Venus, Mars, and the Ascendant -the Relationship Trio in Synastry

I have noticed a particular pattern in the charts of many which determines whom they attract as mates, and it usually involves only three factors -Venus, Mars, and the Ascendant. I call these three factors the "relationship trio" because they are the key players in determining which Sun sign they will usually link up with as mates or partners.

When at least two of these factors are in a particular gender or element -it will nearly always indicate the type of Sun individual that is desired. Because there are three factors, there will never be a tie. The third factor will always swing the outcome one way or another,

I usually start with Venus and Mars and see if there is any similarity between the two in regards to gender, element, or sign. If not, then the Ascendant must be used to tip the balance.

For example, someone with Venus in Aries and Mars in Taurus. These two signs are totally different and the native will be able to attract two very different kind of love mates or partners. In other words, just about any Sun sign will do. To break the standoff we look at the Ascendant, which in this case is say in Libra. This will tip the favor towards the masculine Sun signs(fire and air).

In another example(true case), the native has both Venus and Mars in Aries and he is always attracted to mates with fire Sun signs(and to a lesser extent air), despite being a Taurus Sun and Ascendant. He is in fact married to a Sun in Aries woman.

Naturally, anyone with all three factors(Venus, Mars, Ascendant) in a particular gender element or sign will most certainly be attracted to a Sun of that particular gender, element, or sign, but two out of three factors will suffice.

Why to the Sun? Because the Sun is the center of one's being or reference point. We instinctively single out the Sun in any chart as being the root influence of the native despite his or her basic appearance(Ascendant) and deservedly so, as the Sun will win out over all other factors in the long run.

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