Best Times for Love and Romance:
the Venus and Mars transits

Natal Venus and Mars in a harmonious relationship in your chart(mostly by sign or element) indicate, in general, a life-long facility with the opposite(or same) sex in terms of love and romance. More specifically, one's Venus to another's Mars will indicate the quality of love and romance between two people, but what about the timing of it all? When does it all happen, or more precisely, when is it the best time to happen?

This is where transits and progressions come in. Progressions require more calculaion and describe longer-term periods of love and romance while transits are more simple, real, and immediate influences, so we shall deal with these.

Most astrologers take precise aspects between planets to time their influences, and while these pinpoint the intensity of the interrelationship between two planets, the sign or element relationship between the planets will be quite adequate for this exercise.

Basically, when transiting Venus conjuncts, opposes, trines, or sextiles, your natal Mars(by sign), or when transiting Mars conjuncts, opposes, trines, or sextiles your natal Venus(by sign), that is your best time for love and romance, or simply being with your love partner.

There are three specific time periods or quality of transits for anyone in regards to Venus and Mars and/or love and romance.

1. When neither transiting Venus or Mars favorably aspect the natal Venus or Mars(by sign or element): this is a time to lay low and not expect too much from your lover as they will not be favourably receptive to you in terms of love or affection.

2. When only one transiting planet(either Venus or Mars) favorably aspects your natal Venus or Mars(by sign or element). This will be fair period for intimacy or relationships with your mate or partner. If it is transiting Venus to your natal Mars, you may be approached but would do well to take the lead. If it is transiting Mars to your natal Venus, expect your partner to take the lead.

3. When both transiting planets(Venus and Mars) harmoniously aspect both your natal Venus and Mars(by sign or element); this is the best time for love and romance or being with your mate, as the channels are open both ways.

Note: It must be clarified that we are talking here about Venus to Mars or Mars to Venus and not Venus to Venus or Mars to Mars(even though these may have secondary effects). Also, in terms of the aspects, the conjunction and opposition are the strongest in terms of compatability or rapport, followed by the trine and sextile. The square and quincunx can be sexually tense or exciting but it's usually a case of lust and deteriorates with time. The semi-sextile is usually dull or non-eventful.

When the Transits are Right

Situation 3, where transiting Venus harmonizes with your natal Mars and where transiting Mars harmonizes with your natal Venus, sets the ideal time frame for your encounter with your love interest. If I could add one more transit, it would be transiting Moon to your natal Sun and transiting Sun to your natal Moon(for either sex) -this would open up the channels even further.
After the perfect mood is set, choosing your partner is the next consideration. There must be a similar favorable Venus/Mars interchange(by sign or element) between you and your partner. The same rules discussed in possibilities 1, 2, and 3 apply.

You will need an ephemeris or internet source on planetary positions(available on this site) to work all this out, but once you understand it it will quite easy to time or choose your best periods for love and romance.

What About Place?

The same rules above apply for countries, states or provinces, and cities or towns. First in importance is the country's horoscope or chart. Check the Venus and Mars placements and see how they relate(by sign or element) to your own Venus and Mars. Do this also with the state or province, and finally the city or town. The more good Venus/Mars aspects by sign or element you get from all three levels, the better that place is for you for love and romance.

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