War and Violence are Alien-Induced

Most human beings like to mind their own business and live in peace, but there is an inhuman presence in this world(what we like to call satanic or demonic) that likes to stir trouble among us and they will use any means to do so.

One of their favourite means is idealogy or belief system. Various writings or stories are produced, sometimes based on actual personages and events, that are adhered to and passed on from generation to generation.

While the bulk of the writings seem positive or beneficial they may cleverly be designed to foment separation and warfare among individuals and the populace at large.

The dark or fallen forces have been around for a very long tiome and know us very well -our strengths and weaknesses, and use this knowledge for their own gain. They know how to excite or terrify us and are masters of deceit and manipulation.

There are two major ways in which they deceive us; one is through religion which plays on our fear and emotions, and the other is science which plays on our ignorance and gullibilty. Both means are equally effective in misguiding us.

When your religion or belief system tells you that theirs is the only truth and that if you do not submit to it you will go to hell, that is fear-based propoganda at its best. No one organization has all the truth, and setting up diverse religions in diverse places, and creating antagonisms amongst them is the devil's favourite ploy.

The fallen Devil, Satan, Lucifer, Chief Archon, Demi-urge or God or King of this World hates us(humans), because we were designed or created to replace Him. We have the seed within us to become Gods ourselves, but Satan will do everything to keep that seed from germinating, from vaccines at birth or infancy to toxins in our food, water, and air. Now even our light source (the sun) is being threatened.

In addition, our lives our regulated by false laws, ideas, and systems which blind or veer us from the truth that would set us free. Greed and ignorance are encouraged and we are taught only that which will benefit selfish interests. Money, sex, food, drugs, and entertainment are our gods and in the end we all perish in disease or ignorance.

Like religion, science has also been used to control and deceive us. Much of what we have been taught about our world and universe is either just theory or designed to fool us. Our modern astronomy is particularly deceptive. Even our long-term history may be false or innacurate.

All the war and violence in our world is not naturally man-made. We are basically peaceful by nature, but more powerful and negative entities than ourselves are using us to create this war. Many of the "gods" on this plane are very warlike, including the god of the Old Testament who still has sway over most of the Earth.

War is a diseased state. It is generated by our lusts and passions which rule those who eat meat and dairy and all processed or denatured foods. A vegan, raw vegan, or fruitarian lifestyle will do much to calm those passions and establish an ethical and peaceful lifestyle. All those war and battle movies are stupid and misleading. There is no glory in killing or maiming others, but the powers that be seem to think so.

Elyon, the true Father or God of all Gods to which Jesus prayed, and his wife Sophia, are still in control of this world, otherwise humanity would have long ago been exterminated. The wayward sons of this couple, one of which is Jehova, will soon be put in their place, so that humanity and justice can finally flourish again. We are seeing this now as one by one, the vessels of the powers that be are being removed from power.

It appears we are slowly waking up from our slumber, but only because it is time or it is being allowed. When we wake up fully, we will look back and be truly amazed at how stupid or deceived we were. May that time come quickly.

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