Planetary Distances and Speeds
and How They Affect Relationships

It often happens that you are in a great relationship with someone when you are physically close to them, but when you are apart or far away from each other you quickly lose that magic and and couldn't care less anymore. Then there are those people you are always fighting with except when you are separated or far apart -then you start to miss them sorely. This is a classic case of Sun/Sun and Sun/Ascendant harmony or discord.

The close personal harmony or discord is often due to a positive or negative Sun/Ascendant exchange, whereas the distant longing or disinterest is often due to a positive or negative Sun/Sun exchange. The Midheaven or adaptive ego and its relationship to the Sun can also play a crucial role in close personal harmony or discord.

Both the Ascendant and Midheaven, in astrology, are the fastest moving or changing factors(based on our 24-hour day), as well as the closest, and are thereore the most superficial of influences, yet have the most immediate impact on a relationship. They are of course crucial in a personal or intimate relationship where exchanges are immediate or momentary.

Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are longer-term and more distant(yet still personal) bodies or influences, all taking about a month or two to change signs. They are important in establishing a more permanent or long-term relationship between individuals. Sun/Sun is also long-term and important on a spiritual or ego level, Mercury/Mercury on a mental or verbal level, and Venus/Mars on a sexual or affective level.

The Moon, taking just over two days to traverse a sign, and physically close to us, is somewhere in-between the previous two groups affecting our day-to day personal harmony or discord. Moon/Moon harmony or discord involves our daily moods, habits, routines, feelings, and emotions. Without the Moon we probably wouldn't have any daily lives or routines.

The outer planets(Jupiter and beyond) are of the longest orbits and distances and therefore have the longest-term impacts on people's harmony or discord, so that you may feel a certain way about someone for a very long time before changing your attitude(such as Saturn or Pluto to a personal planet), or it may involve group or collective harmony or discord(such as Jupiter to Pluto or Saturn to Uranus).

Jupiter and Saturn specifically rule international and global relations, whereas Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are more universal, although they too can become personal when strongly linked to the inner planets.

In summary, a planet's distance and/or speed or period(from a geocentric perspective) is therefore a critical indicator of the kind of compatibility level it rules or affects, whether it is short-term, mid-term, or long-term or whether it is on a personal, social, or collective level, .

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