Astrology and the Sexes -Are They Compatible?

Are men and women compatible according to astrology?

In astrology, the sexes are represented by both the planets and signs as well as the aspects.

The fire and air signs(and their rulers) are masculine in nature, whereas the water and earth signs(and their rulers) are feminine in nature as shown below...

Masculine or Positive
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Mars, Sun, Jupiter

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Mercury, Earth, Uranus
Feminine or Negative
Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Venus, Vulcan, Saturn

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Moon, Pluto, Neptune

The Fire signs/planets are extremely masculine and the Water signs/planets are extremely feminine.
The Air signs/planets are borderline masculine and Earth signs/planets are borderline feminine.

The greatest antipathy occurs between the fire and water signs followed by the air and earth signs. Exceptions are Aries/Scorpio(both traditionally ruled by Mars), Taurus/Libra(both traditionally ruled by Venus), and Capricorn/Aquarius (both traditionally ruled by Saturn). In general, the masculine signs are compatible with each other, but NOT with the feminine signs, and vice versa.

Masculine and feminine or positve and negative are antagonistic forces in astrology and are constantly at war with each other, yet they give each other meaning or definition. It's like night and day, cold and heat, good and bad, life and death, etc. They are very different yet necessary or even appealing to the other's reality or identity.

What does this say about men and women? Exactly the same thing. They are very different or conflicting forces yet they give each other meaning or definition. As shocking as it may sound, the sexes were not meant to get along! Certainly there is a physical or magnetic attraction, but this is mostly for reproductive purposes. Emotionally, mentally, and psychologically, men and women are miles apart. In some cases these differences can compliment, but for the most part they bring bitter division. Most marriages fail because they were never meant to succeed in the first place! You cannot forcefully bind together two antagonistic forces and expect them to be at peace with one another. This polarity struggle also exists within each of us and within existence itself. It is an eternal and inescapable dilemma.

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