Your Relocated Life Path Number:
The Missing Dimension in Numerology

Everybody knows abour relocation astrology, but what about relocation numerology?

Is your life path or destiny number the same worldwide? What if you relocated to a different time zone where your birthday would be recorded as a day earlier or later? This would change your life path number(for that location)!

Turns out this is exactly my situation. I was born with an 8 life path number(My birthday total reduces to 8) and 8 is Saturn or Capricorn and business, politics, career, hardship, etc. While my chart and life do have some of those components, I always felt they were rather distant or even lacking in me. I always felt much more like a 7 instead, with its onus on a spiritual, seclusive, and immaterial life.

Also, I was born on the 18th of the month which reduces to 9 or Mars or an open and aggressive personality, but instead the number 17 would constantly pop up in my life. 17 reduces to 8 or Saturn which describes my shy, reserved, and reclusive personality to a tee.

Something was very askew here. How come I'm always answering to one number behind in numerology? Then I got to thinking about astrolocality and numerology and it hit me. If relocating to a different part of the world changes your Ascendant or houses, what does moving to a different day zone do in numerology? The answer was shocking!

At the age of six my family and I moved from Europe to North America, not only changing my astrolocality chart, but my birthday as well! What was the 18th day in Europe became the 17th in North America! In other words, it was the 18th where I was born, but the 17th where I relocated to! That explains why the number 17 keeps popping up in my life.

So when I re-added my birthday total for North America and reduced it to a single digit the result was no longer 8 but 7! That explained in a nutshell why I was leading such a spiritual or contemplative life here and had no political or business or even career aspirations whatsoever(and still do not). Neighbouring numbers (like neighbouring astrological signs) are as different as night and day! A 7 destiny or nature fit me perfectly! Mystery solved!

If you were born near midnight and travel a lot, it is highly likely you are expressing or living two different numerical life paths or destinies. Those born around noon are least likely to have dual destinies, especially if they've never moved or moved only a short distance(within the same city or country).

Time zones become crucial here. If your move or relocation brings you to the previous or following day, then you must recalculate your birthday number for that location. The difference will never be greater than one, but that's all it takes to make a huge difference. Odd and even life path numbers are entirely different in nature. You may even go from a common to a master number or vice versa.

Relocation is the missing dimension in numerology, just as it is in astrology. Get a time zone map(Daylight Savings Time must be taken into account) and see where your birthday changes from one day to the next. Traveling or relocating to these regions will change your life path number and therefore your destiny!

example of a life path 9 born in the West having a relocated life path 1 in the East

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