The Maiden Name in Numerology.

For many, the inclusion of the maiden name in one's name analysis can provide the missing piece to one's true numerological nature. This is true for the male as well as the female. We are, after all, the combined product of both parents.

Modern patriarchal society puts more importance on the male -hence the male family name and lineage. This is mistaken. The woman is the principle vessel of birth and her family name and lineage should take precedence. This was so in matriarchal times and will once again be so in the future.

Biologically, the male is the inferior sex and does not deserve to have his name passed on as is being done in these dark and degenerate Kali Yuga days. This is currently Satan's world where everything is upside down or in reverse. The female is the true generator of the human species and the male only a perpetuator. Like most mammals, he is here to stimulate the female parthogenic reproductive capacity which has gone dormant because of her own degeneration. Once the mating ritual is completed, the male has served his purpose and can basically be discarded. Instead he is kept around and even MARRIED to! What has the human species come to?!

That is why I recommend including your mother's maiden name in your whole name analysis -even and ESPECIALLY if you are a male! When I used to read the personality descriptions for each number I immediately resonated fully with the number 7 even though my regular name total always reduced to 3. I did have some of the qualities of 3 but had EVERY qualitiy of 7 and could not figure it out: 7 wasn't in my reduced name total(expression number) or even the birthdate(lifepath number). Nor did I have a 7 letter(G,P,or Y) anywhere! This was a great puzzle for me untill I thought of including my mother' maiden name into the mix. I remember identifying more closely with the relatives on my mother's side than those on my father's side, and what better way to connect with this side of her than through the adoption of her maiden name. By doing so, not only did I gain a seven-based letter, but when I added the whole thing(first and/or middle name plus the surame and maiden name) the reduced result was 7! Finally, it all made sense! I truly am a recluse with high intellectual and intuitive abilities and poor social skills(seven).

Single women should consider their mom's maiden name as well as their father's family name. Married women are dominated by their spouse's last name, but their father's last name AND their mother's maiden name are still working in the background and should be considered. Divorced or widowed women will naturally reenergize their maiden names. We basically incorporate into our lives the influences of the people closest to us by taking on their names. Every name also has a collective gene pool or influence so that the name Paul, for example, not only has its own qualities, but the vibrations of everyone else who has ever used that name.

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