Letter Harmony
for the English Alphabet

Most alphabets average from 20 to 30 characters, although they can be as few as 11(the Solomon Islands) or as many as 74(Cambodia). The Chinese have 47,035 symbols instead of letters. Astrology, the universal language, is a dual alphabet of 12 signs(letters) and 12 planets(symbols).

Even-numbered alphabets divisible by many factors are the most harmonious or balanced alphabets. The Greek alphabet, for example, has 24 letters(even) and is divisible by 24, 12, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1, whereas the 26-letter English alphabet(above) is even but can only be divided by 26, 13, 2, 1.

When spread out in wheel format, an alphabet's harmony or lack of it becomes apparent. It is much easier to draw and divide a circle into 24 parts than it is to divide one into 26. Also, in terms of geometry, there is more going on in the former than the latter. Equilateral patterns between the letters produce distinct results or effects.

In astrology, these patterns are called aspects, and determine harmony or conflict in the wheel or chart. In an odd-numbered alphabet only the conjunction applies, whereas in an even-numbered alphabet there is always a letter opposing another -hence the addition of the opposition aspect. Wheareas the conjunction implies identity and centeredness, the opposition is challenge, co-operation, unity, and balance. In the above diagram, A and N are in opposition.

In the 26-letter English alphabet there is a third aspect -the sextile, although in this case there are not six but thirteen letters involved so that it should more accurately be called the tredesextile. Every third letter is in tredesextile(see diagram above) and in harmony with the others. There are two sets of tredextiles, one marked by the plus signs and the other by the minus signs. The plus or odd-numbered letters(A,C,E,etc.) are harmonious to each other but in conflict with the minus or even-numbered letters.

The only other possible equilateral or grand aspects in the 26-character alphabet is the semi-sextile and its opposite the inconjunct, or rather the tredesemisextile and some other name for the latter. The tredesemisextile means the letter directly before or after and implies disharmony. Harmony is based on SPACE. The phrase "everyone needs their space" was not coined haphazardly. Neighbouring letters hamper or grate each other by being too close to one another and therefore produce friction or discord. The letters A and B are in disharmony as are B and C, etc. The inconjunct is also negative but in a different way -it is the "blind spot" in astrology in the sense that it's there but you can't really see it or understand it and this brings tension and discord. In the diagram, O and M are inconjunct to A.

The trine and square don't really exist in the chart, at least not in the sense that we understand them in 12-based astrology. Normally, A would be in trine with E, E would be in trine with I, I would be in trine with M, M with Q, Q with U, U with Y, and Y instead of linking back to A goes off into other tangents. Same for the square.

So the odd numbers are compatible with each other but square off with the even numbers. That's basically what it comes down to in terms of harmony/conflict. The individual compatibilities are a whole other book. In numerology, double digit numbers are reduced to single digits by adding the two components together but this is not recommended as each letter/number is distinct and the reducing process changes the value completely often from odd to even and vice versa. Our number system is woefully simplified and incomplete and it's best to treat every number or letter on its own merit.

So how does this apply to our daily lives? Start with your name and see which letters are in harmony or discord. As a general rule, there should be an equal number of harmonious or inharmonious letters in both names. Life is such that we need both good and bad in it. Too much bad is evil or stressful, but too much good makes us weak and lazy. Balance is the key. If one name is all good it will be great within but in immediate conflict with everything outside of itself. For every smile there is a frown, one's gain is another's loss, pleasure leads to pain, and so on.

The number of letters in your name is also important. An odd amount signifies a surplus of drive, energy, or activity, whereas an even amount is balanced and ideal. Your first, middle, and last names can be analyzed separately, but together is more important. First and middle names have personal meaning whereas last names describe family, roots, or inherited traits. Do this with any other words/phrases/etc.

A as the first letter has a cardinal and fire influence(Aries) and B has a fixed and earthy influence(Taurus) but there is little if any agreement after that. Which letter would represent Libra, for example -would it be the 7th letter G, or N the letter directly opposite A. Or neither. And if the twelfth letter L equates with Pisces would M start with Aries again? You decide.

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