In Search of Planet X
see also Tenth Planet Watch and Nibiru and the Dark Star

Sumerian tablet showing Sun encircled by eleven planets
plus another body way out.

According to the ancient Sumerian culture which lived from around 6000 to 1500 BC, our solar system consisted of twelve planets including Sun, Earth, and Moon, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The twelfth planet they called Nibiru and gave it a highly elliptical orbit of 3600 years, stretching from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and extending way beyond Pluto. Russian scholar Zechariah Sitchin, who studied the Sumerian language and texts popularized this "planet of the gods" by releasing his groundbreaking book "The Twelfth Planet" in the year 1976, followed by successive books on the same theme.

While searches for a major planet beyond Neptune have been going on since the late 1800's it was not untill the Sumerian tablets were deciphered that the search began in earnest. Pluto, discovered in 1930, was too small, and could not account for the disturbances of Uranus and Neptune, and the orbits of various comets seemed to indicate that a much larger and more distant body was at work. While many bodies have been hypothesized by both astronomers and astrologers or psychics alike, from Transpluto or Persephone to to Q and R, none have actually been spotted or photographed with telescopes. And if they have -they're not telling us.

What has been discovered is a region of mini-planets or asteroids called the Kuiper belt which extends from the orbit of Neptune(30 AU) to about 50 AU or way beyond Pluto(40 AU). So far, the largest of these are some 800 to 1100 miles in diameter or about one-half to two-thirds the size of Pluto. One such object, Sedna, has an orbit completely outside the Kuiper belt at between 75 and 900 AU. A final ring of asteroids from which long-term period comets originate, called the Oort Cloud, is suspected to be at a distance of between 40,000 and 50,000 AU. AU stands for astronomical units. One unit is the distance from the Sun to the Earth or 93,000,000 miles.

There may very well be a planet X or Nibiru or Nemesis or destroyer comet or brown dwarf out there that will define the edges or limits of our solar system, but while astronomers continue to search, they may eventually come to realize that what they are looking for is in all likelihood much closer to home. There is an inner as well as an outer cosmos, and both reflect or are patterned after one another. The study of genetics and the atom reveal the patterns of our larger cosmos and astrology is one of the keys to deciphering this cosmos.

Human beings and all other life forms are the result of the interplay between the outer and inner cosmos, realities, or worlds. Genetics coupled with astrology will become an unbeatable method of understanding and controling our realities. I'm am not yet a geneticist however so I will limit this discussion to astrology.

Astrology teaches that there are presently twelve basic spiritual energies(signs) in our universe which seek material expression or manifestation. This divine expression is accomplished via twelve specially chosen cosmic bodies(planets). Our solar system God is a twelve-fold being, and the twelve planets are His/Her materialized chakras or energy centers. Each of these centers is ruled by a lesser God who in turn rules over even lesser gods and so on down the line. We in turn are miniature solar systems with a twelvefold planetary or chakra system and are gods in our own right. Why twelve? Because this is our present state of unfoldment or evolution. In the past it may have been ten and in the future it may be sixteen but for now it is twelve. We are trying to express fully the nature or ideal of the heart chakra which has twelve petals.

This means that regardless of how many other planetary bodies are out there, ONLY TWELVE will be officially recognized or endowed with true astrological influence. There is no question concerning eleven of these planetary bodies; Sun, Moon, Earth(Ascendant), Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Only ONE more body needs to be ascertained, and there are far too many candidates out there. A keen knowledge and experience of astrology and its influence is necessary to ascertain astrology's twelfth planet, and no doubt there are many inner earthers who have this prerequisite, as it is they who have ultimately and officially ascertained all of the other eleven.

The problem here is one of how much to reveal. The inner earthers are facing a real problem or dilemma viz a viz the outer earth humans. They have already revealed three of their astrological secrets -Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto -and the changes that come along with them(our present "modern" society). Are they ready, or rather, are WE ready to be given the 11th and 12th secrets and the evolutionary changes they will bring? These last two are the most important because they deal directly with our planet and its interior. To reveal the eleventh and twelfth astrological planets is to reveal the true and hidden nature of our planet and the Revealers themselves!

The eleventh astrological planet is none other than the Earth itself, functioning via the Ascendant or Rising sign. This is sensitive imformation because it is tied in with the knowledge of a hollow Earth and how the Ascendant really works or what it really is. It also leads to the true astrological identity of our planet.

