Sex and the Rising Sign

Most superficial astrology blogs compare Sun signs when it comes to sexual attraction or compatibility, which is highly unreliable. The better blogs take into account other factors like Venus and Mars, which yield better results, but few go to the most important factor of all -the Rising Sign or Ascendant.

In astrology, the Rising sign or Ascendant is the most important feature in the birth chart, typing you out both physically and personally. It "houses" the other factors in your chart, often hiding or highlighting them. Sure, those other factors are important, but they take a back seat to the all-important Ascendant which is literally your Earth, Terra, or Gaia sign.

Because it's what people first see about you, the Ascendant or Rising sign determines to a great extent who you draw(or repel), and since it is the most sensitive part of your self(fastest moving/changing factor), it also determines who YOU are drawn to or repelled by -at least initially. While all the planets act on the Ascendant, the Sun is the most important consideration. The Sun is your core self and will usually override any of the other planets in your chart.

This means that the Sun/Ascendant relationship, in astrology is the prime consideration for physical or sexual attraction. Yes, Venus/Mars is important, as are other aspects, but Sun/Ascendant comes first. Without at least one good Sun/Ascendant link(more by sign than degree), there is unlikely to be a strong physical attraction between two people.

The Sun's powerful and creative need for physical or sexual expression finds an ideal outlet in someone with a compatible Ascendant. One's Sun conjunct, oppose, trine, or sextile the other's Ascendant by sign more than degree will produce this attraction or compatibilty. It's better to have it both ways if possible. One way can often result in one sided attractions.

A Leo Rising, for example, will feel good in the presence of a Leo or Aquarius Sun, and to a lesser extent the other fire and air Suns, but will feel tense or uneasy with a Taurus or Scorpio Sun, and to a lesser degree with the other earth and water Suns. Even if the earth or water Sun has a Rising sign compatible to the Leo rising's Sun, the Leo rising will still feel the tension, although he will appreciate the other's appearance. The Earth or water Sun on the other hand, will not feel the tension him or herself, but may notice the partner's tension and will do his or her best to "power down" his or her Sun to not aggravate the situation.

What about the fact that most of the good looking people often have air or fire rising? Yes, this can affect it to some extent, but in general, the Sun/Ascendant rule stands. A Taurus Sun, for example, can appreciate the often superior looks of a Libra or Sag rising, but either of those rising signs aren't likely to return that appreciation, so in the end, the Taurus Sun will in all likelihood fare better with a Scorpio or Taurus rising. It's very possible, for example, to find someone aesthetically pleasing, but unless there is at least one good Sun/Ascendant link involved in the relationship, the chemistry just won't be there -and neither will the sex.

Sun opposite Ascendant is perhaps the most powerful physical, sexual, and even personal attraction. Marriage partners or close friends often have this aspect. Ideally it is also backed up by at least one good Sun/Moon link -often the man's Moon to the woman's Sun -another powerful marriage aspect. Also important to the long-term success of the relationship are a good Moon/Moon(emotional), Mercury/Mercury(mental), and Venus/Mars(affection) link. For short-term fun and sex, however, a good Sun/Ascendant link will suffice to get the ball rolling.

Another often downplayed but potent sex link is one's Venus in the same or opposing element to the other's Ascendant. The Venus person can be source of great pleasure to the Ascendant person. A Venus in earth, for example, can bring out the torrid nature of an Ascendant of the same element. The opposing element can be equally as enticing. The closer the Venus/Ascendant aspect by degree, the more intense it will probably be.

Moon to Ascendant can be similar to Venus, but I find the Moon is usually more responsive to the Sun or Mars. Moon conjunct Mars, for example, is a highly charged erotic aspect with Mars as the aggressor and the Moon as the(often uneasy) recipient. Mars or Jupiter(the other two fire planets) to the Ascendant can also significantly fire up or stimulate passion or sexuality. Mercury will stimulate the Ascendant through words or gestures, and Uranus will excite the Ascendant through surprise or novelty.

Sex Natures of the Different Rising Signs

The earth and water sign Ascendants are by far the most sensual, with Capricorn and Scorpio leading the pack. The reason these two are the most sensual is because of their reserved or secretive natures, which hides or suppresses a seething or brewing sexuality. Taurus can be quite sensual as well, but their love of food and eating can counter this. Virgo rising can also be quite sensual, despite their apparent cool, shyness, or indifference -which only serve to heighten their inner-driven desires . Cancer and Pisces appear to be more concerned with food than sex. In many ways, food IS their sex. Of course there can be exceptions; heavy sexual planets like Pluto and Saturn conjunct or trine their Ascendants(primarily by sign), or an emphasis of planets in Scorpio or Capricorn, can make them more sexual.

The fire and air sign ascendants generally take a more fleeting or light-hearted approach to sex, unless the rest of their chart indicates otherwise. The fire sign ascendants are generally more ardent or passionate than the air signs, being more aggressive or animalistic in nature. Aries wants it quick and challenging, Leo needs it to be creative and dramatic with lots of compliments, and Sag is the sex-adventurer, explorer, and grass is greener type. All three fire signs pretty much get what they want, partly because of their good looks and partly because of their confidence and winning manner, but they are not likely to be hung up on the affair or have long drawn-out sessions. Exceptions to this, are those with Saturn, Venus, or Pluto rising, or a heavy earth/water sign emphasis in their chart.

The air sign ascendants take a more mental or social approach to sex and are not likely to get hung up on the act either, but they are curious and willing to experiment. Gemini rising likes it with different partners or in a variety of ways. They can be on one second and off the next, depending on what they are thinking. They are usually slim and pretty which can make up for their superficial or inconsistent manner. Libra rising ascendants respond best to nice surroundings and pleasant people, and their often striking good looks rarely fail to arouse their partners. Aquarius ascendants are the shockers and experimenters and will try almost anything once. They are friendly and good-looking but are turned off by aggressive, jealous, or controlling tactics.

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