions may be a little scarier and Virgo's more rigid. It's water versus earth, of course, and it can produce a nice seascape or mud depending on the quality of the mix. Virgo thinks like Scorpio(3rd house) and Scorpio intuits like Virgo(11th house). Both share good communication and friendship, but Scorpio can go to dangerous extremes, whereas Virgo strives for decency and moderation. Yes, Scorpio wants Virgo to loosen up and Virgo wants Scorpio to be more in control. This is certainly possible with planets in each other's signs. You have Pluto in Scorpio natally, so you should understand what this energy is all about.

Virgo-Sag relationships are usually difficult because of the square relationship, but your Moon and Ascendant in Sag mitigates this. It also reflects a basic contradiction within your own make up. You look and act like a Sag but your Virgo Sun disapproves. Sagittarius likes to be open, cheerful, trusting, and carefree, but Virgo steps back and analyses the consequences, and often has to make amends. Sag types have a tendency to speak without thinking and have eternal faith or optimism in everything turning out right, but this does not always happen and can get them into very hot water, something Virgo desperately seeks to avoid. Yes, Virgo often thinks Sag is foolish and hypocritical, but Sag means well and the universe often comes through for him, proving that faith and benevolence can be a very real and powerful forces. Sag does not like Virgo's criticism but looks up to Virgo for career direction and purpose, and Virgo is not always right, despite their facts, and should learn to see the bigger picture which Sagittarius is good at.

Virgo-Capricorn relationships are pretty good because of the trine relationship between them. Both are earth signs except one is mutable(Virgo) and the other is cardinal(Capricorn). Cardinal signs want more action and initiative whereas mutable signs are more content to just think, analyze, and then report their findings. The trine also implies trust and love which abounds between these two. Virgo likes Capricorn's serious no-nonsense nature as well as his dry wit and humor, and Capricorn likes Virgo's usefulness and efficiency as well as their clean and virtuous nature. Virgo's find Capricorns physically and sexually attractive since it is their 5th house, and Capricorn is spiritually inspired by Virgo and finds them lucky since it is their 9th house. Both like to work and be productive and are good at organizing and categorizing. Capricorn manages or oversees while Virgo does the work and attends to the details. Sometimes Virgo finds Capricorn crude or insensitive while Capricorn can find Virgo too obsessed with details or perfection. With Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn trining your Sun, you have easy access to things otherworldly, and can make a good astrologer or mystic. In the earth signs, you want to teach or employ these otherworldly principles or ideas so that people could enjoy or benefit from them. They also give give you musical and/or artistic inspiration/ability.

It is true that Virgo and Aquarius share a mind(and virtue) connection but that the methods and perceptions are different. It is also true that Aquarius has a wider and more objective view of things, whereas with Virgo it is more practical and subjective. In my relationships with Virgo Suns, I have noted an initial respect for each other, followed by a gradual deterioration based on disparaging views or opinions. Most Virgos tend to get stuck with mainstream thinking whereas Aquarius likes to to buck the tide and go beyond accepted norms, although I have noted that Virgos with planets in Aquarius can be a step ahead as well. I have also observed that the Virgoan mentality is more deductive whereas with Aquarius it is more intuitive. These descriptions I have just given apply mostly to the male/male relationship of these two signs. With the female there is an added sexual component. I find these two signs are sexually open to one another and share a mental and experimental approach here which can be quite enjoyable, although the rest of the charts will have a lot to say about this too.

Virgo and Pisces are indeed very opposite or polar to one another, yet vital or necessary to each other's completion. Virgo is totally ground-based while Pisces is off in the astral somewhere. Virgo is practical/logical, while Pisces is emotional/illogical. Virgo sees the dots while Pisces sees the circle. Virgo is structured and organized while Pisces is formless and everywhere. And so on. Yet as vast as the gulf is between them, they admire or are jealous of each others qualities and abilities, and would make unbeatable allies. Pisces would "sense" and Virgo would confirm. Pisces would imagine and Virgo would illustrate. Pisces would dream and Virgo would make real. Virgo is work, toil, and effort, while Pisces is sleep, rest, and abandon. And so on. Both can make great programmers and artists especially if they have planets in each other's signs. I have both Virgo and Pisces, for example, and am both technical and artistic, both practical, and otherworldly. Virgo tries to ground and make sense of Pisces while Pisces soothes Virgo with music, art, and the infinite.

