True Israel and Yahweh's Calendar

Who is the dominant God of this world and what are His Holy Days or calendar and why are these days important? "God" is known by both Jews and Christians alike as Yahweh or Jehova(actually spelled YHWH). Islam knows God as Allah. Buddhists have no particular Gods, just great teachers, like Buddha and Krishna. The Hindus have many Gods or teachers as well, such as Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

It appears there are many Gods among the family of man but one stands out in particular, Yahweh or Jehovah, who has usurped great power among his 70 brothers, and who has dominated much of the world for almost 4 millenia now. He is paricularly linked to ancient Israel whose twelve tribes now comprise the Jews(Judah), Ephraim(UK), Manasseh(USA), and much of NorthWestern Europe or Dan(Denmark), Reuben(northern France), etc. These tribes/nations later colonized and became part of the Americas. The English dual tribe of Joseph(Ephraim/Manneseh), which became Great Britain and the United States respectively, dominated or led the world in the last three centuries.

In the biblicall Old Testament book of Genesis, the Earth was refashioned and Adam and Eve were created in 3760 BC(Jewish Chronology). Noah, son of Adam, was born 2705 BC, and had 3 sons, Japeth(2205 BC), Ham(2204 BC), and Shem(2203 BC) who later would become the Oriental, Black, and White races respectively. At some point, 200 Angels or Watchers are tempted to leave Heaven and defile and corrupt humanity(taking wives and teaching us their ways) leading to the Great Flood.

After the Flood of Noah(2105 BC) the world repopulates from the land of Shinar(now Iraq). They were all of one language until they decided to build the Tower of Babel which they did in 1764 BC in order to reach Heaven(the dome) and challenge God. Displeased, God(El Elyon) disperses them by making them speak 70 different languages and dividing them into 70 different nations across the whole Earth.

Yawheh, one of the 70 sons and leaders of El Elyon, the true God before(and after) the Flood, was given rule over the nation of Israel(Jacob), which was made up of twelve tribes: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Joseph(Ephraim/Mannaseh), and Benjamin. The 12 tribes were patterned after the 12 signs of the Zodiac. They flourished in the land of Palestine until they were divided(797 BC) into North(10 tribes) and South(Benjamin and Judah) and then invaded and/or carried off into slavery(574- BC).

The 10 tribes were invaded and carried off by Assyria(now Germany) in a northwesterly direction into Europe, losing much of their culture and language adopting that of the Assyrians. From there they kept going north and west going into Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, northwestern France, England, Scotland, Ireland, and Iceland. These later colonized parts of the New World, with the double tribe of Joseph(English peoples) acquiring USA, Canada, and the Commonwealth nations.

While the Lost Ten Tribes lost their original sabbath-based calendar and holy days, the Jews and Levites did not. Still, the lost tribes prospered materially because of God's promise to Abraham when he nearly sacrificed his son. This promise came to fruition during modern times, particularly when Great Britain expanded her empire across the world. By 1950, Great Britain and USA together owned nearly one quarter of the world's land and wealth. They then started losing it all through declining moral values and are now in danger of being invaded and enslaved again.

One of the reasons English and European Israel have lost their way is that they have failed to readopt God's true calendar. The West still does not observe the true Sabbath and Holy Days of Yahweh which constitute one of the Ten Commandments. This 4th commandment along with the calendar was meant to keep true Israel united and in synch with their God. It specifically identifies them as His people. This is why Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, the Jewish state of Israel, and their north-western European brethren are so close -they are all of the family of ancient Israel. They are also the first ones Yahweh will punish or chastise before making them great again. Trump, who is a true Israelite, is trying to restore and reunite true Israel but her rot goes deep, necessitating a cleansing before restoration.

Here is Yahweh's calendar, which the Jews have preserved, and what it means....

Yearly Holy Days for the years 2013 to 2026 from The United Church of God(Dates begin and end at sunset)

These Holy Days reveal the PLAN for true Israel in the world. It begins with...

PASSOVER: Delivery of the Hebrews or Israelites from Egyptian bondage(1313 BC) via the 10th plague. This is the plague of the Angel of Death which "passes over" the houses of Egypt killing every first born except for those who mark their door posts with the blood of a slaughtered lamb(a foretaste of Christ's sacrifice some 1340 years later).

FEAST OF ULEAVENED BREAD: a period of seven days immediately following the Passover day symbolizing the remission(giving up) of sin. Yeast in bread is symbolic of sin.

PENTECOST: Also called the Feast of Firstfruits or Feast of Weeks. 50th day from the wave sheaf offering or seven sabbaths plus one day. Symbolizes the resurrection of Christ and the receiving of His Holy Spirit to those before his Second Coming.

FEAST OF TRUMPETS: First day of the civil New Year(Rosh Hashannah) symbolizing the return of the Messiah or Second Coming of Christ.

DAY OF ATONEMENT: Tenth day of the 7th eccleiastical month. A day of fasting, symbolizing the removal of sin and Satan or his binding to the pit and the total at-onement between God and his people.

FEAST OF TABERNACLES: 15th to 21st day of the 7th month. Symbolizes the Marriage Ceremony of Christ and the ensuing 1000 years of Peace.

THE EIGHT OR LAST DAY: Immediately following the the feast of Tabernacles. Symbolizes the Resurrection and Judgement of all who have ever lived and the new Heaven and Earth.

The underlying basis for most all of these holy days is the weekly sabbath which is from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. This is the true sabbath day for both Jews and Christians alike, not Sunday, which is the Roman Catholic version adopted and enforced by Roman Emperor Constantine at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD. Muslims observe Friday(Venus), the Jews Saturday(Saturn), and modern Christians have adopted Sunday, the day of the Sun. Besides the weekly sabbath there are also the greater sabbaths, such as every seven years or the Jubilee(50th year after 7x7 years), when all debts are forgiven.

Note: Yahweh is the God of True Israel ONLY and NOT the entire world! Remember that Yawheh was only ONE of the 70 sons of El Elyon(the true God or Father or Most High whom Jesus prayed to). Elyon gave Yahweh reign over ONE of those 70 nations -Israel(Deuteronomy 32:8-9). This happened AFTER the Tower of Babel incident in 1764 BC. The 70 sons or nations of the world are listed in Genesis 10. All of these Gods are COMPETING Gods fighting for hegemony over this Earth. Yawheh fought with many of them as He led the Hebrews/Israelites out of Egypt. This is also why Yahweh's calendar is observed only by Jews and Christians. Christians, however, have lost this calendar and adopted "pagan" holi-days from their Assyrian enslavers. Likewise, the Judaic/Christian bible does NOT represent all of the world's beliefs even though it may purport to. Although it shares many commonalities with other Scriptural holy books, the Christian bible is specifically tailored or addressed to true Israel which comprises the Jews, northwestern Europeans, and the English peoples. (Note: much of the information in this article is based on the teachings and literature of the the defunct Worlwide Church of God(now the Philadelphia Church of God). The Jewsh general chronology is derived from

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