Modes and Sexual
Attraction in Astrology

Everyone knows the fifth house sign is your "sex" or love sign in astrology, but few know that the
mode or quadruplicity that sign is in is also a general indicator of physical or sexual attraction.

Sun in Aries, for example, will be physically or romantically attracted to a Leo Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Venus, Mars, or any other significant planet in the chart. The following three, however, are perhaps the most telling; Sun to Sun: this the deepest(spiritual) kind of attraction -one that may not attract initially but that grows with time. Sun to Moon: this is semi or soul deep and not necessarily lasting. Sun to Ascendant: this the least deep but most immediate in terms of attraction or appeal. Then there all the other combinations. The point is there are as many different levels of fifth house love or attraction as there are different planets.

The fifth house sign is of the same element, but what about it's mode or quadruplicity? This is important because the element and mode are what make a sign. Aries finds Leo attractive not only because it's of the same element allowing it to express naturally, but also because Leo is of the fixed mode. There is something challenging to cardinal signs about the fixed signs. The mutable signs they can handle, but when it comes to the fixed signs, they come against a brick wall, and this intrigues them. Everyone knows the fixed signs are stubborn and will not be bossed or coerced, and this puts the cardinal signs at a loss. That's because fixed signs are ahead of the cardinal signs on the wheel and therefore have the advantage.

Similarily, the lightness and flexibility of the mutable signs is what turns on the fixed signs(because they lack those qualities), and the raw force and decisiveness of the cardinal signs is what appeals to the mutable signs(also qualities they themselves lack and need to learn or incorporate). So the sign, element, or mode ahead on the wheel is what draws or lures the sign, element or mode behind. It's all about progression, newness, or advancement. Likewise, the sign, element, or mode behind is the least attractive because, karmically, you've already been there.

Taurus is ahead of Aries, for example, knowing all of Aries' vices and virtues, and will put Aries in its place if it does not behave or comply. By extension, Capricorn and Virgo will also do this, not only to Aries, but to the fire signs in general. So the element that's ahead has power over the element before it. Fire dominates over water which dominates over air which dominates over earth which dominates over fire -it's a circle. Likewise, cardinal is subjected to fixed which is subjected to mutable which is subjected to cardinal -also a circle. Domination and subjectivity are both key elements of sexual or physical attraction.

So not only is Aries attracted to Leo but to the fixed signs in general. More simply, the cardinal signs are most sexually stimulated by the fixed signs, the fixed signs by the mutable signs, and the mutable signs by the cardinal signs. The fifth house or lower or dexter trine aspect narrows it down to one sign. Here are two diagrams summarizing everything I have just said...

The Cardinal signs are physically or sexually attracted to the Fixed signs, but especially the 5th house sign
The Fixed signs are physically or sexually attracted to the Mutable signs, but especially the 5th house sign
The Mutable signs are physically or sexually attracted to the Cardinal signs, but especially the 5th house sign

This means that...
Ari, Can, Lib, Cap are physically or sexually attracted to Tau, Leo, Sco, Aqu, but especially Ari/Leo, Can/Sco, Lib/Aqu, Cap/Tau
Tau, Leo, Sco, Aqu are physically or sexually attracted to Gem, Vir, Sag, Pis, but especially Tau/Vir, Leo/Sag, Sco/Pis, Aqu/Gem
Gem, Vir, Sag, Pis are physically or sexually attracted to Can, Lib, Cap, Ari, but especially Gem/Lib, Vir/Cap, Sag/Ari, Pis/Can

An overall way to determine attraction between two charts is to note which are the dominant modes. Chart A may have a majority of cardinal planets while chart B may have mostly mutable planets. In such a case, chart B will be physically, romantically, or sexually drawn to chart A, while chart A will seek or be drawn to someone with mostly fixed planets.

Note: These are general rules or principles. There are always exceptions, depending
on the specific associations between the planets of both charts in question.

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