Keys To Ascension
Fasting or purification is the key to ascension or immortality,
and love and truth are the triggers.

Cleanliness IS godliness! By keeping your body, mind, and spirit clean you are in effect fulfilling your divine mission - which is to become God. Easier said than done! First of all, you are God, although a fallen God. Originally, you were an angel or ball of light energy who in the course of time immersed yourself in the various elements of the various kingdoms, the memories of which have created the soul that you now are. Some of these experiences or incarnations were positive and made you grow while others were negative and held you back. It is our destiny to experience good and evil, but it is also our destiny to overcome evil, just as light overcomes darkness.

You may have begun as an atom or cell. You may have begun as the wind or the rain, or you may have begun as a flower, tree, insect, or fish, but now you are human and aspire to be god. Science has shown that you quickly repeat your entire evolution in embryonic form before birth. This means that spirit or soul preserves everything about you in memory form from the instant of your existence whether on Earth or elsewhere. Not only this, but an outline of probable futures is also contained there.

Your evolutionary status as a soul is determined by the chakra(energy center) you are centered in and the color it emanates. Most of humanity is centered in the third of the known seven chakras(solar plexus) and have a green or red light. This chakra has ten petals and is emotionally based. Many however are moving towards the twelve-petalled fourth or heart chakra which is governed by love. The reptillians are dominated by the lower three chakras(survival) and generally cut off from the fourth and higher. They in fact vibrate to the number 8(eight fingers and toes). Mammals are governed by the number 10(ten fingers and toes). Humans are presently in 10-type bodies but the human spirit resonates to 12. We need 12-type bodies! Such bodies are in the making, and it is we who are moulding them. These two bodies are known astrologically as the Ascendant(Earth) and the Midheaven(Inner Sun).

Ascension to 12-type bodies is not the end-all. Spirit always seeks a higher more complex form for its continued expression. Our chakra system shows this future. Eventually and collectively we will evolve to the 16-petalled chakra which may involve sixteen bodies/planets and sixteen zodiac signs, and later to the even higher and more complex chakras. Individually, we can already do this, but only some. There are always those who progress far ahead of the collective and those who always lag behind. It is an individual matter, and like a student, you sometimes fail, and must repeat the year, but the thrust is always forward to bigger and better. As progress increases so does conciousness, and as conciousness increases so does our goal towards divinity -which is full conciousness.

In order to keep growing or progressing we must let go of our error ways which hold us back, and only by doing so can we progress into a superior form or kingdom. Error ways are always selfish ways. Possession or incarnation is our first selfish act. Not content to work on matter from the outside we began to immerse ourselves within it -all for greater pleaure and sensation. This is our first fall. Matter is and will always be both a teacher and enemy to spirit. As spirits, it is our interaction with matter that makes us grow, and which produces the more refined elements of our being called mind(light) and soul(memory). In astrology, these are the four elements of fire(spirit), earth(matter), air(mind), and water(soul).

The danger of immersing ourselves into our own creations is that we often lose our spirituality in the process. Not content with the sense of touch alone, we created additional sensory pathways which have become our senses of sight, sound, smell, and finally taste. Living things didn't always have eyes or ears or noses or mouths; these were created or developed along with our need for greater sensory stimulation. The positioning of these sensory organs on the face is important. The eyes are higher than the ears because they are a higher function. Not only do eyes make you see, but they eat light as well. The ears eat sound, the nose eats gases or fragrances, and the mouth eats solids and liquids. It is our abuse of these senses that have caused us to fall further and which are enslaving us to this material plane and planet.

Of all our senses, it is our desire for taste that is most destroying us. People have little or no idea that to salivate is to lust and that lusting is ugly, selfish and harmful. Eating is an act of destruction. It is a form of killing, and the penalty for killing is death! Of course now we don't die right away. Instead we fall asleep(a temporary form of death), so our body can marshall all of its forces into eliminating the poisons we just put into our bodies. Ten pounds of food and beverage will come out ten pounds of excrement and urine -minus the life force. It is only the solar life force in your meal which is absorbed and used by your body -the rest comes out as waste. It's the same with the air you breathe; only the solar force therein is used -the rest comes out as carbon monoxide.

The more dense or solid the food we eat, the less life force it contains. Liquids contain more life force than solids, and air or gas contains more life than liquid, and of course light contains the most life force of all, but even light contains some matter. Ether or prana is the life force behind all of these visible manifestations or is it? Some maintain that WILL is what holds everything together and I believe this to be true. The invisible aspects of our being are what maintain or sustain the visible. It is not food that is keeping you alive, but your will, whether conciously or subconciously. In fact, food is killing you(slowly). Your body puts up a fight, but by the time you're twelve your hormones start going out of balance and the sex phase(adolescence) begins. By the time you are thirty you're surplus of life force runs out and it's downhill from there.

After a large meal, much of the life force energy which is largely centered in the brain is diverted to the digestive tract resulting in drowsiness or sleep. When the digestive work is done, this life force returns to the brain and we feel alert again. By eliminating solid foods we liberate a large portion of the life force to do other work such as repairing and refining. If we go a step further and eliminate liquids as well, even more of the life force is liberated, greatly speeding up the regeneration process. At this point the body will burn off whatever garbage is in your system and use it as fuel. When there is no more waste it will adjust to get all of its requirements from the air we breathe and the light we absorb. The human body is an air machine! Our bulbous intestinal sacs were not meant to become sewers but conductors of air! The stomach is an abnormal imflammation resulting from our excessive food intake and will shrink back and dissapear when we stop eating and drinking. Just behind the stomach is the solar plexus, or "second heart" which begins to pulsate as the stomach recedes and which aids the elimination and regeneration process. Other glands and organs previously dormant or atrophied(including parts of the brain) start to come back to life as well resulting in higher sense perceptions and abilities, and all this because there is more energy to go around!

That surplus energy is simply the result of a cleaner(more oxygenated) and faster moving bloodstream. Blood is congealed light. Light builds blood and blood builds bone and tissue. The first humans who neither ate nor drank were covered in a glowing halo or white light because that is exactly what was circulating in their veins! When they began eating, that light congealed or thickened into blood. The halo dissapeared, along with our spiritual clarity and power. Food blocks the full flow of spirit diminishing our aura or life force which in turn diminishes the length and quality of our lives. So why do we eat? Eating was introduced to us by the reptiles, who, jealous of our perfect state, decided to bring us down with them. They succeeded. They have done this with every new race introduced to this planet. Adama, or white man, was the latest casualty. Few of every race have recovered, and untill there is a sufficient number, we will continue to remain enslaved to this planet.

Eating upset the hormonal balance in bisexual humanity and led to the division of the sexes and to the sex act itself. Eating leads to sex. Sex and reproduction are a means of saving the race from certain death and extinction, in the hope that those given birth to will regenerate. By refraining from food, one stops death and sex(as we know it), and guarantees one's immortality. Children, however, should be weaned on mother's milk followed by a fruitarian diet, and when ready and willing take up a breatharian lifestyle. Refraining from food, however, is only the first step towards full immortality and ascension. Refraining from breath is the next step, but I will not go into that here, as that is a long way off for the vast majority of us. Even going back to a simple fruit diet is perhaps too much too expect of our present society, but this shows how far we have strayed from our original or ideal state as divine beings.

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