Finally, I have finished my response. It has taken me hours, as I'm sure it has taken you to do your descriptions. I hope I have added to or complemented your insightful descriptions and observations.

That's all for now,
hear from you soon


Virgo-Aries Agreed, Virgo tends to frustrate Aries and Aries will eventually explode and be hurtful towards Virgo in a blunt manner which Aries will defend as necessary and provoked.

Virgo Taurus The opposite sex is very attractive (I can only speak from a heterosexual point of view), and same sex has an instictive understanding that leads to friendship and business partnership, with Taurus taking on the leadership role acquiring the goods and foundation of the business, and Virgo optimizing the potential -meaning securing loose ends and working out the details to make it most successful. In particular, among the Taurus' I've known, are my boss, who is also my good friend, and my dad. I've also had a nice romantic encounter with a Taurus female and have always been attracted to them. They seem more powerful, which I would attribute to them being the "fixed" earth sign. They think of me as pure and innocent but also prudish.

Virgo-Gemini, I agree with you but I would add that it seems to work best when Virgo allows Gemini to lead the way and Gemini doesn't become too inconsiderate. When they truly understand one another and work in this method, they can have some of the funniest conversations known to man! Virgo shares a bit of the game-playing trickster of Gemini, being ruled by Mercury (for now) but in a marked less degree. As far as two-face is concerned, a stigma that follows Gemini, I would say all mutable signs have a dual nature, a dark and light. Gemini being one side light-bearer and destroyer of falsehoods, with the other being the self-deceiving trickster. Virgo being the angelic pure innocent virgin, and the other being the sinful sensual/materialistic devious vixen/promiscuus person. Pisces, the selfless ethereal martyr or the manipulative deluded person, and Sagittarius -I've already bashed on enough lol, as well as described previously.

Virgo-Cancer Nothing major to add. Maybe there seems to be again an instinctive understanding, with the Cancer doing the nurturing and Virgo adding some sass and confidence and validation to Cancer. It's an issue of both competing to do the giving and learning and when to take turns receiving.

Virgo-Leo So my Mercury makes it so that I constantly need to be having fun " mentally" although not literally having fun all the time. I talk in a very warm, captivating manner, almost as if I'm telling a good story -even when I'm not. It definitely clouds my mind from pure scientific judgementt and gives it a hefty amount of egoic perspective. I "play" too much with my words, and people can get irritated, as well as find it manipulative, domineering, and exaggeratory. I'm not one to lead a group, but when it is my turn to speak up, boy do I let my thoughts be known and get people's attention! They may also get jealous, depending.

Virgo-Virgo So i mentioned in a response that this was more of a psychic, rather than physical, repulsion, although there is a bit of truth to the physical. This was before I restarted the Virgo girl's relationship, which I'm holding off taking too far, since she has a boyfriend, and we're so satisfied with each other mentaly and emotionally and perhaps spiritually, that the physical longing isn't so intense as is usually a craving. We are still physically attracted to each other though. The maturity part is true and I find it similar to as that age when boys think girls have "cooties" and girls think boys are stupid and mean. It just takes time and growing up but the deisre is always latent.

Virgo-Libra Also, yes, I find Virgo can be anti-social, especially compared to Libra, in a similar reason to Capricorn, due to mistrusting peoples intentions and fear of being taken advantage of. Capricorn has the benefit of added self-confidence comapred to Virgo, so that may help.. Virgos can also think themselves, wrongfully so, as finer beings (smugness), enjoying their own company too much, as well as prefer to having closer relationships, one on one or in small groups. They feel larger groups require one to sacrifice and comprimise their views, which leads to a watered-down interaction. I am jealous of my Libra male friends as they seem to have a way with women, and with great ease.

