Change Your Name, Change Your Life

Your name can powerfully affect your individuality, personality, and destiny. Often, your name is decided before birth, and is subconciously sensed or picked up by one or both parents or whoever is instrumental in naming you. Ideally, your name will carry the vibrational signature of your past, present, and future potential.

One of the ways to measure this energy signature is through the science/art of Numerology. Each letter in the name has a numerical and/or astrological value(A=1 or the Sun, B=2 or the Moon, etc.) which describes a particular part or phase of your life.

The numerical vibration of your first name(when each of the letters is added and reduced to a digit from 1 to 9) is uniquely your own, whereas your last or family name describes inherited influences.

People who break away from the family mould or those who are highly individualistic, often modify or change their names. This includes actors, artists, musicians, writers, etc. A noticeable change in their lives or fortunes often occured within months of doing so.

If much of your true nature is not expressing itself, a name change can help. It is said that when a person changes his or her name a new guide or angel replaces the old one watching over that individual. Name-changing, however, can be a serious business, and consultation is advised unless your intuition tells you otherwise. Most often it is out of your control(like someone else giving you the name). This happened to me in grade school, for example, when my teacher changed my first name for me, and sure enough my life began to take a new course. Often people change or modify their names at critical junctures in their life.

You can legally change your name for a small fee($100 or more), by filling out the appropriate name change application provided by your government. You must have lived in your area for a year or so(varies from place to place) and be of a certain age(usually 16 or over) or have another adult's consent. After the proper documents have been submitted and accepted a new name certificate will be mailed to you usually within two months.

Once the name is changed it takes approximately six months for the new influences to overshadow the old ones, and you in effect become a new person. How to change your name is a course in itself and cannot be discussed here. In short, your name has a powerful influence on your life and to change it can literally change your life!

Some words of advice: Most people change only their last name or later portions of their first name -and wisely so. As said earlier, name changing can have serious consequences. Unless otherwise advised, try to keep the first few letters of your first name as these correspond to the earliest years of your life. Changing these can seriously tamper with your ealiest subconcious beginnings and cause identity loss. Your first letter and vowel are crucial. If the first letter in your first name is P, for example, and you change it, you will be modifying the first seven years of your life(P is 7 in numerology). Changing your last name can distance you from family influences or bring you closer to another group of people.

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