The twelfth astrological planet is an even more sensitive issue because it leads to a knowledge of the true inner workings of our planet -that it has a "heaven" or inner sun, and that this sun's influence comes to us via the so called MidHeaven. Every planet has an inner sun or Midheaven.

All that remains then is to solve the issue of rulership(which planet rules which sign or vice versa).

Having solved the Taurus(Venus) - Libra(Earth/Ascendant) rulership mystery to my satisfacton, there remain two more mysteries for me to unravel -Mercury and the Midheaven(or Planet X) -as the rulers of either Gemini or Virgo. This mystery is driving me crazy, yet I am determined to resolve it. Most astrologers are convinced Mercury is the true or natural ruler of Gemini, leaving the Midheaven or Vulcan or some other questionable body to Virgo. In my visual analysis of Mercury in the charts and personas of various individuals, I confess to have seen both the natures of Gemeni and Virgo working through this planet. Mercury is truly of a dual nature.

Yet this duality cannot forever be. There must be an edge somewhere that makes Mercury go one way or the other. In my study of the Midheaven, which I believe is presently the most mysterious and undefined astrological influence of all, I have garnered some interesting conclusions. Normally, the Midheaven, which represents the Sky or Heaven or Celestial Sphere as opposed to the Earth/Ascendant or Terrestial Sphere, is associated with one's Ego, Career, Status, or those with power over the individual(such as bosses and parents -especially the mother). All of this is made plausible by the fact that the Midheaven sign more often than not coincides with the tenth house sign which is always in square(90 degrees) to the Ascendant. Square-related issues always have to do with family or career.

What I have personally noticed from pure observation is that the Midheaven sign has a lot to do with one's mental or intellectual nature. I personally know of several Midheaven in Taurus individuals who can be described as "rockheads" but very reliable and solid, and several Midheaven in Geminis who can be described as clever and cunning as well as "jacks of all trades, but master of none". Like the Ascendant, the Midheaven is a part of yourself that you are largely unaware of but which others can immediately pick up on. The Ascendant and Midheaven are influences which you are learning to acquire or integrate into this life as opposed to influences which you already have in-built. Usually they are influences you do not have elsewhere in your chart and therefore become your most immediate or urgent LESSONS in your life.

The Midheaven has a lot to do with CONCIOUSNESS as this is the overhead point in the sky(along the ecliptic) where the sky or atmosphere is at its thinnest and where the heat or light of the Sun or any other planet shines through at its strongest. It is that inner voice inside of you when you think or talk in quiet. What you think or talk about is determined largely by your Sun sign which reflects your truest and innermost nature. If the Midheaven is the thought then Mercury is the vocalization or pronunciation of this thought into an audible form. I have noticed conclusively that masculine Mercurys(those in fire or air signs) are much louder and more talkative than feminine Mercurys(those in earth or water signs) who are much quieter and more sensitive. With some exceptions, both these groups have trouble communicating with one another, especially on a verbal level.

I believe this miscommunication will be lessened When Mercury finally rules only one sign . Then telepathy will become the true and universal way to communicate(we will finally understand the animals), and the uttered word will then have much more power than it has now -to the point where its sound will literally create or destroy.

So which sign does Mercury truly belong to, or the Midheaven for that matter? There are several ways this can be determined. The first and simplest is a direct observation of Mercury and Midheaven placements in the lives of people we know or are familliar with. All legitimate planetary influences have a distinct effect on the appearance and personality of the individual. This requires a basic knowledge of astrology, a critical eye, and sound judgement. A teacher, for example, versed in astrology and who has access to all of his or her student's birthcharts would be in an ideal situation to carry out such research. The astrologer who is also a psychic can also be of great help, as can astronomers who are open-minded or even intrigued by astrology. I am certain someone already has the answers, but they are not being disclosed for some reason.

Another way is to study the schematic of our solar system, both from a geocentric and heliocentric perspective. Its organization is not haphazard but intelligent and wise and definite pattens or symmetries can be gleaned from the most cursory views. One is how the successive planetary orbits are arranged according to the sign patterns of the zodiac using both the traditional and modern rulerships.