Virgo-Scorpio, I would say that Scorpio can venture towards the more disturbed depths of the human psyche, including all our hurts and fears which does indeed frighten Virgo. They have a liking toward the dark, the mysterious, and dare I say evil, but generally with the intent of an honorable police officer, to combat said evil rather than embracing it. They make great detectives. It is very therapeutic and necesarry healing work, but Virgo can only handle it in much smaller and tamer doses. I belive their calling in life comes from helping themselves and others to overcome these emotional blockages and trust issues, so that we allow our inner love to burst forth/free of its chains, and to love ourselves first and then spread that love to others.

Virgo-Sag "You look and act like a Sag but your Virgo Sun disapproves.." This basically sums up my inner tensions perfectly, better than any psychologist would have been able to put into words. My harshness with Sag in the original email personifies this dichotomy! Virgo can learn from Sag plenty about things beyond the material realm, as well as warmth and optimism, realistic or otherwise, yearning for something bigger out of life, and the ability to have enough confidence to listen to Virgo's gut feelings. Virgo can teach responisiblity, especially fiscal, prudence, humility, and the beauty of simplicity/ordinariness and tenderness in application/transmition of ideas/lessons, but these can equally be applied towards the other two fire signs.

Virgo-Capricorn, I've yet to find one Capricorn female I haven't been attracted to. They seem like more confident Virgo's. They definitely give me direction in terms of confidence. I think these signs love having competitions where they each try to see who can be more "down-to-earth", much like a staring contest lol. It can also venture into black humor if there is a lack of other elements at play, especailly fire signs.

Virgo-Aquarius, Agreed, needs constant rekindiling and openess to not get annoyed. They generally belive each other to be good willed.

Virgo-Pisces Indeed. It's much like two sides of the same coin. They never face each other directly so that they can forget that they're intricately connected, like a polarity, much like the other opposing signs. Yin to the Yang. I understand that Venus in Pisces, which is currently transiting, is in its exaltaion, which is a very positive aspect, but allow me to make a hypothesis for why it may not be the "best" position, but perhaps one of the best instead. To me exaltaion means most powerful, but power has its downside, being intensity. Take Aries, for example. Is the Sun truly the best in this sign, or merely the strongest and most powerful, as I would theorize? I take this from my negative experiences with Aries being brutish, hurtful, domineering, self important, gloating, shamelessness and at times blindness to their own shortcomings. I would suppose Leo as the best house for the Sun as they are more mellow and warm, relatively. Mercury in Virgo for example might be too exacting and too perfect to be of any enjoyable artistic merit, with Venus in Pisces being too romantic and merciful of judgement, giving too much benefit of the doubt ie. rose-colored glasses. Either way, having a Venus in Cancer, and Sun in Virgo, I am really enjoying these Piscean/Venusian vibes, and it is allowing my love to flow more freely than usual. I was thinking that perhaps Venus in Cancer prioritizes a meeting of the hearts, whereas Venus in Pisces prioritizes a meeting of the souls, with Venus in Scorpio meeting somewhere in-between.


You have good insight into Taurus and Scorpio people. Yes I've noticed the Libra male's ease with women, and I am jealous also. Perhaps it is because they are close to being a bi-sexual sign. Sagittarians(most of those I know) DEFINITELY need fiscal help! Interesting take on the Capricorn female. The best position for Venus is Taurus, which I believe is the true ruling sign(not Libra), that's my observation anyway. Venus in Pisces acts like a "high" especially in the romantic or musical sense and definitely wears rose-colored glasses. Sun in Aries is far from perfect. My dad was a strong Aries(Sun, Mercury, Mars, Uranus) type and I got to know him inside out. His Mercury in Aries was quite a scorcher. Mercury in Virgo is VERY exacting, but that's needed for building or fixing and organizing things. Sun in Leo is great, but not Moon or Venus or any of the feminine planets, which I find can be annoyingly childish. Great Gemini-Virgo description. Got a good laugh at the end of that one(poor Sag)!

Some questions I have:

Q-Perhaps my Descendant in Gemini helped build the friendship with my Gemini best friend?

