Words , Names, and Letters of Power

Over the course of my study and analysis of words I have noticed a peculiar phenonomenon that deserves more attention. Words or names next to each other in a sentence, phrase, or title can be powerfully joined when the facing letters are the same. Examples are; These Eyes(a song from the Guess Who), and Pamela Anderson. They are especially powerful or linked when written as HTML code, such as theseeyes.mpg or pamelaanderson.jpg. In fact, this coding is exactly how I came upon the this realization.

Double letters in words or names are always powerful, such as the two n's in Madonna(entertainer) or the two b's and r's in Bobby Orr(hockey player). They are similar in effect to master numbers(11,22,33,etc). So are first and last names that begin with the same letter when used as initials, such as J.J.(Walker) or B.B.(Brigitte Bardot). Triple letters may be be even more powerful, such as the AAA(American Automobile Association) or the BBB(Better Business Bureau).

Especially powerful words or names often have two or more of the following features: all of the letters adding up to a master number(Jesus=11), containing double letters(particularly KK and VV), having the same first and last letters and/or being able to be read forwards or backwards(Otto, Abba), and having the same facing letters especially when coded. The more synchronicities or peculiarities, the stronger the vibration will be. I can often sense a power word or phrase as soon as I see or hear it and the corporate numerologists are masters of this.

Is your name ascending or descending? Look at the first two letters. Let's take John. J is one and O is six -this is ascending. Now lets's take Mary. M is four and A is one -this is descending. Ascending names increase in power while descending names decrease. We can continue analyzing the whole name. J=1 O=6 H=8 N=5; the first three letters keep increasing or growing while the last letter starts to decrease, so for the first of John's 15 years(1=6+8) it's been uphill, and and from the 16th to the 20th year(5 value) it's been downhill. With Mary it's down, up, and then down again.

When the first name is shorter than the second or family name the individual is "weighed down" by his family or domestic issues. Names with an odd number of letters are more active or outgoing whereas names with an even number of letters are more stable and introverted. The most repetitive letter indicates the most common characteristics or experiences in the native's life. Lots of vowels mean lot's of life or energy. Each letter is not only a characteristic but a length or period of time. The numerical value or sequence is what gives a letter its main attributes followed by its sound and looks. The value of a letter or word can be different in another language or culture. With 33 letters, the Russian alphabet has one more master number than the English alphabet.

Let's analyze Jack. The entire word adds up to 7(1+1+3+11/2) which is a very spiritual number and in many ways(my observation) as strong as a master number. Sevens are loners and mystics(Uranus/Neptune). The first year of Jack's life(J=1=Sun)is strong and happy and healthy(the Sun sign and aspects will also have a bearing). Jack's 2nd year of life is similar to his first(A=1=Sun). Jack's 3rd to 5th years(C=3=Jupiter) are also good provided Jupiter in the chart is not maligned in any serious way. Jack's 6th to 17th years and especially the 6th and 7th(K=11/2/higher octave of Moon) are momentous years in the life. Note: K being the 11th letter of the alphabet is a master number, as is V the 22nd letter. These values are not normally reduced, but even master numbers power down occasionally so that 11 becomes a 2 and 22 becomes a 4.

So Jack's master vibration doesn't kick in untill his 6th birthday and goes full force for at least two years. Master letter years are extraordinarily eventful and life-changing. This author experienced the K vibration beginning on his 17th birthday, and it was truly pivotal and life-changing. Being an odd letter, K is basically spiritual or intellectual in nature and influence. V, being an even letter is more concerned with practical, political, psychic, occult, or financial issues. If the K is the first letter in the name it will be most obvious or immediate for all to see, if in the middle, not obvious at first, and if it is the last letter it will only come out over time or when the person is forced into a corner or showdown(as in Jack's case).

Adopting a new name or changing it will of course alter the birth influence. It is wise to keep the first name or first few letters of the first name unless the early life was overly negative or traumatic. Even then, caution is advised, for these early influences make you what you are today, and to tamper with them can have serious consequences. Name changes or modifications often precede or instigate critical changes in the person's life. It usually takes three to six months for the changes to become apparent.

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