Mars and Jupiter:
Your Intimate Links To Other Signs

Can you imagine if we were all just our Sun sign? The world would immediately be divided into two main camps, with the fire and air signs on one side and the earth and water signs on the other. With a few exceptions, neither group would be able to tolerate the other because of the basic gender/polarity difference.

Fortunately, astrology is not so simple or limiting. You are more than just your Sun sign. You are your Moon sign and Rising sign, and Venus, and Mars, and so on. You are a twelvefold being capable of expressing on twelve different levels all at once. This multiplicity or diversity is what allows you to understand or get along with Sun signs that would naturally be incompatible to you.

Any planet can link you to any sign, but none is stronger or deeper than a Sun link. Solar or Sun to Sun compatablity is a spiritual kind compatibility. It is heart-felt(love) and it takes a lot to destroy it. The Sun, however, is not your only indice of spiritual or love compatability.

In astrology, your "spiritual" planets are Sun, Mars, and Jupiter, or the fire planets(those linked to the fire signs). Your true spiritual or inner nature is described by these three planets and the signs they are in. It is possible to have them in conflicting signs meaning you will have a conflicted spiritual nature.

In the absence of a basic Sun to Sun compatability between two individuals, the remedy can be found in either partner's Mars or Jupiter placements. If either Mars or Jupiter in one chart is in the same sign or even element as the other's Sun, a strong spiritual link will be formed. Closeness by degree will intensify the effect.

Example: Sun in Leo person in relation to Sun in Scorpio person(with Jupiter in Leo). Naturally, these two Sun signs are antagonistic, but because the Sun in Scorpio individual has Jupiter in Leo, a strong spiritual link exists so that they may actually like each other. An excellent example with movie stars is Arnold Schwarzenneger(Sun in Leo, Jupiter in Scorpio) and wife Maria Shriver(Sun in Scorpio with Jupiter in Leo). The two nicely complete each other in Sun/Jupiter fashion.

Compatability links to a certain Sun sign can also be made through your air-ruled planets(Ascendant, Mercury, and Uranus), but these are more superficial kinds of relationships. With the Ascendant it's social or physical. With Mercury its communication and understanding, and with Uranus it's friendship. If you want deep or lasting love bonds, however, it must be between Sun, Mars, and Jupiter.

So look at your Mars and Jupiter positions and see what signs(or elements) you have a strong spiritual link to. You may be surprised.

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