A-Certainly, it was your Descendant in Gemini, or more accurately, the Sun's OPPOSITION(by sign) to your Ascendant, that helped cement your Sun in Gemini friendship. Why do astrologers keep on pretending that the Desc and IC are separate points or angles when they are in fact merely opposite points of the two real factors in the chart, namely the Ascendant(Earth point) and Midheaven(Sky point). This always pisses me off. It's simple but they make it complicated. There's only two real factors -the Earth and the Sky(or Heaven) and they are represented by the Ascendant and Midheaven respectively. Sorry for ranting, but I feel passionately about this, and had to let that out. Sun oppose Ascendant(by sign), is in my view, the most POWERFUL relationship aspect between two people. I've seen this all the time in marriages, intimate relationships, close friendhips, and business partners. It doesn't guarantee long-term success(that depends on other factors) but it certainly opens up a powerful rapport between the partners involved, especially upon initial or close meeting.

Q-Does the ratio of my Libran infuence increase due to your current knowledge of the addition of my Libran midheaven? I mean I belive the sun is the most important aspect of one's chart however how does it play into a chart like mine where it is only one planet? I have no other planets in Virgo.

A-I believe the Libra influence in your chart does increase with the Midheaven, but as an external rather than an internal(planet) force. I've noticed my Midheaven becomes strongly "activated" when in public and dealing with others, and in a largely subconcious manner, much like the Ascendant, although I've also noted there are instances when it's activated in private as well, such as when watching a TV show and reacting emotionally to the interplay between two characters. That's when I catch my Libra Midheaven(which is so sensitive or concerned about the harmony or discord in relationships) in action. There's lots about the Midheaven I still don't know yet, and it's one of the reasons I find astrology so intriguing or challenging -it offers great keys or leads to the many layers of the self. I believe the Midheaven is the soul rather than the spirit(Sun).

The Sun is the central spiritual core of the individual, so I guess that makes it the most important, but is it really? Some astrologers say the Ascendant(representing Earth) is more important. So what's more important, the Sun or the Earth? Before the modern Copernican revolution in astronomy, the Earth was always seen as the center of the universe rather than the Sun, and the ancient astrologers always said that the Ascendant was the most salient feature of the chart.

Because you have two planets plus the Midheaven in Libra and only one planet in Virgo(three factors to one), I believe you are more of a Libra than a Virgo, although your Virgo Sun sign pride may not like to admit it. The fact that your two Libra planets are persoal ones(Mars and Jupiter) reinforces this. Mars and Jupiter are just as spiritrual as the Sun(they form a spiritual triad or trinity). I have only one planet in Aquarius(Sun), and while important, I do not feel or see it as the strongest part of me. Rather, I feel(inwardly) that Pisces or even Gemini is stronger, although those looking at me from the outside may point to Capricorn. A lot of it is perspective.

Q-What are your thoughts on Draconian charts? How about the Point of fortune?

A1-As to Draconian charts, I believe they are a second or "soul" chart based on the Moon's relationship to the Earth rather than the "spiritual" chart based on the Sun's relationship to the Earth(upon which our current tropical astrology is built). There are in effect two astrologys here, one conscious(Sun) and one subconcious(Moon). Our solar tropical astrology seems more obvious and powerful, but there may be much to learn from this lunar version, especially concerning past lives. The ascending North Node in astrology becomes the 0 Aries point in the Draconian chart and all of your planets(from your current natal chart) are shifted from this point appearing in different signs but retaining the same distance or aspects, and are interpreted from there. I have very little experience with Draconian astrology preferring to master the solar tropical astrology, but maybe at some time in the future may get into it. It's very subtle and may require astral perception to really understand it.

A2-The Point(or Part) of Fortune is the most popular of the many Parts developed by Arab astrologers in the Middle Ages based on the geometry of your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. It is purely mathematically based, not taking into account whole sign relationship, which is why I neither believe nor use it. It is akin to "out of sign" aspects and composite charts, which are based on degree calculation, and which also destroy whole sign relationships. Big NO to it! I don't believe in cusps or interceptions either. Sorry if I've stepped on some toes, but I feel passionate about this.

Q-I thought you may have had a Libra rising, with the website's name being a reference to this?

A-So many people think I'm a Libra Rising it's funny. No, I haven't based the name of my web site on my rising sign. The reason my web site is so-called is because I strongly believe our Earth is linked with the sign of Libra(working through the Ascendant sign). I have named my site in honor of this. I do have the Midheaven in Libra, which may explain my mission to identify our planet with Libra astrologically.

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