Eridu and the Annunaki

Ancient Eridu(5000-600 BC) The first World city and home of Enki

In southeastern Iraq, buried beneath the sands, is the ancient city of Eridu, the oldest Sumerian and perhaps world city where the Annunaki gods reigned over mankind.

Enki, the ruler of Eridu, was one of these gods who was apparently immortal and who came up with the idea of creating humankind. Enki and his half-brother Enlil are the Sumerian versions of Adonai and Jehovah, the first matriarchal and the latter patriarchal. The sons of Enki and Enlil became the pre-Flood kings of Sumeria who lived very long lives, but after the Flood lifespans were greatly reduced. The city of Eridu fell into stagnation and was abandoned around 600 BC.

Humans were supposedly created and cultivated by the Annunaki as servants or slaves to relieve the gods of the the toil of farming and other hard work. The first genetic experiments to create a worker slave failed and produced mythical monstrosities but eventually the ideal candidate was selected(the ape or gorilla)and the "black-headed" people were born through artificial insemination. Further interbreeding between the Annunaki and the black race produced many of the other intermediate races. Apparently Sitchin's basic hypothesis is correct except for the time periods involved. Other extra-terrestial civiliations may have also participated in this human experiment.

While Enki favored humanity, and even thought of giving them immortality, his brother Enlil became irritated by their increasingly degenerative ways and sought their destruction. A vote was taken and humankind was to be destroyed via the Great Flood. Enki secretly managed to save righteous Noah or Zisudra(his son by a human mother) and his relatives so that humanity could continue after the Flood. The rest of humanity was left to fend for itself as the water canopies broke up and deluged the planet. Apparently, the Annunaki knew of Nibiru's return and boarded their ships to safety while keeping the general masses of humanity ignorant.

Are our governments, who are basically Annunakis, repeating the same scenario as was in the days of Noah? Are they deliberately holding back life-saving imformation about the Great Destroyer planet while preparing for their own safety? Why are they so obssessed about Iraq and Eridu in particular? Is this where the Annunaki of Nibiru make their headquarters every 3600 year? If so the Bush administration may be preparing for their return in 2012 AD. But is it to welcome them or confront them? This is the great question.

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