In the heliocentric(sun-centered) view, the planets follow one another in sign order beginning with the Sun(Leo), Mercury (Virgo), Venus(Libra), Mars(Scorpio), Jupiter(Sagittarius), Saturn(Capricorn), Uranus(Aquarius), Neptune(Pisces), and Pluto (Aries). The Earth, X, and Moon appear out of place here, and the signs of Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer are unnacounted for. This is because the heliocentric view is invalid for the purposes of astrology.

In the geocenctric(earth-centered) view, however, ALL the bodies(and signs) are accounted for and follow an orderly pattern, once again using both the traditional and modern rulerships, beginning with the Earth(Taurus), X(Gemini), Moon(Cancer), Sun(Leo), Mercury(Virgo), Venus(Libra), Mars(Scorpio), Jupiter(Sagittarius), Saturn(Capricorn), Uranus(Aquarius), Neptune(Pisces), and Pluto(Aries).

The only planets which actually make sense in either the geo or heliocentric systems are the Sun and the Big Four -Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The rest all seem to be displaced. This of course all depends from where you're looking from. Since we live on planet Earth, we must look at the heavens from here and try to discern a pattern or order.

The first thing we see is the Earth beneath our feet(Ascendant) and the Sky or Heaven above and around us(Midheaven). These two principle realities, the Terrestial and the Celestial, are what dominate our reality and our birthchart. The next most obvious bodies are those two bright orbs known as the Sun and Moon or also as the Luminaries. The next most conspicuous heavenly bodies are the two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter, also known as the Benefics, followed by the two dimmer planets, Mars and Saturn, also known as the Malefics. Mercury and Uranus are barely visible and Neptune and Pluto require telescopes or psychic vision. In terms of both visibility and speed therefore, the order would be as is shown in the heliocentric diagram above, with X as the peculiar factor.

The black bars divide the twelve planets into four groups. The Earth-X-Moon group is in opposition(by sign rulership) to the Mars-Jupiter-Saturn group; that is, Earth-ruler of Libra is opposite Mars-ruler of Aries. X is opposite Jupiter, and Moon is opposite Saturn. The Sun-Mercury-Venus group is opposite(by sign rulership) the Uranus-Neptune-Pluto group; that is, Sun-ruler of Leo is opposite Uranus-ruler of Aquarius, Mercury is opposite Neptune, and Venus is opposite Pluto.

There is obviously a body unnacounted for between the Earth and the Moon. If the Earth(Taurus/Libra) is opposite Mars(Scorpio/Aries), and the Moon(Cancer/Leo) is opposite Sarturn(Capricorn/Aquarius) then X must be opposite Jupiter(Sagittarius/Pisces). If the day-year principle is used X must have a 12 day orbit as compared to Jupiter's 12 years, just as Saturn has a 29 and 1/2 year orbit as compared to the Moon's 29 and 1/2 day orbit. This would put X's orbit approximately 100,000 miles above the Earth or 2 and 1/2 times closer than the Moon. It would be the ruler of Gemini or Virgo and take about one day to traverse each zodiac sign.

In the rare book "The Hollow Globe" by Prof. WM.F.Lyon, such a body, some one-fourth to one-third the size of our Moon, has long ago been postulated to exist in etheric form. Such a body, when materialized, would first attract to it much of the planet's excess water, ice, and electricity which is responsible for the lack of land area and extreme cold and unbalanced weather on our planet. This would equalize the Earth's weather througout and restore paradise on Earth. It would also serve as a natural global communications satelite during the millennial reconstruction and re-education phases. The really unique thing about it is that it may very well adopt a POLAR rather than equatorial orbit.

We did once have a smaller second moon in Atlantean(pre-Diluvian times) but it was destroyed in a war between Atlantis and Lemuria. The moon broke up and hurtled towards the Earth collapsing the water or ice canopies around the planet and producing Noah's Flood. One of the two main chunks of the moon carved out the Gulf of Mexico, while the other hit the Bermuda Triangle area causing a huge tidal wave to inundate and sink the legendary continent of Atlantis.

Could the etheric residue of this moon still exist, and will it one day materialize. Is this the Christ star or Star of Bethlehem. Is it hiding as the Earth's inner sun(Persephone?)? Is it the ruler of Gemini or Virgo? While much of this is speculation, the possiblities are fascinating and absorbing.

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