The Unknown Planets

Theosophists George Sutcliffe and Geoffrey Hodson made a unique investigation of our solar system in 1929.

Hodson saw streams of pranic-magnetic energy flowing out from the Sun's magnetic equator to 12 planets via their magnetic poles and then back from their magnetic equators to the Sun's magnetic poles. This is the "circulation of 'blood'" of our system, probably in the period of a sunspot cycle(a little over 11 years).

He "saw" two planets beyond Neptune(he did not see Pluto or the asteroids as sun-linked) at 18° to 20° Scorpio(the nearer one, MORYA) and at 15° Virgo(the farther one, LION).

He "saw" also two planets not visible to usual sight. The first one(VULCAN) revolves within the orbit of Mercury and radiates or reflects only deep infrared radiation. The other one is normally in the inner part of the belt of asteroids just beyond Mars and is "etheric" or plasmic. (from The Unknown Planets, page 5)

The book then goes on to explain a host of other hypothetical bodies seen or determined by mystics and astronomers alike. Below are the main bodies described or discussed. Tables will be included for some of them.

Vulcan: According to Sutcliffe, Vulcan has a mean period of 25.2883 days(Weston's work on it is erroneous), and is never more than 10° before or after the Sun in the zodiac.

Lucifer or Rex: invisible lunar body located between Mars and Jupiter, a highly elliptical orbit swinging in both the orbits of Mars and Earth, with a period of 40 months.

Sigma: lunar etheric body located between Jupiter and Saturn, having a period of 13.93 years, with a 0.26 eccentricity, and having to do with KARMA.

Jason/Chiron: discovered in 1977. Click here and here for ephemerides.

Kaid: revolves retrograde in a period of 144 years according to Iranian astrology.

Pan: located just beyond Pluto with a period of 330 years. Malefic in nature. Disputes.

1892-1920 Aquarius, 1920 to 1948 Pisces, 1948 to 1976 Aries
1976 to 2004 Taurus, 2004 to 2032 Gemini

Isis: located beyond Pluto with a period of 360 years. Linked to Aries/Sagittarius and the principle of spiritual victory.

1907 to 1937 Aries, 1937 to 1967 Taurus, 1967 to 1997 Gemini, 1997-2027 Cancer

Uranians: 8 planetoids(transplutonians) from the Hamburg school in Germany: Cupido, Hades, Zeus, Kronos, Apollon, Admetus, Vulkanus, Poseidon, with orbits varying from 260 to 725 years. Click here for an ephemeris

Morya: major planet beyond Pluto with a period of 625 years. Linked to Libra and the principles of acceptance, endurance, and transmutation. Now(2004) at 29° Sagittarius. 1900 to 1949 Scorpio, 1949 to 2005 Sagittarius, 2006+ Capricorn. Click here for more detailed tables.

Hermes: planet with a period of 840 years. Associated with career matters, mental brilliance, and change. 1881 to 1943 Aquarius, 1943 to 2004 Pisces, 2004 to 2065 Aries. Click here for more detailed tables.

Osiris: planet with a period of 990 years. Linked to Taurus and associated with the resolution of inner conflicts. 1896 to 1977 Libra, 1978 to 2059 Scorpio . Click here for more detailed tables.

Midas: planet with a period of 1140 years. Associated with fortune and wealth with little effort. 1888 to 1983 Taurus, 1983 to 2076 Gemini. Is now(2004) at 6° Gemeni. Click here for more detailed tables.

Lion: planet with a period of 1515 years. Linked to Virgo and associated with civilization, culture, and monuments. 1866 to 1992 Virgo, 1992 to 2118 Libra Is now(2004) at 2° Libra. Click here for more detailed tables.

F: planet with a period of 2200 years. Associated with the gathering of racial stocks. 1906 to 1917(28-29° Pisces), 1917 to 2010(0-15° Aries)Now(2004) at 14° Aries. Click here for more detailed tables.

G: planet with a period of 5659 years. Suprapersonal or generic in nature.
1906 to 2031(22-29° Virgo), 2031=0° Libra. Now(2004) at 28° Virgo. Click here for more detailed tables.

Q: sun's twin companion located at 875 AU with a period of 25,900 years. 6% of the Sun's mass, inclination to the eclpitic of 86°, eccentricity 0.54, at 6° Cancer in 1900(29°above the ecliptic) and 7.5° Cancer in 2000. Associated with the Soul level of human life.
2850 BC= 0° Taurus, 690 BC= 0° Gemini, 1468 AD= 0° Cancer, 1828 AD= 5° Cancer
1900 AD= 6° Cancer, 1972 AD= 7° Cancer, 2044 AD= 8°Cancer, 3628 AD= 0° Leo

R: sun's third companion with a period of 250,000 years. 3% of the Sun's mass and associated with the Monad level of human life. Position unknown.

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