Love and the 5th House Moon

Next to the Rising sign or Ascendant, the Moon normally has the most impact in synastry or relationships. In many ways, the Moon goes much deeper than the Ascendant, and can be a powerfully magnetic draw(or deterent) for emotional and sexual compatability.

Normally, the man's Sun is compared to the woman's Moon, but it can work just as well the other way around. A harmonious link by sign or element between these two bodies will suffice, but the more exact the aspect the more intense or powerful the draw will most likely be. While the conjunction between one partners's Sun and the other's Moon is particularly potent, the fifth house trine is specifically inductive of creative love and sexual attraction. When the Ascendants are also compatible to the Suns, the attraction will be even more powerful.

Note: the Sun/Moon descriptions below are also valid for Sun/Ascendant or for almost any other two bodies in a 1st-5th house relationship.

Solar Leos will be particularly drawn or attracted to Lunar Sagittarians. The open, wild, lively, and unabashed antics of Sagittarius are a real turn on for Leos.

Solar Virgos find the serious, quiet, competent, and practical nature of Capricorn Moons quite stimulating and intriguing, both professinally and in the bedroom as well.

Solar Libras are excited and enraptured by the handsome and intelligent qualities of an Aquarian Moon. Their unpredictable and daring natures make Libras lose all self-control.

Solar Scorpios are intrigued by the emotional vastness and malleability of a Pisces Moon and find them very sexy and seductive.

Solar Sagittarians are challenged and impassioned by the fiery energy and directness of an Aries Moon. Their guards are dismantled and the fun and passion begins.

Solar Capricorns are enamored and brought to life by the solidity, firmness, and sensuality of a Taurus Moon. The love here can be quite raunchy and physical.

Solar Aquarians hearts flutter at the sight of a Moon in Gemini individual. The lightness, brightness, and pretty looks of this Moon can really turn on the heat for Aquarius.

Solar Pisceans can become infatuated or obsessed by the maternal qualities of a Cancer Moon. They can really let go and be themselves here.

Solar Arians are impressed and won-over by the generous and expressive nature of a Leo Moon. The passion sizzles in the bedroom.

Solar Taureans are piqued and sold-over by the prim and proper qualities of a Virgo Moon. Tecnique and stamina keep the embers lit.

Solar Geminis are kept interested and stimulated by the beauty, charm, and intellect of a Libra Moon. Libra's unbeatable looks and logic keeps Gemini at bay.

Solar Cancers are mesmerized by the magnetic and sexual allure of a Scorpio Moon. The emotional intensity is what keeps Cancer hooked.

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